A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Novel Chapter 65

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 65. The Competition (1)

The  'Outsiders'.  They  are  the  repulsive  group  antagonistic towards the Western Kingdom and Hebrion Empire.  However, they can't just be defined as a uniform group. The reason being that the 'Outsiders' are formed by lots of groups who disagree with the Western Kingdom and Hebrion Empire's monopolising the completion of the Shadow Worlds.  Even though they have grouped   up   to   compete   against   superior   forces,   they   only happen to share similar interests and ideals. Their method and ultimate goals varied.

"Recently, many 'Outsiders' are getting caught out."

An individual in a Pierrot mask opened the discussion. On the tip of his finger was a spinning trump card. There was an strong smoky odour emanating from the floor. The tavern was so dark that only vague outlines could be made out.  There were four people gathered and all of them were wearing masks. They were the four leaders of the biggest groups in the 'Outsiders'.

"Our  boys  are  in  the  same  situation.  It's  as  if  they  already knew our plan."

The woman wearing a mask adorned in: gold, silver, crystal, and  feathers;  opened  her  mouth.  With  her  voluptuous  body, there   seemed   to   be   a   seductive   scent   wafting   from   her. However, the locals knew that you should not be deceived and approach her carelessly. There is a reason why she is known as the 'Vampire'.

"20 percent of the lower group have already been eliminated."

Even the spies planted in the Kingdom and Empire have been getting caught.

"It has to be because our Revolutionary messed up."

The Pierrot mask's tone was now somewhat playful.  On his right  hand,  there  were  two  spinning  cards  on  each  fingertip, making a total of ten cards.


"Haha. You said that you were caught stealing from the magic tower? You looked so confident before. What happened?"

The individual  on the receiving end of this taunt, wearing a crow mask, scowled at the Pierrot mask.  However, the guy in the Pierrot mask did not seem to care and continued talking.

"He   even   got   captured   alive?   How   did   you   train   your underlings if this is the result?!"

The  space  near  the  Pierrot  mask  instantly  shattered.  High-class magic that interfered with space was activated without any casting time.  However, the only thing that was broken was a floor  board  underneath  the  chair,  that  the  Pierrot  mask  was sitting on. The Pierrot mask continued to lounge in his chair. It was not clear whether that was coincidence or if he dodged it. Considering  his  identity,  the  latter  made  more  sense.   As  a citizen of the Western Kingdom, he was the assassin that killed the king of the Antanas Kingdom.  His name garnered respect and praise in the darkness of society, where no light can reach.

"Perhaps  the  magic  tower  owner  himself  has  interrogated him. As a Seventh-Circle wizard, he might have already torn his brain   apart   and   analyzed   his   memories. Your   underling continues to bring trouble, even after his death. Haha."

The crow mask leapt out of his seat.

"Stop... Let's continue."

The one that organised this meeting was an old man in a skull mask.  He was wearing a dark-grey robe.  If it wasn't for white hair that peaked out from above his mask, he would have looked younger.

"To talk about... a story from... the past..."

His  voice  trailed  off  away,  so  it  was  difficult  to  understand what he was saying. However, no one there complained. He was technically the leader of this group. Nobody knew who he was. Not  even  his  name.   No  one  even  knew  whether  he  was  a swordsman or wizard.  The one thing that was certain though, was that he was active before the first century.

"Revolutionary...  we...  should  always  remain  in  the  dark... what you suggested, the way... was dangerous."

The guy in a crow mask refuted.

"The  plan  was  perfect.  The  magic  tower's  defence  was  the

worst on that day, nobody would have expected that."

"But... somehow... somehow... they knew... I only care about the results."

The  guy  in  the  crow  mask  did  not  respond  anymore.  The cards on the Pierrot's hand all  stopped spinning.  The old man with a skull mask continued speaking.

"On the other hand, this... might be a good chance for us. I'm not yet sure though."

"What do you mean old man?"

The woman in the flashy mask asked.

"While  they  are  currently  underestimating  us...  before  they start to pressure us... it's not a bad idea to do something big, to make a statement."

"Do you mean we should change our target?"

"Yes... that way... will be better."

"Well,  that  is  great  news.  I  was  getting  stiff.  However,  we can't go against the Western Kingdom and Hebrion Empire."

Said the Pierrot. This was the true reason why the 'Outsiders' hid out of sight.  Currently the Western Kingdom and Hebrion Empire  were  both  stronger  than  any  other  force.  Naturally, unlawful people and organisations, such as the 'Outsiders', had to keep a low profile and wait for their chance.

"Around  this  time...   there  is  a  meeting...   in  the  Western Kingdom."


"This is our chance... The leaders of the Western Kingdom... will  all  be gathered in one place...  Killing them will  maybe... overthrow the entire Western Kingdom itself."

He looked at the crow mask.

"I  will  give  you  the  chance...  to  redeem  yourself  after  your failure... Hand over that item Pierrot."

The Pierrot mask did not like this decision of the skull  mask and immediately protested.

"Old man! Do you know how hard it was for me to get this?! After utilising the entire assassin's guild, we barely managed to obtain  this!  This  item  cost  me  so  much!  This  should  be  only used in specifics situations!"

"Sh*t,! Ok! I'll give it."

He then pulled out something and passed it to the crow. It was an artifact. It was shaped like a cube and emanated an ominous aura at first sight.

"Western  Kingdom  meeting...   many  rulers  and  influential people will gather there... Can you clean them up... revolutionary?"

Crow mask was referred to as a revolutionary.  That actually explained  his  exact  situation.   At  one-point  crow  mask  was

lauded as the best wizard from Hebrion Academy. Now he is just a   forgotten   name.   A   manifestation   of   Hebrion's   troubled history.

"Let him borrow it... You should take care of everything."

"I hope you do not forget Hebrion is next."

Crow mask replied while nodding his head.

"Sure, Hebrion is one of our oldest enemies."

And that concluded the meeting.  One after the another they left the tavern. The street was still  dark, but somewhat humid from the dawn light. There was a distinction feeling of poverty along this street. The Pierrot mask caught up to the crow mask who went out first.

"Hey, bro. I have some questions. You mind if I ask them?"

The crow mask tried to ignore him and continued walking.

"At this point, shouldn't you just admit it? We are the same type."

That expression must have stirred the crow mask's feelings as he responded in an angry tone.

"I hope you don't take me as some kind of criminal like you."

"From attending this meeting, you are indeed a criminal.  If either  of  us  were  caught  by  our  home  nations,  we  would definitely get executed."

'Outsiders'  were  basically  a  criminal  group,  and  the  people who had just gathered were the leaders of the 'Outsiders'.  The punishment towards them would surely be death.

The Pierrot mask pointed at the artifact that the crow mask was holding.

"First of all, by knowing what artifact that is, and still taking it, shows that you are evil without a doubt."

The crow mask replied while storing the artifact that he had received from the Pierrot mask.

"I have things to achieve, no matter the method."

"Since  you  believe  that  you  are  different  from  us?  Do  you think that you are the only one that aspires to achieve your own goals? It's the same for that old man.  That old man has goals and the determination to achieve them as well."

The Pierrot mask mockingly imitated the skull mask's voice.

"Everything...   will   fall   into...   the  Shadow  World...   as  the Goddess desires."

It was not funny. It was actually rather unpleasant.

"Why  are  you  trying  so  hard  to  bring  me  down  to  your standard?"

Even  though  his  face  could  not  be  seen  from  the  Pierrot mask's   perspective,   the   crow   mask   was   sure   that   he   was

laughing.  It  was  almost  as  if  he  had  been  anticipating  this question.

"Hey, when I look at the justification of your goals, from my point of view they are not reasonable. On a daily basis, you act all noble and say that you will make the world a better place for the common people, right? Even though you are only doing this for your own benefit."

"The justification of my goals does not concern you."

"Ah, unfortunately, it does matter.  If by some small  chance said that you will  work for the sake of the common people, I would have to cut your head off."

The   Pierrot   mask   took   one   step   forward.   The   distance between the two was small.  It was close enough for the crow mask  to  attack  and  that  meant  it  was  close  enough  for  the Pierrot mask to attack too. Just a knife, perfect for killing a pig.

"I don't know who you are saying you will kill."

"If you want to test me, you can try it out right now."

He started to juggling his knife. It was as if he was performing some kind of a magic trick. He played with the knife's sharp side with his finger. After seeing this unfold, the crow mask turned his back and started walking away again.

"It will be a small sacrifice for the greater good. I have already acknowledged that."

Not   wanting   to   waste   any   more   time   the   crow   mask disappeared into the dark.  Left alone, the Pierrot mask started to mumble to himself.

"Ah, as expected. It won't work on him."

The Pierrot mask put his knife away.

"Well, I hope the real party starts in the Western Kingdom."



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