A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Novel Chapter 84

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 84. His Decision (6)

After  Adjest,  Pram  and  Romantica  left,  only  Zod  and  Desir remained in the room.

The only Seventh-Circle wizard in the continent and master of the Magic Tower.

It  was  obvious  that  what  he  went  through  to  reach  such  a position was unimaginable to normal people.

As a result, he was always unflappable... no matter what kind of a situation he found himself in. He would always appear calm without a hint of tension.

But Zod, the master of the Magic Tower currently looked very nervous.

The room was completely quiet.


As soon as Zod clapped, the faint noise from the activity in the hallway could no longer be heard.  Desir immediately grasped the fact that he had invoked a [Silence] spell.

Zod, who invoked the Second-Circle magic without arranging and formulating it, pulled a chair closer and sat down on it. His eyes never left Desir.

They made eye contact. The intensity of their gazes were such that it felt as if they were peering into each other's souls.

After a long silence, it was Zod who first opened his mouth.

"So, I take it that you haven't told them yet?"

Desir nodded silently.

"So you knew all along after all, Zod. I didn't want to spoil the mood earlier. I thought it would be better to tell the others after I've had a chance to confirm the state of my body."

"Recovery is going to be impossible."

Zod's tone was assertive, as if he was declaring a certainty.

"As judged by the best doctors and Priscilla, it's impossible to restore your left eye with modern technology."

There  was  no  sight  in  Desir's  left  eye.  It  was  completely blinded. Mentally, it felt like something vital was missing.

"Is this an artificial eye?"

Desir touched his left eye. There was clearly something there. If the eye socket was empty then his party would have instantly figured it out.

"It's not artificial. The organ itself is not physically damaged."

Desir got out of the bed and walked over to the mirror.

At  first  glance,  nothing  seemed  to  be  wrong.  But  on  closer

inspection he could see that his left eye was out of focus.

When he spread his right palm and covered his right eye, he couldn't see anything,

Zod continued to speak while observing Desir.

"The  treatment  was  perfect,  but  your  vision  could  not  be restored. The doctors did their best to figure out the cause, but in the end, they couldn't."

Desir   uncovered   and   slowly   opened   his   right   eye.   The headache that threatened to split his head had returned. He still felt the pain from his entire body being broken as if it was being torn apart.

[Proverb] a draconic magic.

Desir could grasp it through fully inverting it in the Shadow Labyrinth, but casting the spell  was a different story.  He now had first-hand experience on what it actually entailed.

Draconic magic was obviously more powerful  than any man-made magic, but it was never a magic that humans could use. There  was  a  cost  to  using  a  power  greater  than  one  could control.

'It's an unforgiving price.'

Those who didn't know what Desir used was draconic magic, would not even be able to fathom what condition it left him in.

Desir  knew  with  his  intuition  that  this  was  the  price  of entering the dragon's realm of magic.

He had used power well  beyond the realm of what humans could wield and then paid the price for it.

But Desir sighed out of relief.

'Is it just this much?'

He  thought  it  was  a  rather  cheap  price  to  pay.  It  would  be enough if only one eye could save everyone's life. If so, he was

satisfied. He had absolutely no regret.

He believed this from the bottom of his heart.

'Rather, the problem now was...'

Zod looked at him with a grave expression. From his attitude it was clear that he had something else to say.

Seeing Desir's expression as if he could read him as clearly as an open book, Zod slowly opened his clenched jaw.

"Desir, I have something that I need to check with you."

As Desir expected, his visit had another purpose.

This was the true start of the conversation he had come for.

"What should I start with first..."

Perhaps   because   the   long   battle   had   consumed   excessive power, Zod seemed much older than before.

"You can never be said to be responsible for the happenings at the Magic Tower. You warned us about the imminent threat of the  Outsiders  and  even  helped  us  repel  them.  Ultimately  you protected  the  Second-Class  magic  stone.  But  to  be  honest,  I suspected that you were an Outsider at that time."

The circumstances appeared to match up so well in hindsight.

"You  said  that  you  knew  by  espionage...  but  that's  pretty unreliable. Rather, it was much more credible to judge you as an Outsider that planned to earn my trust. As a result, I didn't want to get involved with you and offered to pay money to quickly finish it."

Desir remembered the proposal  of Prelude, the wizard from the Aureli branch. Apparently, it was Zod's order.

"But you..."

"I suggested chess instead of money."

Zod  recalled  that  unexpected  situation  and  his  expression looked brighter for a brief moment.

"Yes, chess! That was really unexpected.  There was no room for me to refuse it.  My curiosity was not to be suppressed by reason. It was strange that you decided to pick chess instead of money."

The  excitement  in  his  tone  gradually  subsided,  and  soon became sharp like a knife.

In that tone, Desir could figure out what Zod was trying to get at.

'Zod is interrogating me.'

Now  Zod  was  stepping  towards  checkmate  through  skillful manipulation of his chess pieces.

"You beat me and you made a deal  with me.  Aside from the stupid   smokescreen   proposals,   such   as   sponsorship,   what

caught  my  attention  was  the  technology  you  presented.  The technology you proposed was several generations ahead.

"When it comes to magic, I'm confident that I won't lose to anyone."

It was time to pretend. There was no reason to appear shaken.

"Well.  You  weren't  such  a  good  wizard  until   you  entered Hebrion Academy."

Desir's act immediately crumbled. He was truly shaken.

"How  could  such  a  normal  person  before  entering  Hebrion Academy,  acquire  the  ability  to  invert  spells?  How  could  you know about the plans of the Outsiders? How could you acquire and  understand  advanced  technology  that  could  only  appear many generations from now? No matter how much I investigated it, my questions about you have not been solved."

"... You did quite the background check."

He thought Zod was suspicious but he didn't think he would investigate his past this thoroughly.

Zod   justified   himself   as   Desir   visibly   showed   just   how betrayed he felt.

"Don't look at it like that. As a master of the Magic Tower, I did  what  I  had  to  do.  I  must  remove  anything  that  might endanger the Magic Tower."

There was no change to Zod's expression, but Desir felt the atmosphere subtly change into something that can only be felt on the battlefield.

The mana inside the room was moving.  In other words, Zod was preparing to invoke magic before Desir could invert it. Zod recognized that Desir would notice the threat.

"This is a warning..."

Zod continued.

"You know...  I hypothesised the following.  The real  student, Desir   Arman,   is   actually   dead   and   now   an   Outsider   is impersonating him. If so, Professor Bridget, who recommended you  to  come  to  Hebrion...  I  guess  that  I  don't  need  to  say anymore."

Desir was able to immediately understand what Zod meant.

Zod   was   heading   straight   for   an   incorrect   conclusion   to explain this unusual situation.

"Here, I will ask the question point-blank. Who are you?"

Desir was seriously conflicted.

It  was  impossible  to  make  a  lame  excuse  to  Zod.  But  no explanation would be able to convince him. There was no hole to hide in that would allow him to escape this question.

'If  I  don't  explain  myself  here,  I  will  be  designated  as  an Outsider.'

Not   only   that.   The   same   would   be   said   about   Professor Bridget. Desir's only recourse was to tell Zod the truth.

It's a story that Desir had never shared with anyone.

'Returning to the past.'

It was a fact that no one would ever guess this unless Desir told them directly.

Desir agonized.

'Shall I tell you? That I came from the future?'

'Do I have to share everything from the Shadow Labyrinth to the present?'

'I shouldn't share this.'

Desir hadn't told anyone about what had happened to him. It was because of his concern over the unintended consequences

and   how   the   untold   number   of   changed   variables   would ultimately affect the end result.

Variables should be left unchanged as much as possible.  For him, knowing the future was the most powerful weapon of all.

If  the  future  changed  due  to  changes  in  these  variables,  he would  lose  the  most  powerful   weapon  he  possessed.  It  was something that he should not allow at all costs.

The variables already changed were enough to make Desir sick with worry and he wanted to refrain from changing them any further.

'I can tell you someday, but not now.'

Soon  afterward,  Desir  shook  his  head.  Zod  replied  with  a grave tone.

"You can't answer."

"... I'm sorry."

In the end, Desir decided not to speak. He carefully looked up at  Zod  to  gauge  his  reaction.   Zod  was  strangely  composed. When Zod reacted differently than expected, Desir queried him.

"Are you not going to question me further?"

"I would have if it were two weeks ago."

2 weeks ago.

It was precisely before the awakening of Dadenewt.

"But what is the point of doubting you now? You tried to save a  lot  of  people  by  sacrificing  yourself,  and  in  the  end  you managed  to  prevail  over  such  adversity.  There  are  no  dumb Outsiders at your level of skill."

Zod smiled.

"My intuition tells me to trust you. And when I gave you all of

my power, I decided to believe this groundless intuition."

His  intuition  as  a  wise  man  was  telling  him  that  Desir  was very reliable.

He  would  never  know  the  circumstances  surrounding  Desir but he could see his heart.

He wanted to save people at his own expense. It was a fact that no one could deny.



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