A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Novel Chapter 66

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 66. The Great Council (2)

In the early morning of the day of the conference, Zod came to meet Desir. He wore a neat black suit and held a luxurious cane. He didn't appear to be applying much of his weight against it, as it just touched the ground. Desir's party who had come to escort him couldn't repress their astonishment over Zod showing up.

"You must be the party of my technical adviser."

Zod   shook   hands   with   each   member   of   Desir's   party. Romantica especially couldn't handle her happiness because Zod was the only Seventh-Circle wizard of this continent and as a result  was  admired  by  all   wizards  who  aspire  to  reach  the pinnacle of magic.

"It... It's my honor to meet you! I'm Romantica Eru. I'm a big fan of you!"

"Romantica Eru... Are you the lady of the Eru household? We supply a significant amount of materials to the Eru businesses."

"All  of the items from Matop are brilliant! And the recently

released reacting magic light is especially wonderful."

While Zod and Romantica were deep in conversation, Pram conversed with Desir.

"It   is   a   shame   that   you   won't   attend   the   Yellow   Ocean competition."

Due to a conflict in his schedule between the West Kingdom conference  and  the  Yellow  Ocean  competition,  Desir  couldn't attend the competition.

"I'll come to see the finals though. Of course, only if you make it to them."

"Hey, you!"

Romantica thundered at Desir understanding the implication of  what  he  said,  while  simultaneous  holding  a  conversation with Zod. Pram and Desir smiled.

After the greeting, Desir headed to the palace where the West

Kingdom conference was going to take place.  They would use Zod's carriage to get there. As the carriage rattled, Zod handed over a note to Desir. It appeared that he had been dying to hand it over.

"Applying the concepts that you shared with me was a simple task."

During the time spent travelling to the palace, Zod talked in-depth   on   the   theories   he   had   been   pondering   over   after considering  what  Desir  had  suggested.   They  had  previously discussed the technologies several times through communication  magic,  but  that  was  less  effective  than  the present  face-to-face  meeting.  They  could  exchange  real-time feedback on their thoughts.

"Regarding  the  aurora  system,  it  is  a  good  idea  to  block  a Sixth-Circle spell by offsetting its energy instead of interrupting its resonating frequency.  However, the best defense magic we presently have is Fifth-Circle.  It seems that we need to spend money to make this a portable solution."

"Spending money is required to get through this and there are people that will be interested in the result. As such, there is no doubt that it will  be produced one way of the other. However,

I'm  not  sure  if  we  have  the  necessary  experience  in  blocking Sixth-Circle magic."

As the conversation continued, they eventually arrived at the palace.

"I guess we arrived a bit earlier than expected." Desir said.

There was over an hour left until the conference would begin.

Zod proposed:

"It appears so. How about we have a talk with the Saint before the conference?"

"Did the Saint approve of this?"

Zod nodded his head.

"Yes, she agreed immediately when I brought up the issue of the Holy Kingdom falling, as you described it to me."

"I appreciate your help, as always."

"It's not a big deal.  I helped you a lot because you are very talented."

With Zod's support, Desir had a chance to talk alone with the Saint. She was waiting for Desir in the stateroom. Saint Priscilla looked  very  naive  but  Desir  knew  that  there  was  more  than meets  the  eye.   She  was  always  very  crafty  and  intelligent enough to lead Artemis.

"It is my honor to meet the great sun of Artemis, Saint,"

"I'm also happy to meet the famous single-ranker of Hebrion Academy."

After having a simple greeting, Priscilla started getting to the point.

"I heard that the Shadow World that you attacked is related to the fall of the Kingdom."

"Yes, Saint."

"I'd love you to explain what happened there, to me."

Desir re-told what occurred in the Shadow World that he had cleared. He recounted the circumstances that resulted in the fall of the Kingdom, who he met, what quests he received and how they were cleared. Priscilla listened intently as he described all of this. She was clearly impressed by Wilhelm.

"He is the one that caused Artemis to be forever described as God's  shield.   In  an  era  severely  lacking  in  technology,  he achieved so much and had a very respectable personality."

Finishing the explanation on the quest, Desir passed on the last message that appeared when the Shadow World closed.

'A great possibility there might have been.'

That the kingdom might have been able to avoid falling if they could cut out the rotten parts.  Heroes should be raised for the

people and judge what should truly be judged.  If the kingdom didn't  fall,  it  might  have  completed  its  role  as  the  shield  to prevent  the  spreading  Judgement  harming  its  people  until today.

"A great possibility there might have been..."

The Saint sadly repeated.

"Therefore,  it  means  back  in  the  day,  the  kingdom  had  the power required to attack the Level 1 Shadow Worlds."

"Yes.  It  explains  how  the  kingdom  fell  due  to  its  internal struggles."

"I see."

She nodded. Shadow Worlds had rarely opened in relation to the Kingdom so far, and those that did, seemed to be distantly related to the cause of the fall.

The  Shadow  World  that  Desir's  party  cleared  did  not  just

relate to the fall of the Kingdom, but happened to even overlap with the time in which it occurred.

"I have always wondered.  The country that I served and the order that I led...  I just did not understand how the Kingdom fell.  Why  did  the  Kingdom  well-known  as  the  strongest,  not only fail  to clear the Shadow World, but also fall  to it? I now understand."

"If  my  recollection  was  useful,  I'm  happy  to  have  been  of assistance to you."

"Yes,  Desir.  You  magnificently  cleared  the  Shadow  World. Hebrion has a bright future."

Said the Saint.

"I   want   to   give   you   some   compensation   along   with   my gratitude. Desir, do you have anything that you want?"

"I don't personally need anything; however, I wish Hebrion Empire   and   the   West   Kingdom   Union   could   have   a   more amicable   relationship.   Not   like   the   current   competition   in

clearing Shadow Worlds alone to hoard resources.  It would be much  more  efficient  to  clear  these  Shadow  Worlds  through cooperation. Before we can do this, I would like you to support the good relationship of the West Kingdom Union and Hebrion Empire."

"Who do you think you are? Are you the ambassador of peace from Hebrion?"

"I only represent myself. This was my own idea, Saint."

"Cooperation. It is tough concept. The confrontation between the West Kingdom Union and the Hebrion Empire.  You know this. It would not even be strange to see them at war right now, if not for the common enemy that they are focusing on."

"I know. And that is why I beg you. If the relationship remains the same, the continent cannot defeat the Shadow Worlds when they inevitably increase in difficulty and size, someday."

"You have an interesting imagination."

Even if Priscilla dismissed Desir's idea as just a figment of his

imagination, Desir knew that it was an undeniable truth.

Shadow Labyrinths.

According  to  the  previous  timeline,  there  was  less  than  3 years, but she will  only be further convinced that his is just a delusion if he continued with this tact.  Instead he decided to convince her with another method.

"Saint, the Kingdom fell because of internal division."

As soon as Desir mentioned the Kingdom, Priscilla's smile was wiped off her face.

"The Shadow World which overthrew the Kingdom was at the level where it could have been defeated by the Kingdom at that time. But they couldn't beat it and eventually collapsed."

"The era when the Kingdom collapsed is completely different from   now.   We   now   prepare   ourselves   before   opening   any Shadow  World  and  clear  it  perfectly  with  our  preparations. Moreover,  the  Level  One  and  Two  Shadow  Worlds  which  we assume opened in the past do not even open now-a-days."

"We should prepare for the worst, Saint."

The worst. Priscilla seemed to brood over what Desir said.

"I understand what you want to say.  But frankly, this job is too big to prepare for based on only your words.  None of the West Kingdom Union is influenced."

She felt something from his eyes looking at her and said while nodding her head.

"But I also agree on your idea to be ready for the worst. The Church of Artemis shall look for the method to cooperate with both Hebrion and the West Kingdom Union when we see any sign from the Shadow Worlds."

"That's enough. I appreciate it, Saint."

The  conversation  was  pretty  much  over.   The  conference would also start soon.  It was finally time to head over to the conference   room. Desir   and   Priscilla   walked   out   of   the




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