I Copy Talents | Chapter 330 | East Of The Nu Sea Wuyuan

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Chapter 330 East Of The Nu Sea Wuyuan

 Everyone in the hall of Su's family looks at Ye Chen.


Ye Chen only said one word.

"Little brother, can I ask where you are from?"

Su Xiaohe asked again.

His intuition told him that ye Chen was very strong, and even could be described as strong as explosion. He felt that he would not be the opponent of Ye Chen.

"Name: Su Xiaohe."

"Cultivation talent: Xuan level."

"Hidden talent: native talent."

"Realm: four star war king."

Ye Chen pondered for a few seconds and immediately replied to Su Xiaohe:

"I'm from the north of the angry sea."

All the people in the hall of Su family were shocked, thinking that the north of the angry sea was so powerful that there was no such great genius before.

"Little brother, I beg you one thing."

"Say it."

"You and xun'er go to the military academy north of the Nu sea. Please help xun'er a lot."

Su Xiaohe, the head of the Su family, has a look of begging on his face.


Ye Chen didn't even think about it and agreed.


The next day, ye Chen and Su xun'er set out.

They got on the Yuanli car to the east of the Nu sea.

A few days later, ye Chen and Su xun'er finally arrived in the east of the Nu sea.

The east of nuhai is the most powerful region in nuhai.

"High talent."

"High talent."

"High talent."

Some of the talent of pedestrians appears in the retina of leaf dust.

"Let's go straight to the martial arts academy."

Su xun'er said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nods. He doesn't know where the martial arts academy is. It seems that Su xun'er knows.

Su xun'er took Ye Chen to the outside of the military academy.

At the moment, there is a sea of people outside the Academy. These are students who want to enter the Academy. However, if you want to enter the martial arts academy, the conditions are extremely harsh. First of all, you have to go through a lot of trials.

"Metaphysical talent."

"Yellow talent."

"Yellow talent."

Fortunately, ye Chen and Su xun'er have the qualification to enter the martial arts academy directly, so they don't need trial.


Su xun'er pointed to a place.

Ye Chen looked in the direction of Su xun'er's fingers and found another gate.

They reached the gate, and a man blocked their way.

"We have military academy token."

With that, Su xun'er took out the military academy token from his pocket.

Ye Chen also takes the military academy token from the system space.

The middle-aged man took the martial arts school token from ye Chen and Su xun'er, after carefully examining it, he said to them:

"you can go in."

Ye Chen and Su xun'er enter the military academy.

Ye Chen thinks that Chu you is also in the east of the angry sea, but he doesn't know where he is, hoping to be able to see it.

"Here comes another man."

In front of Ye Chen and Su xun'er, there are more than ten students.

"Metaphysical talent."

"Metaphysical talent."

"Prefecture level talent."

The talent of more than ten students appeared in the retina of Ye Chen.

Of course, he knew that these students also came in with the military academy token.

A dozen students all introduced themselves.

The student, who has the talent of cultivating at the prefecture level, disdains Ye Chen and Su xun'er.

"My name is Ning Feng. They all recognize me as elder brother. You should call me elder brother."

Ning Feng said to Ye Chen and Su xun'er.

"We're not going to call you big brother." Su xun'er said to Ning Feng.

Ning Feng looks cold when he hears the speech. He looks at Su xun'er coldly.

"I have the talent of cultivating at the prefecture level, and the hidden talent is the super talent of native talent and high strength talent!"


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