A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Novel Chapter 63

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 63. Summer Vacation (4)

The beach covered in fine sand was bustling in the midst of midsummer   heat.   All   over   the   beach   there   were   colorful parasols,  vendors  wandering  around  to  sell  street  food,  and tourists enjoying their summer holidays. It was the high season, and  there  were  people  everywhere.  Today,  Desir  was  one  of them.

Wearing shorts, Desir with his hands covering sunlight, was looking for some people, his group members to be specific, who had promised to meet up somewhere around where he was.

"Have I kept you waiting?"

Hearing the voice from behind, Desir turned his head.

Romantica was there wearing a bikini. She was wearing a sort of a skirt, which made her look even more cute.

Desir,  baffled  by  Romantica's  bold  sexiness  unlike  usual, answered calmly as if he didn't care.

"Well, not that long."

"That's great."

"Wait, did you say great? I was just being polite, you know. Why don't you ask me again?"

"Why should I ask you the same thing again if you said for yourself that you haven't been waiting?"

The two rented a parasol, set it up on the beach, and laid mats to sit down.

When Desir was taking his break after all those preparations, Romantica asked,

"W...well, so what do you think?"

"Fantastic. I guess you were right about coming to the beach."

"That's not what I meant! I was asking about my swimsuit!"

"Looks good on you."

"I designed it myself. Of course, it looks good on me."

Romantica replied, swaggering her shoulder.

"You did? That's awesome."

It was quite a surprise to Desir. He hadn't expected her to have a talent other than magic.

"You know, I'm a genius designer! I could profit mostly from my  own  designs  during  my  merchant  training.  I  hand-picked swimsuits for Pram and Azest as well."

"For Pram and Azest? Now I'm a little bit concerned."

"Hmph! We'll see about that!"


Ocean  waves  kept  hitting  the  sand.  About  5  minutes  had passed.

The first group member to show up to the parasol said,

"I was looking for you for ages."

Pram was wearing a coat that came down to his thigh.

When he realized Desir gazing on him, Pram hesitated, and slipped down his coat.

"It... it's just a little too embarrassing to wear it by itself..."

The rashie he was wearing was completely stuck to his body, emphasizing his slim body shape.

His thigh was showing below the silky coat.

"Well, it doesn't look good on me, does it?"

Pram's facial expressions were exquisite. He was looking up at Desir, blushing with an embarrassed look.

He could almost have been mistaken for a girl. Anyone would fall in love with him, if stared at with such a look.

Desir   was   mesmerized   by   his   looks.   What   a   destructive combination...

As   Desir   looked   at   Romantica,   she   folded   her   arms   and nodded, looking immensely pleased.

"Yes, I knew you'd make that face," she said.

"Romantica," Desir replied.


Desir raised his thumb.

"I apologize for doubting your talent. You are the best."

"Oh, my. Too late for you to realize my talent, isn't it?"

"What are you two on about?"

Pram  interrupted.  He  had  no  idea  what  they  were  talking about.

"We were just saying you were so cute, Pram."


"Sure. Right, Desir?"

"Of course."

"Whoa," Pram exclaimed with joy.

Just then, they noticed people speaking of something.

They were all  looking at one direction, for a reason they all knew why.

"Would that be Azest?"


Azest was the second to arrive. Romantica stood up from her seat and said,

"You'll see about how good I am."

They  got  up  from  their  seats  and  walked  towards  where everyone's eyes were facing.

Azest  was  wearing  a  swimsuit  of  a  mixed  design  between  a bikini and a dress.

Although it was less exposed than the bikini  that Romantica was  wearing,  the  design  that  both  exposed  and  covered  her waist made Azest look even more attractive.

Her snow-white skin and shining blonde hair even overshadowed  the  beauty  of  the  sea.  It  wasn't  as  creative  as what Pram was wearing, but still, the swimsuit looked great on her. When Desir was about to compliment Romantica,

"No...," said Romantica.


"That's not what I gave her."

Romantica's facial muscles were unnoticeably trembling.

Desir had no idea what was going on.

Azest approached the two.

Desir, who had learned how to talk with girls from the past experience with Romantica, came forward and said,

"Looks fantastic, Azest."


Thanking  Desir,  Azest  approached  Romantica,  and  handed her something she was holding in hand.

"I   apologize   I   couldn't   wear   the   swimsuit   you   gave   me, Romantica."

It was the swimsuit that Romantica had given Azest.

"Why didn't you wear it?"

"It was too tight and uncomfortable.  I had no choice but to buy a new one."

"What? Was it too tight?"

"Yes. Especially my..."

Romantica  raised  her  hand  to  stop  Azest  from  saying  any further.

"Wait, stop. Don't make me mad at you."

"What's wrong?"

"That... I can't say."

Azest nodded.

"Well,   I   have   no   clue   what   you're   saying,   but   I   respect whatever you say."

Romantica  after  looking  alternately  at  her  own  bosom  and that of Azest, clenched her fist and shivered in frustration.

Azest unknowingly defeated Romantica.

Desir  and  the  group  members  played  volleyball.  Desir  and Pram  was  on  one  side,  and  Romantica  and  Azest  was  on  the other.

The losers were supposed to prepare dinner, so the game was outrageously fierce.

Team Azest was edging out their opponent by 11-10.

Pram and Azest were each the ace of their team, and the speed of the ball between the two was incredibly fast.

Desir and Romantica were not as good as their teammates, so that unfortunately they could only score by shooting the ball towards either of the two.


Romantica couldn't catch the ball  that was too high and fell backwards.  The  score  became  11-11.  Any  team  that  earns  one

more point could be the winner.

"Desir and Romantica, no wonder why you're wizards."

"Well, we're wizards, we're nothing like you knights,"

Desir replied, stretching his stiff shoulders.

"We wouldn't be so helpless if we could only use magic,"

Romantica murmured, standing up and shaking off sand all over on her body.

Pram suggested as a response to their complaints.

"Then, why don't we allow Desir and Romantica to use magic for the last point? Of course, Desir you can't reverse any magic. Use only magic and we'll see who's better."

Romantica and Desir exchanged glances.

"All right. I'm down."

"I'm down, too."

The game quickly resumed, starting with Desir's serve.

[Enhance muscle strength]

[Enhance agility]

[Enhance dynamic vision]

Desir enhanced his power with his enhancing magic spells.

Having secured the pawn-level  abilities, he threw the ball  up and smashed it down.


The ball flew straight towards the Team Azest's court. It was certainly  different  from  the  previous  serve  attempts  that  had ended in vain.

"Now we're talking."

Azest returned it near the net.

Pram ran across the court and returned the ball again.

Boom! B-boom!

The rally was going on so fast.

The ball could blow up in any minute. The team that blows up the ball was to be lost.

Azest tossed up the ball to Romantica instead of smashing the ball, trying not to risk the explosion.


"Got it!"

The formulas got arranged in the front of Romantica.

[Gust Wind]

The  ball   accelerated  to  a  great  speed,  as  if  it  had  been smashed, like a solid smash.

"Pretty cool, but I could do the same without any magic!"

As   Pram   shouted   and   tried   to   receive   the   ball,   the   ball suddenly switched its trajectory to something that was physically impossible.  Controlling the orbit of a flying object, was something Romantica could even do blindfolded.

'This is how you trained me, Desir.'

By  the  law  of  inertia,  Pram  couldn't  possibly  turn  his  body again to receive the ball that was already moving in the opposite

direction. Desir who was right behind Pram could barely receive it.

"Stay focused, Pram! She can always change how things move with magic!"

"Got it, sir!"

The game went in favor of the Team Azest. Romantica's magic wind could efficiently control the ball's orbit, and the control of the 3-circle wizard was a great threat to the opponents.

Catching what Romantica could do, Azest volunteered to take the  role  of  a  supporter  for  Romantica's  attack,  rather  than attacking by himself.

[The Storm of Avaros]

A 3-circle spell.

The magic that recreates a small storm.

"Wait, you're using a 3-circle spell?"

"Why not? Everything's under control  and it's gonna be fine! It's YOU, who trained me like this, Desir."

"Looks like you've waited so long for this day."

The ball was approaching fast.

The ball  could change its orbit in any minute, so Team Desir could  only  barely  defend  themselves  without  being  able  to launch an attack.

Fortunately for Team Desir, Pram the knight didn't lose his focus until the last minute of the game, and he received the ball that   was   almost   about   to   touch   the   ground   with   great athleticism. Romantica got nervous.

The game couldn't continue like this forever, though.

"Your   left!"   Shouted   Desir,   who   had   read   Romantica's

thoughts and figured out the ball's trajectory.

As long as the ball's trajectory was known, it wasn't a difficult task for Pram to receive the ball and return it.

Pram's   return   crossed   the   net   and   headed   straight   to Romantica.


Romantica, who had been waiting at the back to receive the seemingly fast ball, was shocked. The ball had suddenly stopped moving in the air.



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