A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Novel Chapter 82

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 82. His Decision (4)

Magic  has  changed  little  by  little  with  the  passage  of  time. Awareness,  cost  and  formatting  method  have  all  been  slowly improved upon.

But in its long history there was only one thing that would not change.

In order to use magic, mana from the surroundings must be processed by the mage. This was an unchanged fact in what was an otherwise constantly changing system.

In  the  past  when  endless  wars  were  waged,  each  country needed more power and the best way to produce that power was to figure out new ways to process mana more efficiently.

As  a  result,  a  number  of  magic  systems  were  derived  and ultimately fell  out of favour and died. The most evolved magic system  in-use  nowadays  was  based  around  the  application  of mathematical formulas.

Mathematical formatting involves the calculation of a specific

array of mana to actuate specific spells.

Naturally, this raises the question of whether a magic system based  on  maths  would  be  the  most  powerful  magic  system, seeing as it is the latest magic system in a long line of magic systems?

The answer is that it most definitely is not.

In the distant past, there was a magic system used by races that were collectively known as magical lords. These existences have been completely lost in the annals of time, falling out of the collective memory of mankind.


Desir started to clear his mind of all distracting thoughts.

The pain from the heat and his concern about the wellbeing of his party. All of those thoughts were pushed somewhere else for the time being.

He steeled his resolve for the mammoth task he had taken on.

Thousands of hectares of vast open space unfolded within his senses.

Desir focuses all of his senses on just one being.

And  he  started  to  arrange  a  spell  using  the  draconic  magic system.  He had gained this in the past by inverting a dragon's magic.


The magic spell  arrays appeared in the air surrounding him. Initially, the magic appeared one or two letters at a time but within  the  span  of  a  minute  had  rapidly  increased  to  such  a speed that the human eye could no longer keep up.

The symbols and patterns filled the air to such a degree that they began to overlap in a pure black mess, as if the magic could never tolerate sharing such space with anything else.  Just like those  prideful  dragons,  this  magic  system  simply  oozed  such pride and arrogance.

Mankind's best anti-mage had staked his life on this magic.


An unrecognisable voice came out of Desir's mouth. It was as if hundreds of people started whispering at the same time.

At the same time, the spell in his head unfolded into reality.

As   the   technique   was   invoked,   Desir's   body   tensed   up. Excessive  mana  overwhelmed  him  and  his  mana  circle  was overloaded and destroyed continually while the cells in his body were burnt to ash. Just when it seemed like he would fall apart, he  would  be  healed  back  to  normal,  allowing  this  cycle  of neverending pain to be continued ad nauseam.

He   struggled   to   maintain   consciousness.   No   matter   how strong his mental fortitude was he could not maintain his sanity if he kept experiencing the pain of his whole body collapsing.

Without Priscilla, he would have instantly collapsed and his

life would have been extinguished.  She put all  the power she had into restoring Desir.

Desir's  body  repeatedly  went  through  cycles  of  destruction and recovery, each cycle taking mere seconds. But he continued to arrange the magic even as he struggled with the pain.

As the spell continued to be arranged, innumerable formations  continued  to  appear  in  the  air,  densely  packed around the cane that Desir held up.

Watching it all, Zod stared at Desir without even a thought about closing his gaping mouth.

Desir's magic was in complete contrast to all  of the learnings of  the  established  modern  magic  system.  What  he  was  doing was at the level where the most a wizard could do was stare at it dumbfounded.

But standing at the pinnacle of magical research, Zod Exarion was an exception.  He felt like he was witness to a masterpiece beyond the level of anything achievable by a human.

Zod  followed  Desir's  magic  with  his  peerless  intellect  and wisdom and every time he gained a bit of enlightenment of what was  unfolding  in  front  of  himself,  his  admiration  of  it  could only increase.


The   extremes   of   beauty   existed   within   the   neverending pursuit of magical efficiency by humans.


The roar shook Zod awake from his reverie. He looked at the source of the noise, Dadenewt.

It was finally freed from its icy bondage.

Dadenewt shrugged and spread its wings to fly up into the sky. It  had  long  forgotten  about  the  three  humans  on  the  wall, distracted by the horde of humans escaping by ship.

"Kiyaaaah (Screech)!"


As Dadenewt flapped its wings, hundreds of flaming rocks fell down on the city, harbor and evacuating ships.

Desir's warning was not an exaggeration. Compared to before, its attacks were bigger and definitely far more destructive. Ships that  were  not  prepared  for  the  falling  rocks  were  sunk  or wrecked.  Smoke started to rise from the many structures and few ships that had caught fire.

There was a faint scream carried by the wind.


At  least  the  number  of  ships  not  yet  destroyed  was  much higher than those sunk thus far.  Their only saving grace was that   Dadenewt's   attacks,   while   destructive,   were   not   very accurate.

But to Dadenewt, what was a consolation for humanity, was

actually a source of joy for itself. It was a devil that revelled in destruction and misery, after all.

Its giant body started turning.


The Dadenewt, that was attempting to fly towards the ships, momentarily paused.

Its eyes swiveled to gaze upon the walls of Deltaheim.


Desir's magic was still  being arranged.  A plethora of magical arrays  that  one  could  instinctively  feel  the  danger  from  at  a glance. His arrangement by way of verbal technique continued.

The devil's body shook after seeing this.


It   was   a   threat   that   even   this   great   demon   had   never encountered before.  Its devilish instinct was ringing, telling it that danger was imminent.

Dadenewt roared at Desir.


An  enormous  power  began  to  concentrate  in  its  mouth.  A mighty spell with the power to melt mountains and destroy an entire city began to arrange.


Dadenewt's surroundings began to vibrate.

The massive mana flow manifested as a physical phenomenon in of itself. And it was the same with Desir.

Space was trembling.

"This... is my limit... Desir."

Priscilla  squeaked  out  in  a  tiny  voice.  Her  face  was  blue. Although the energy in her eyes was somewhat diminished, one could still make out her ferocious will to survive.

The collapse of his body started to accelerate as a result of the restoration and resilience weakening.




'I must defeat you here.'

Desir didn't weaken his grip on Zod's cane.

As  Dadenewt  screamed  and  expelled  its  fire  attack,  a  faint voice leaked out from the cracked lips of Desir.

[Earth Nourishing the Sun (???????)]

Far away at Hebrion Academy.

Professor  Brigiet,  who  was  watering  the  pot  plants  in  her classroom, suddenly felt something and approached the window.

A warm breeze blew and tousled her well-groomed hair.


Leaves from various plants and trees from the garden were carried by the wind.

Brigiet's gaze was focused on something that could not be seen in the far distance.

On a mountain much closer than Hebrion Academy, but still far  from  Deltaheim,  a  man  was  standing  on  a  street.  From Deltaheim, he would be seen as just a dot in the distance.

The man, wearing a hooded shirt, stared at the horizon of the ocean while forgetting to cover the burns on his face.

The start was just a dot.

A  dot  of  ultra-high  temperature  plasma  continued  to  be compressed at high pressure.

A  temperature  of  up  to  tens  of  millions  of  degrees  and  a massive pressure converging at a single point that accelerated the particles caught within.

The particles that were accelerated to such an extreme began to bump into each other at such velocities that they began to fuse.

The  mass  lost  in  this  process  was  released  as  energy  in  the

form of heat and light.


The body of Dadenewt swelled up as if about to burst. The dot was swollen and was now as big as a fist.

The amount of light had doubled. The brightness was so great that it could no longer be looked at with the naked human eye.

Countless   particles   accelerated,   collided,   and   gave   off   an endless amount of energy.

The nearby ocean had split, pushed back by the force of the spell.

Dadenewt's  body   which  was   stronger  than   anything   was divided and split up. An enormous amount of light spilled out of the cracks on its body that had appeared.


Reactions began to take place in the rocky ocean as the intense light bursting out from the cracks covering Dadenewt's body, hit it.

The color of the deep dark ocean had changed to gold even though there was no sunlight. The water that looked like melted gold was greatly agitated by the huge amount of energy poured into it as a byproduct of the magic.


Dadenewt  twisted  on  what  looked  like  a  dazzling  golden furnace. The rocks and magma that made up its body sloughed off.

The ocean finally swallowed up Dadenewt.


The only thing left was a sense of tranquility so great that it felt like the world was finally at peace.

A golden sea of stars sparkled like starlight.  The world was plunged back into a pitch black darkness.

Dadenewt was nowhere to be seen. All that could be seen was magma that encircled the entire city, devastating debris and a terrain so destroyed that it looked as if it had been inverted. These  were  the  only  remaining  signs  of  the  resurrection  of  a devil, a so called disaster.

The  crashing  sound  of  the  sea  trying  to  fill   the  void  left behind,  like  a  wound  to  its  own  body,  resonated  all  over  the world.

Desir closed his eyes. He felt as if he had been thrown into an endless pit. The last thing he saw was the appearance of Zod and Priscilla approaching him.



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