A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Novel Chapter 78

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 78: At the End of the Nightmare (5)

When   Crow   Mask   was   flung   into   the   fountain,   Desir immediately realized that it was due to Romantica's sniper shot.

The  snipe  was  successful.  Although  it  failed  to  end  Crow Mask, it had dealt him some serious damage.  He now limped and the enchanted defense magic on his clothes seemed to no longer  work.  Moreover,  the  attack  had  revealed  Crow  Mask's face.

After the mask fell off, a hideous face was revealed. The skin was  all  red  and  his  face  was  covered  with  scars  from  severe burns. It was impossible to find any unblemished skin with the exception of a small part on his cheeks. His face looked like that of the corpse of an immolation victim.

Crow  Mask  lifted  his  left  hand  and  covered  his  bare  face. Through  his  fingers  ferocious,  beast-like  eyes  blazed  like  a naked flame.

"You... your scar..."

As Desir started walking towards him, Crow Mask stretched out a hand towards Desir.

Spatial magic   was   invoked. Everything   near   Desir   was instantly destroyed. As a result, Desir had to retreat, increasing the distance between himself and Crow Mask.

"She's actually a Fourth-Circle sniper instead of being just a Third-Circle magician."

Crow Mask looked at the direction of the sniper. He used his Sixth-Circle   mana   detection   senses   and   located   the   wind element magician who was aiming at him.  He was angry and stretched out his hand in the direction of the sniper.

"Block it!"

At  that  moment,  Pram  dashed  towards  Crow  Mask.  Crow Mask had no choice. He turned around and faced Pram.


Pram  hit  the  ground  to  narrowly  dodge  the  attack  but  his Clothes  Line  was  left  tattered  from  the  attack  that  had  just brushed past his body.

Adjest also moved forward to intercept and attack Crow Mask.

[Magic Sword: Ice Wave.]

As  the  Tesseract  spell  continued  to  change  its  structure,  it unleashed  defensive  magic  and  Adjest's  sword  twisted  after meeting that force.

Even   though   Pram   and   Adjest   couldn't   leave   significant wounds on Crow Mask, it wasn't entirely in vain.  Crow Mask had no choice but to focus completely on the group in front of him.

Crow Mask swiped his right arm to the left in order to deal with Adjest.


The resulting spatial  magic destroyed a wide area but Adjest was no longer standing there.

Crow Mask had lost the initiative and was falling into the pace of Desir's party. His actions became predictable and straightforward. It was too easy for Adjest to avoid such attacks.

Adjest jumped into the air and sailed over Crow Mask's head before  landing  elegantly.  She  then  pivoted  on  one  foot  and slashed the side of Crow Mask's leg.


Flame rose along the path of the sword. The Tesseract quickly switched from attack magic to defense magic to block further attacks from Adjest.  As the Tesseract morphed once again, the ground  started  splitting  apart  under  Adjest's  feet.  A  cloud  of dust shot up as she attempted to flee from the affected area. The surface of the ground was not only demolished but parts of it were also left raised.

Adjest shot up into the air with various debris as she failed to escape  in  time.  Crow  Mask  cast  a  spell  at  her  as  she  sailed through the air.

'Being hit by this spell is inevitable.'

As  the  thought  passed  through  her  mind,  she  saw  some conveniently located debris and repositioned by jumping off of them. Pram had come to her aid.

As Adjest crossed her arms, Pram kicked them and bounced off backward. Crow Mask's magic sliced the air between, where they had been just a moment prior.

Both  of  them  landed  at  the  same  time  and  dashed  towards Crow Mask. Adjest started casting magic immediately.

"Icy cold gust spears through the heart."

[Ice Lens]

Second-Circle attack magic. The icy spear flew towards Crow Mask.


It crashed into him.

Adjest's  magic  demanded  all  of  Crow  Mask's  attention.  The cloud of dust billowing up into the air from the further cracked ground obscured all vision.

At  that  moment  Pram  stealthily  moved  into  Crow  Mask's blind spot. Pram held up his rapier and raised it to the back of his head, as if he was holding a javelin. It was a skill that he had practiced numerous times. Pram's sword pierced through the air at the speed of sound as he disappeared from sight.


Crow  Mask's  robe  was  torn  and  a  bloody,  red  line  was  left behind.  Adjest  was  already  in  a  position  to  capitalise  on  this sudden gap in Crow Mask's defenses.  Without enough time to even let out a scream, Crow Mask's Tesseract begun to shoot out magic.


Pram and Adjest tag-teamed to keep up a continuous assault on Crow Mask. Within the space of a couple of seconds, tens and hundreds of strikes landed on him.

He couldn't do a single thing in response.

Because  Crow  Mask's  one  hand  was  occupied  covering  his face, his movement was limited and he looked uncomfortable. He needed both hands to properly defend, but he still  held his hand up to cover his face, as if ashamed of revealing his face. Slowly, more scratches and wounds appeared on his body.  He couldn't bear it anymore and started to shout.

"You pieces of trash. Hebrion's hypocrites!"

It was a huge cry of hatred for Hebrion Academy.

At the same time, the Tesseract subtly changed and assembled in a new way.

Dark red light burst out. He was using all of the magic power

that he had saved for the battle against Zod.

"Back off, Pram!"

Pram  and  Adjest  stopped  their  sword  strike  mid-swing  and immediately  backed  off.  It  was  merely  an  application  of  the magic but the Tesseract rotated at a tremendous speed.

The light glowed and...


It withered away. The various pieces of the Tesseract that had formed  into  a  new  pattern  had  started  to  break  down  and disappear.

"... It's over." Said Desir.

He had successfully inverted the magic, countering all  of the possible permutations.

"... Over?" Crow Mask mumbled.

"Yeah, you lost."

Even   the   vision   magic   was   fully-analysed   and   no   longer usable.  All  of  the  methods  he  had  at  his  disposal  were  now countered.  No matter what magic he invoked, it would all  be read and inverted. Crow Mask had nothing left.


He looked at Desir. Desir could feet the hatred deep in those eyes.

"Why did you do all this?"

"...  This  world  has  been  a  series  of  absurdities.  You  know better than most, if you are a Hebrion Academy student."

Crow Mask looked at the Clothes Line that Desir and his party were wearing.

"It's  not  only  Hebrion  Academy.  The  same  is  true  of  the Hebrion Empire and even the entire world.  Foolish aristocrats impose their standards and absurdity on everyone else."

Desir   couldn't   say   anything   in   response   because   he   was absolutely right. Those words tore down reality.

A noble world.

The  Beta-class  students  at  the  Hebrion  Academy  were  not getting a decent education, just because they were commoners. This was the reason why Desir created a party.

"This world is a collapsing sandcastle. And the people who live in the castle...  Someday, everything will  fall  apart.  And that's what I desire."

That logic.

That reason.

It was the slogan claimed by a group in the past not so far from now.

"Revolutionary Remnant... was it?"

Twelve years ago, a single student from the Hebrion Academy, held  up  a  republican  flag  and  founded  a  revolutionary  army. They  called  themselves  Republicans,  but  other  people  called them Revolutionaries.

And then the Hebrion Empire was plunged into civil war. The war  divided  people  into  nobles  and  commoners,  and  caused tragedy to both sides.  The civil  war eventually ended in royal victory and the revolutionaries were all executed.

"The structure of this world is so wrong, right from its root. And you can't argue with that."

"You're right. But no matter what goodwill you have, it can't be justified. Look around you. Is this the answer you found?"

"It's  sacrificing  the  small  for  big.  The  fall  of  the  Western Kingdom is only the beginning.  I will  completely destroy this

absurd world and create true equality."

Pram was appalled at Crow Mask's objective.

"Desir, we don't have to listen to this nonsense anymore. Let's arrest him right now."

Crow Mask heard him and murmured.

"You can't stop us."

At that moment, the sky which had been darkened with the appearance of Dadenewt, suddenly regained its brightness.

"Did they defeat the demon?"

Desir refuted.

"No, that's..."


It   was   a   flame.   No,   it   was   lava   resulting   from   a   huge explosion.

Volcanic ash poured down from the sky as if it was snowing. They  all  looked  up.  Then,  as  if  the  stars  had  begun  to  fall, raindrops fell from the sky.

It was a scene that could only be described as apocalyptic.  It was as if it was the end of the world.

"Eruption Phase..."

Desir muttered, astonished.

"Seems like the great leader of the Mage Tower can't even stop the demon without any preparation."

Crow Mask continued while laughing.

"I'll return exactly what you said before."

His body faded. Pram and Adjest rushed to catch him but his body had already started to turn to dust.


There was no time to invert the magic. It was magic that he had previously saved to instantly cast.

"It's over."

With   those   final words,   Crow   Mask   disappeared.   Dark particles floated in the air.



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