A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Novel Chapter 79

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 79. His Decision (1)

The   harbor   of   Deltaheim   was   crowded. It   was   almost impossible  to  move  through  the  throngs  of  people  that  had gathered.  The Outsiders had destroyed the railway to block all reinforcement and supply routes from outside the city. The only way in and out now, was by boat.

Due  to  the  Yellow  Ocean  Contest  there  were  more  visitors than usual.

A number of merchant ships were docked side by side and the line of refugees heading towards them was exceptionally long. There was a bit of a tussle to get on board quickly but it was an immutable law that the high class boarded earlier than them. Therefore the general populace could only finally board after all of the royal families and nobles.

As some ships were escaping amongst the chaos, a huge roar followed by a shock wave traversed the sea.  Some people fell down after losing their balance.

People looked up to the sky as it suddenly brightened, as if changing from night-time to daytime.

The sky suddenly filled with burning rocks.

"Wha, what is that..." Uttered someone from the crowd.

Disaster  had  arrived  at  the  city  of  the  merchants  and  rich, Deltaheim.


The harbor was under attack.


"Help me!"

Something  swept  across  the  refugees.  Merchant  ships  were critically   damaged   and   some   of   them   were   even   partially destroyed and immediately sunk by the burning rocks that were raining down from the sky.

"Oh my god, oh my god."

Some passengers decided to jump into the sea.

Other people died instantly.  And the rest could only despair amongst the flames as they burnt to death.

The harbor was rapidly consumed by pandemonium.

A blazing rock flew towards a mother and son. It couldn't be avoided.  She knew that she could do nothing but embrace her child in their last moments.


However the rock was shot down by wind bullets that were flying  out  from  somewhere  before  it  could  reach  them.  Dark debris scattered over the sea.

[Ice Crown]

At  the  same  time,  water  soared  from  the  sea  and  created  a crown of ice. It kept people safe from the debris of broken rocks.

It was Desir's party.

They  came  to  the  harbor  where  the  refugees  were  most concentrated,  to  reduce  the  casualties,  as  soon  as  Crow  Mask withdrew.

Adjest  invoked  defense  magic  to  cover  the  refugees,  while Romantica  intercepted  the  rocks  from  her  vantage  point  that allowed  her  to  see  the  entire  harbor.   They  were  trying  to minimize the injury of refugees.

"Everyone get on board!"

Pram assisted the soldiers with the refugee evacuation.  The situation   was   quickly   stabilizing   as   a   result   of   the   party's combined effort.

Because   the   feeling   of   imminent   danger   was   fading,   the refugees seemed to recover little by little from the panic.

The  mother  embracing  her  child  held  its  hands  again  and urged it to walk quickly towards the ship.

"We can't finish the evacuation at this pace."

This was Desir's opinion after taking in this terrible sight. He was working on magic to block the rocks that Adjest couldn't.

Romantica responded while unleashing sniper spells.

"I think so too."

Not  only  the  harbor,  the  entire  city  was  devastated.   An observatory erected to view the sea was split into two and the debris  from  it  had  struck  the  mall.   The  upper  part  of  the stadium, where the Yellow Ocean Contest took place, was blown away and flattened.

No  building  was  untouched  by  the  shower  of  rocks  that imparted as much force as miniature bombs.

The flaming rocks continued to pour down without end.

All of the buildings were collapsing around them.

Screaming and various explosions could endlessly be heard. Mixed amongst this cacophony were the once calming sound of waves crashing against the shore. Faint and distant on the now grey beaches.

Dadenewt was a major disaster.

As Crow Mask had said earlier, Zod couldn't easily end this disaster without preparation.

In   the   past,   skilled   expeditions   rushed   into   the   Shadow Labyrinths but they only managed to deal heavy damage to such demons.  It  was  impossible  to  stop  demons  with  only  these people present.

The  eruption  phase  was  also  just  the  beginning.  It  was  the foreshadow  of  Dadenewt  beginning  its  activities  in  earnest. While just this foreshadow of its true power was horrendous, if Dadenewt appeared in its original  form then Deltaheim would

simply be burnt off the map without a trace.

Many people had already died.

When Desir finally decided on the best course of action, he turned towards Romantica.

"Romantica, let's move out."

The evacuation was almost finished. She took her eyes off her rifle.

"I agree. I'll burn and die if I stay here much longer. My power has also reached its limit."

After continuous sniping, Romantica only had enough power for one or two shots of Second-Circle magic.

It  was  the  same  with  Adjest,  who  was  busy  protecting  the refugees with her magic.

They had reached their limits from battling the Outsiders and then dealing with Crow Mask successively.  It was not strange for them to be exhausted.

Desir contacted Adjest and Pram.

Everybody did a good job. Now we'll evacuate too. Everyone join the procession onto the ships.

Adjest   stopped   using   magic.   The   structures   made   of   ice collapsed.

Until now they had held up great. A lot of people could get on board the ships while they were blocking the rocks.

There   were   still   about   2,000   people   left   on   the   harbor. Although the number was not small, it was much better than before.

Adjest and Pram who helped the evacuation of refugees closer to the boats, joined the queue much further up than Desir and Romantica who had helped from the rear.

They gathered all  of their remaining power and smashed the rocks on trajectories that would harm the refugees on the boats.

That was the best they could do.

About  five  minutes  into  the  final   part  of  the  evacuation process,  Desir  suddenly  lifted  his  head  to  locate  Pram  and Adjest. It was hard to see them as they had joined the queue way up in front.

"As  there  are  so  many  people,  to  prevent  us  missing  each other, I will bring back Pram and Adjest from the front. If I take too long, then don't wait and just get on board." Desir explained.

Romantica responded in a rather cold tone.

"Oh well, my life is mine to protect.  Of course I should run. I'm  just  a  bitch  running  away  even  when  my  hometown  is devastated."

"I'm so sorry but that's..."

Romantica cut off Desir who was attempting to make excuses.

"Well, it's fine. In fact, you are right. I know it's reckless. I was just grumpy. Go and find them quickly."


Romantica laughed as her lips formed a crooked arc.

The boy and girl, covered in soot and ash, stared at each other as if looking for something in each other.

"Aren't you going?"

"I will."

Desir started moving away.

"It won't take me long."

When  Desir  vanished  into  the  crowd,  Romantica  was  left alone.

She was not just waiting.

Whenever her power recovered a little she helped smash the rocks flying towards the harbor.

Fortunately, because the number of refugees left in the harbor was considerably reduced, the area left to be protected was also reduced. It now seemed to be relatively safe.

"... ?"

However   the   movement   of   the   queue   suddenly   stalled. Listening to the gossip from the front, it seemed there was a fight.  It  was  natural  for  people  to  be  on  edge  during  crises. Refugees also happen to get into fights easily, even with light arguments.

At that particular moment though, Romantica felt an ominous sense of foreboding.

'Is he caught up there?'

It also made sense for Desir to be involved, as he always seems to be at the centre of each mess.

When  Desir,  who  said  he  would  just  bring  back  Pram  and Adjest, was starting to run quite late Romantica began to worry more.

She stroked the rifle several times, that Desir had given her.

'Was he just delayed?'

At  the  time  Romantica  was  concerned  about  finding  Desir, someone touched her shoulder.

'He might be finally back.'

Romantica took a deep breath through her nose in an attempt to blow him out of her concerns. She then turned to see the face of the man who had touched her.

"So you are here, Lady Romantica."


It was the butler of the Eru family. He was wearing a neat suit.

"I  have  been  searching  for  you  for  some  time  now.   You happened to be here, after all. Come on. Hurry up."

When   he   finished   talking,   he   began   to   walk   out   of   the procession and head towards the ship.

"Wait! Where are we going?"

The   butler   realized   something   was   off   from   Romantica's reaction and tried to explain to her.

"This ship for refugees is actually an Eru merchant ship. You definitely  deserve  to  be  on  board  first  as  you  are  the  lady  of Eru."

"I understand. But I'm waiting for my friends."

"You can see them soon again if you are on board. Please hurry out of here. The Baron is worried."

When  she  heard  that  her  parents  were  worried,  she  had  to agree with the butler.

'Well, Desir told me to get on board if he was late.'

She   followed   the   butler   and   passed   the   procession.   She quickly reached the place where refugees were causing trouble.

"You hit first!"

"Look who's talking!"

They never stopped cursing at each other, even though people around them were forcing them apart.

Romantica passed by them and walked onto the ship. But she didn't leave the deck.

"Oh! You're already here."

About   five   minutes   later   Pram   and   Adjest   approached Romantica.  They  were  surprised  that  she  beat  them  to  board first due to originally being so far back in the queue.

Desir was not here with them.

"Where is Desir?"

"Wasn't he with you, Romantica?"

"No, he said he went to find you."

"But we haven't seen him."

Desir had disappeared without a trace.

Romantica looked around. Almost every refugee had boarded but there was still no sign of Desir.

He was not here.

He was not anywhere.



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