A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Novel Chapter 77

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 77: At the End of the Nightmare (4)


Huge nails piercing through the air were blocked by a shield. It was the Avalon Army of the Western Kingdom leading the frontline. Holding their shields up high against Dadenewt, they were all at around the level of knight class soldiers.

"We can't let it advance any further!"

Frilleza's defense force were assisting the the Avalon Army as well.  The  composition  of  their  forces  were  mostly  ordinary soldiers though, but at this time, their morale was as high as the city walls. Their hearts were a flame with the desire to defend their  home  against  this  new  threat,  having  just  beaten  the Outsiders.

As  the  knights  and  soldiers  fearlessly  fought  their  corpses piled up, naturally forming barricades. While they delayed the advance of Dadenewt, the magicians were casting spells from the  rear.  Third-Circle  magic,  with  some  Fourth-Circle  magic mixed in, flew through the air demonstrating the overwhelming might of the Avalon Army.

Boom Boom

It was raining magic.

Numerous  magic  spells  exploded  across  Dadenewt's  body, momentarily screening its body from view. The unprecedented plethora  of  magic  spells  ignited  hope  for  the  knights  in  the frontlines, but...


After the smoke faded away, they couldn't believe what they saw.

Dadenewt's body was untouched, without so much as a single scratch. The huge body seemed as good as new.

To  make  matters  worse,  a  wave  of  heat  emanated  from  its mouth.   The  scorching  wave  of  air  forced  everyone  nearby, including the battle-hardened knights, to cover their faces. The commanding  officer,  Kelly,  who  was  situated  in  the  frontline

was in a state of shock.

'What on earth is this devil...?'

The  Avalon  Army  was  a  troop  of  veteran  soldiers  that  had fought against the Shadow Worlds on an innumerable number of   occasions.   However,   even   their   full   powered   offensive couldn't make this giant demon so much as twitch.

[Order Blade] did not do anything to it, and all  other magic simply bounced right off.

They  had  never  been  in  this  kind  of  fight  before.   They couldn't see a path to victory. They simply didn't know what to do. The scope of this disaster was beyond what they could wrap their heads around.


One of the knights screamed as his body was pierced by a giant finger  nail.  His  body  was  rapidly  stained  by  the  blood  as  it spread   everywhere   from   the   wound.   There   was   an   ever increasing  number  of  soldiers  dying  at  the  shore  in  a  similar


The  knights  and  soldiers  were  barely  holding  their  line  of defense,   and   morale   was   slowly   declining. Unlike   them, Dadenewt  looked  to  be  in  perfect  condition.   A  mixture  of sorrow  and  resignation  had  started  to  appear  on  the  faces  of some of the defenders.

The demon itself was an impregnable fort, and as it moved, it left a trail of slaughter in its wake.

"Is there really no way to block this?"

The barricades they had constructed during the fight, and had paid for with the blood of their brothers in arms, were about to be demolished.

The demon roared. Then the rune on its body started to glow red, as if on fire. Commander Kelly immediately knew what this meant, after previously experiencing it, and was about to order a retreat.

But   before   that,   a   huge   explosion   hit   Dadenewt's   head.

Dadenewt's  neck,  which  had  not  moved  even  a  bit  from  the earlier volleys of spells, was bent at an unnatural angle. Thanks to this, the heatwave from the mouth was shot towards the sea. The sea appeared to part, as if fleeing from the massive heat beam.  This  was  a  testament  to  the  power  packed  into  that attack. The dark night sky became bright as daylight.

And most importantly, there were no casualties. Not a single person on the battlefield was hurt from this attack.

Dadenewt  rolled  its  eyes  around  seeking  the  origin  of  that magic spell.  It was a power strong enough to actually hit and damage it for the first time.

The magic came from Zod Axarion.

The one and only great Seventh-Circle magician. The leader of the world-class Mage Tower.  Unlike other magicians, he stood in the middle of the chaotic battlefield.


"I will cover you. Continue the battle."

"But there are so many injured..."

"Don't worry about that."

A woman's voice came from behind them. It was Priscilla who was revered as the Saint of the Church of Artemis.

She heightened her concentration by closing her eyes. A white light spread out from her body and enveloped the bodies of the knights fighting against Dadenewt.

Their wounds all healed in seconds. Small wounds didn't even take a second to recover. Severe injuries also healed in just a few moments.  Even  the  wounds  of  soldiers  who  were  on  death's doorstep closed and healed.  Within the space of just a minute, even they could get up and resume battling.

[Wide Recovery]

It was indeed a power strong enough to be called a miracle. As a result, the frontline of the battle had stabilized and recovered

a little bit.

Priscilla sweated like rain, and the color of her face quickly deteriorated.

Zod turned towards her.

"Don't push yourself too hard."

"... I won't."

Zod looked at Dadenewt and again cast magic.

It was in this way that the battle continued.

Romantica looked into the scope of her magic tool calmly. The battle  continued  to  unfold  infront  of  her.  Adjest,  Pram,  and Desir were locked in combat against Crow Mask.

The fight was one-sided.  Even though Adjest and Pram had

joined  in  to  support  Desir,  they  were  all  busy  defending  and running around avoiding Crow Mask's attacks.

'That unique type of magic comes from his right hand...'

It was a very odd technique. It endlessly rotated as it changed its shape.

This unknown magic technique was instantaneously pouring out incredible flame in great volume.  In a moment, the whole group of buildings nearby collapsed as the streets shattered.

'If I go against him in a direct match my 'Clothes Line' will break right away.'

If  it  were  Desir  at  any  other  time,  he  would  probably  have already reversed that magic, but this time he's struggling just to cast magic while defending himself and his team.

Crash!! Bang! Whomp!

It was once a busy street, but now all of the buildings lining it

were shattered and destroyed beyond recognition. The skeletons that were once hidden now revealed for all to see.

The magician standing before them was mighty indeed.

'What I can do is...'

Aim for the moment of inattention.

Romantica felt a cool  sensation from the rifle as she held it against her cheek.

Crow Mask had noticed the first sniper shot and cast defense magic in time. His reflexes and intuition were indescribable.

'But I can't give up now.'

The same attack wouldn't work again, against him. This one shot was her best chance. Romantica wanted to pull the trigger so many times already, but she controlled her impatience and continued to take great care.

Through  the  scope,  Romantica  spotted  Crow  Mask  simply avoiding Adjest's attacks.

He continued to act as if all of the damage done by Desir and Adjest's magic attacks didn't even faze him.

'Is that coat enchanted with Fourth-Circle magic defense?'

It must be similar to the 'Clothes Line'.

However, even Crow Mask had to be careful of Pram's attacks. Blood was dripping from his side. Pram's Blanchium sword was able to penetrate defense magic and hurt him due to its special nature.  As  a  result,  Crow  Mask  invoked  space  magic  to  blow away Pram and maintain a safe distance.

Desir and Adjest also knew about this, so they tried their best to keep Pram close to their enemy.

Adjest  unfolded  [Frozen  Palace]  magic.   She  tried  pressing Crow Mask with her most exceptional  magical  ability through hundreds of projectile ice magic.

However, Crow Mask was not only good with spatial  magic but also a sorcerer who was well versed in the magic of fire.

[Linear Ray]

Crow Mask invoked magic that melted Adjest's ice magic and [Frozen Palace] surrounding them. In a straight up confrontation, she was no match.  The pillars crumbled down and the chandelier fell to the ground.

All of a sudden, spatial rifts appeared and arranged themselves  into  a  particular  formation  while  flying  towards Adjest. Spatial magic had been invoked.


Adjest  raised  her  sword  and  hastily  invoked  defense  sword magic.

[Magic sword: Whisper of Kizard]

The most potent Third-Circle defensive magic.

Desir invoked additional defensive magic.

[Wind Coat]

Intense shockwaves shot into Adjest.

Boom! Bump! Bang!

She was pushed far back.

Luckily, she didn't seem to be harmed. It was all because Desir helped her out at just the right time.

Desir helped Pram and Adjest by fending off the magic that was cast towards them.  At the same time, he was continually trying to reverse Crow Mask's unusual form of magic.

The tesseract that was shifting shape near Crow Mask's hand was roughly a Sixth-Circle technique.

It  changed  every  second  and  seemed  to  have  thousands  of possible   permutations,   but   in   order   to   reverse   it,   it   was necessary  to  interpret  each  permutation.  It  would  drive  one crazy just attempting to reverse the magic one permutation at a time.

'not to mention... me.'

The  tesseract  type  of  magic  was  indeed  powerful,  but  it obviously  consumed  a  great  amount  of  power.  It  was  visible from the movement of Crow Mask that he was starting to get exhausted from maintaining it.

In  addition,  due  to  the  continued  struggles  of  other  party members, he let his guard down against the sniper.

It was the perfect opportunity for Romantica.  She held her breath  and  lined  up  the  target  in  the  crosshair.  Crow  Mask's spatial magic was about to be invoked once again.


She pulled the trigger.  The Third-Circle magic that she had loaded, [Storm of Avaros], was compressed and fired with the help of her rifle.

The magic bullet with the penetrating power of the Fourth-Circle streaked through the air and crashed into the target.


A   small   storm   erupted.   The   strong   gust   of   wind   ripped through everything in its path. Crow Mask's body flew in the air and crashed into the rubble of what was once a fountain.

Finally, Romantica inhaled deeply.

'Was it successful?'

The dust storm settled and the figure of a man appeared. The edge of his robe was slightly torn and he was covered in dirt.

Immediately, Romantica's hopeful mood morphed into disappointment.

'Is he really a monster?... Wait.'

However, something was definitely different this time. There was a small crack on the mask.


The   cracking   increased   in   volume   without   anyone   even touching  the  mask.  And  it  finally  tore  in  half  and  fell  to  the ground. His bare face had appeared.



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