A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Novel Chapter 83

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 83. His Decision (5)

[A  wizard  from  the  Hebrion  Academy  raises  their  sword against the enemy.]

[August 5 at 2pm, Capital Deltaheim of Prilecha Kingdom. The date where the Yellow Ocean Competition was in full swing.]

[August   5,   The   Outsiders   carried   out   a   terror   attack   in Deltaheim,  the  capital   of  the  Prilecha  Kingdom,  during  the Yellow  Ocean  Competition  and  while  the  Western  Kingdom Union conference was being held.

Judging by the coordination of their movements, the attacks are speculated to have been premeditated and planned over a long period of time.

The damage was severe but the defense had the upper hand with the dispatch of the Avalon Army. This seems to have been enough to put an end to the attack.

But    the    Outsiders    didn't    give    up    and    ended    up    also summoning an ancient devil through artifacts that are believed

to have been stolen rewards from Third-Level Shadow Worlds. This  devil   tried  to  exterminate  all   human  life  in  and  near Deltaheim.

Sir Jane Austen, a well  re-known historian, testified that it was a mythical creature called Dadenewt whom we have record of appearing in ancient times.

It was a desperate situation in which everyone in Deltaheim had no doubt of their own imminent death, but fortunately this disastrous outcome was avoided.

All due to a boy single-handedly stopping the devil.

This  boy,  Desir  Arman,  is  a  first-year  single-ranker  who  is currently attending the Hebrion Academy...]

After reading the article Romantica folded up the newspaper and put it to one side.

There was a pile of other newspapers and the contents of the front page were essentially all the same.

[The party led by Desir Arman helped refugees]

[Desir Arman, who is he?]

[A  wizard  from  Hebrion  Academy,  another  Seventh-Circle wizard?]

[Technical  consultant of Magic Tower, center of the Hebrion miracle]

Romantica took a deep breath before exhaling.

A  lot  of  things  happened  in  short  order  after  Desir  slayed Dadenewt.

First, Desir became a hero in the span of a few hours.

In a way, this may be natural  as Desir was from the Hebrion Empire that had a relationship like that of cats and dogs with the Western Kingdom Union. He managed to save everyone by putting his own body on the line.

It  would  be  rather  strange  if  he  garnered  no  attention  as  a result.

The problem however was that the rest of the party members: Adjest,  Pram  and  Romantica;  likewise  caught  the  eye  of  the public.

It was impossible to know just how many reporters mobbed the party, hoping to get some kind of scoop or soundbite. Some of the journalists even chased them into the hospital.

Romantica  couldn't  help  remembering  that  commotion  and involuntarily shuddered.


Of course, being famous was not all that bad.

If it were any other time, she would have arrogantly enjoyed her meteoric rise to fame.

If only everything had been as usual.

She looked to her side with a somewhat subdued stare.

In her gaze was the one mentioned by countless media outlets.

Desir Arman.

He had been unconscious for two weeks.

"You finally... till the end..."

Desir,  who  toppled  Dadenewt,  fainted  on  the  spot  and  the Western Kingdom Union took him in as an honored state guest and  transported  him  to  one  of  the  leading  hospitals  of  the continent.

Adeina Kingdom, a country with the most advanced medical techniques and technology.

Every year Adeina Kingdom produced excellent doctors and

they   consistently   made   a   name   for   themselves   across   the continent.

It was also not too much of a stretch to say that most of the hospitals  that  exist  on  the  continent  were  founded  with  the support of such doctors.

Since being treated at the Royal Hospital of Adeina, the best of them all, it was apparent just how good they were.

At the time of admission he was in a terrible state.

Most   of   his   organs   were   either   completely   destroyed   or completely dysfunctional  and his mana circle was also heavily damaged. He was in such a precarious state that he could barely breathe.

Fortunately, thanks to the support of the Western Kingdom Union, they were able to quickly move him to the space transfer gate that was only made available for VIPs.  Their quick action managed  to  avoid  a  crisis  and  he  was  able  to  swiftly  receive treatment at Adeina Royal Hospital where the best medical staff was always on stand-by.

The  Saint,  Priscilla,  also  cast  her  healing  on  Desir's  body whenever she recovered a little bit of her strength, even though her own body was a mess too.

However,   despite   such   efforts,   Desir's   condition   did   not improve. His   body   condition   appeared   normal,   but   they couldn't figure out just what was keeping him from waking up and  returning  to  normal.  They  could  only  assume  it  was  a magical side effect of the spell that he had invoked.

"... I will kill you when you wake up."

Romantica grabbed her chest and pledged dolefully.

While  thinking  back  to  her  first  encounter  with  him,  they always had a kind of bad relationship.

In retrospect, the first encounter she had with Desir began on the wrong-foot entirely.

At that time, Romantica was a Second-Circle wizard and Desir was a First-Circle wizard.

She judged everything too superficially and ended up looking down on him. She actually didn't know anything about him. Of course, anyone in her position would have done the same.

However, Desir beat her with his limited ability.  He should have shown some kind of arrogance from defeating the person who had openly despised and derided him, but he didn't.

'You just blackmailed me.'

Of course it wasn't because he looked down on her.

After the entrance test, Romantica was blackmailed by Desir and ended up entering the party that he created.

Until then, he was a man whom she really didn't like anything about. With his ability to properly react to every situation, his strangely  well-informed  understanding  of  her  and  even  his eloquent  manner  of  speaking,  she  ended  up  not  able  to  beat him.

However, despite such complaints, Romantica did not leave

his party that she was forced into.  Mainly because she was so concerned  about  the  anxiety  and  consideration  he  showed  to her.

'I just don't know anymore.'

She would never know.  But the only thing Romantica knew for sure about him was that he was always sincere.

Desir did his best for Romantica.  Come to think of it, it had been like that since the entrance exam. He took it upon himself to  teach  her,  no  matter  the  occasion,  even  during  the  hyper competitive tests of the academy.

"You're such a fool."

She ended up rejecting the offer to join the Blue Moon party and she remained in Desir's.

She did her best and became a single-ranker.

She learnt a lot and experienced a lot.

She  knew  that  Desir  was  constantly  covering  for  her  and helping her to address her short falls.

She knew he always tried his best for her.

She knew that she relied on him.

Romantica started to feel a new kind of feeling well up inside herself.

Whenever she thought about him, she caught herself doing so and tried to think about something else.



Her eyes found their way back to Desir.


A sound of regular breathing.  There was still  no sign of him waking up.

"I just cannot understand you."

Looking   at   Desir,   Romantica   spoke   aloud   to   no-one   in particular.

It was a lie.

She knew that she somewhat understood his intentions.

He tried to save the people, the group, and her at the expense of his own health.

No, this is not right.

She couldn't tolerate it any longer.

"... Why does it need to be like this?"

Her voice cracked as she covered her face with her hands.

She didn't want him to see her crying. She felt so miserable.

"Why   don't   you   think   about   the   feelings   of   the   people supporting you... Why don't you think... of my feelings..."


There was no one there to answer that question.

Romantica remembered the promise that she made with Desir by the golden sea.

If he told her to run away, she would run away.

And she had kept her promise.

Because she knew him that well, she kept the promise.

That's because she understood that he didn't want her to die.

"Did you think I'd be happy because you did that? You have the wrong idea. Because as much as you think about me, I think about you. I don't want you to die...!"

The tone of her voice rose.  She felt a surge of emotion from venting her anger.

It  was  anger.  But  it  was  not  aimed  at  Desir,  but  instead  at herself.

Romantica knew that Desir had taken this action because she was not strong enough to be with him.

She could only think about how she was just too pathetic for him, not even able to be just a bit useful to him.

"I'll train harder."

Romantica pledged.

"I won't even criticize you. I'll do whatever you say. If you say to die, then I will die."

Romantica bowed her head almost as if she was collapsing.

"I will  try hard and be a colleague who is not ashamed to be seen with you. I'll be your strength. I mean, so..."

Tears dripped down onto the sheets.

"So don't do this again."

Romantica's whimper filled the quiet room.

Feeling  a  sense  of  warmth  from  her  hair,  Romantica  raised her head. She saw Desir staring at her through her tears.

"I promise, Romantica."

He  brushed  Romantica's  hair  out  of  the  way  in  a  gentle fashion

He continued doing so silently until she stopped crying.

September 27th. The clock had just struck noon.

Less  than  a  minute  after  Romantica  informed  Pram  and Adjest, by their communication bracelet, that Desir had woken up, a commotion sounded in the hallway and the door violently burst open.

"I'm so glad you've woken up!"

Pram ran up and jumped onto the bed to hug Desir tightly.

He buried his face in Desir's chest and would not let go.  He was like a puppy that saw its injured owner.  He seemed to be quite worried.

Desir gently stroked Pram's back in an attempt to calm him.

Again the door opened and a calm voice emanated.

"You've done more than I thought possible, Desir."

It was Adjest.

Suddenly, Pram and Romantica stared at Adjest in unison. It was  because  she  sympathized  with  Desir's  actions  that  she ended up helping him trick Romatica and Pram.

That's why Desir had to desperately defend Adjest by saying that she was innocent and only helped at his request.

The furore continued for quite a while, but eventually they came to terms with it and could understand why Desir did what he did.  They could only nod and accept it, after making their displeasure known.

"Are you alright? You're crying."

"I'm fine.  Well, it was Pram after all  who exhausted himself taking care of Desir all night long."

"Romantica! I told you not to mention that!"

Noisy. It was a pleasant atmosphere.

It  was  in  this  atmosphere  that  they  could  have  a  pleasant conversation.   Desir  had  just  woken  up,  so  he  was  content enjoying this moment.

"I'm sorry for interrupting this happy reunion."

It  was  Zod,  the  master  of  Magic  Tower.  He  was  in  formal attire.

"I've got something to discuss with Desir. Could you excuse us for a moment?"



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