A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Novel Chapter 86

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 86. His Decision (8)

Hans admonished his friend for being so pathetic.

"Do you think an Outsider is silly enough to drink beer in a public tavern like this?!"

"It isn't bad to be vigilant... Hey, where are you going?"

"I'm  going  to  give  that  stupid  foreigner  a  real  taste  of  our town."

Hans shook off his friend's hand and asked the owner for two glasses of dark beer.

It was the first foreigner to visit in a long time. He seemed like a  wanderer  but  he  appeared  to  be  interested  in  some  of  the conversations in the tavern.

"Hey, dude. Can I join you?"

It was a polite question, but it didn't require an answer. Hans sat down without waiting for such an answer. He then pushed away the beer that the hooded man was drinking and replaced it with his dark beer.

"It's on me. Get rid of that pale, smelly beer. This is the good stuff."

At that moment, the quiet man's mouth opened.

"... Go."


"Take your friend and leave within 30 seconds."

"... "

Hans was embarrassed. He had done this foreigner a favor and in return he received a deportation order as compensation.

"You are a rude man. Where are you from? From the North? Oh, I see. You're from..."

"Too late."


Suddenly, Hans looked over his shoulder at the source of the noise.

There were two people striding through the wide open door.

An insidious voice echoed in the tavern.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my show!"

The man who had spoken was rather tall and wore a nice suit. But unusually, he had a funny Pierrot mask on his face.

However, in contrast to the ridiculous mask, the people in the bar had goosebumps on their arms for some reason. There was a

leash dangling from his hand and it was connected to the neck of the middle-aged man who came in together with him.

"I, Pierrot, will be running this show. Nice to meet you."

The gorgeous clothes of the middle-aged man were dusty and torn. His obviously once muscular body was now wrecked from torture, like a tattered piece of cloth.

His   dignified   appearance   was   gone,   now   replaced   with uncontrollable trembling and a look stricken with terror.

Hans   recognized   the   face   of   the   middle-aged   man   and inadvertently revealed his shock.

"And let me introduce my assistant! Great Kingdom of Steel, King of Divide! Your Majesty Colora Ahs F Waldersch!"

Nobody responded. No one dared to meddle in the unfolding situation.

Silence. Everyone was frozen in horror and could say nothing.

The  sound  of  flies  buzzing  in  the  air  seemed  louder  than thunder.

With   a   gesture   that   he   was   playing,   Pierrot   Mask   un-summoned the bondage that tied the king's hands and took off the eye patch that covered his eyes.

The  eyes  of  the  King  of  Divide  were  finally  revealed.  They were filled with tears.

"Hey! What are you doing now..."

Someone woke up but he didn't have enough time to finish his sentence.  Something  sparkled  in  Pierrot  Mask's  hand  before blowing past the neck of the unruly onlooker.

Blood gathered in a line in the air.

The wire was too thin to easily identify with the human eye.

No one saw it as it was flying.

It was an overwhelming action.

"Hiccup... !"

Nobody dared to scream. It was because Pierrot Mask looked around,  nonverbally  communicating  a  threat  that  the  same would happen to anyone else that made a sound.

"Okay, everyone, take up a weapon.  Anything that can hurt others is fine.  Knife, chair, ah, a good choice.  But don't even think about moving."


People were busy finding a suitable weapon.

In short order, everyone present was holding something that could be used as a weapon. Even Hans had something. He spilled the  beer  out  of  the  mug  and  broke  the  glass  making  a  sharp piece that he could use like a knife.

Hans glanced at the man wearing the hood, but he was still sitting.  The  Pierrot  Mask  acted  as  if  he  was  not  there  and continued directing his show.

"Well, maybe you all know each other here due to being from the same village. But tragically, only one person can leave here alive. My   assistant   here   is   going   to   participate   in   this competition as well."

The King of Divide grabbed the dagger and walked out. There was no pride in his eyes at all. Instead, they were filled with the desire to live.

Everyone was eyeing each other.

"Starting is always hard. Good. The first person to kill will be the exception. I will send them out first."

Hans tightened his grip on the glass shard.

How  can  this  man  be  subdued?  If  he  pretended  to  fight

moderately and then suddenly poked a non-fatal place with his shard,  he  wouldn't  be  able  to  stop  the  quick  attack  from  the wire.

Hans's friend approached Hans with a bottle opener in hand.

"Friends, calm down."

"You heard him too."

Hans put down his weapon first and once more eagerly said to his friend.

"Put down the weapon"

"I want to live, Hans."

He rushed towards Hans. Blood splattered and screams broke out  everywhere.  Pierrot  Mask  exploded  into  a  fit  of  laughter while watching the tavern suddenly turn into the site of a battle royale.

The bar was quiet. No one was alive. It was so terrible to see.

"This is a bad habit of yours."

"You think so?"

The Pierrot Mask sat next to the now un-hooded Crow Mask.

"I wondered if you were planning to stop me or not."

Crow Mask answered.

"I'm not going to get caught up in your pace."

With  his  answer,  Pierrot  Mask  opened  his  eyes  for  a  brief moment before laughing in satisfaction.

"You sure have changed."

"Is that a complaint?"

"No, I like it. Really. It is clear that you are no different from us."

Crow Mask no longer denied what he said.

Was it because it was too much of a bother to refute it, or did he finally acknowledge it in his heart?

He switched topic without responding to Pierrot Mask.

"Get to the point."

"I failed to kill  all  of the kings who attended the conference. But I do have some profit from the attempt. The capital  of the Prillecha  Kingdom  has  lost  its  function  and  is  badly  affected economically.  I also succeeded in catching one of the kings of the Western Kingdom Union."

He pointed at a dead body.

The King of Divide, Colora Ahs F Waldersch.

He struggled with a dagger to survive. He slaughtered people and did his best to take their lives.

Eventually it was all futile.

In   the   midst   of   so   many   mishaps   his   face   is   perfectly preserved.

"You can't imagine how easily things were though, thanks to him moving separately from the rest."

King Divide separated from the kings of the Western Kingdom Union. That was the biggest reason for him becoming a target.

He was overconfident in his power.

Pierrot Mask prodded his body with his toe and smiled.

"It could be fun to do things with it."

Crow Mask didn't like the man in front of him.

This man's behavior was always dirty and disgusting.

"So, I heard Dadenewt was resurrected..."

"It was destroyed."

Pierrot Mask tilted his head.

"What? How was it killed? It should have destroyed at least one kingdom."

"... There was a powerful wizard."


"No, a more dangerous wizard."

"Are you sure that the kid in the article killed the demon? The kid  who  can't  even  arrange  Fourth-Circle  magic.  Least  to  say Seventh-Circle magic?"

Pierrot Mask had the same level of contempt that Crow Mask had upon first meeting Desir.

"His magic ability has already surpassed Zod. And at a young age he is good at fighting too. He's not an easy man to be trifled with. He also used a spell that I couldn't understand."

With a single magic, he killed Dadenewt that even Zod had a hard  time  with.  The  power  he  used  was  above  the  Seventh-Circle.

They would never understand how to arrange magic at such a level.  But what was clear was that he was the enemy of Crow Mask

"So you dealt with him directly. What was your impression?"

Pierrot  Mask  seemed  to  be  very  interested  in  hearing  this information.

"Overall, it's clear that he is below me. But in the use of spells, there are few people in the world that can achieve as much as him. The absence of higher-tiered spells that I initially thought was a major weakness ended up being a triviality to him."

Crow Mask continued.

"He is the highest risk factor. More so than Zod. He will be a big stumbling block in future plans.  I hope we get rid of him quickly."

"I'm very impressed. Stronger than Zod."

"Do not think he will be easy."

"Don't worry about it."

Pierrot Mask drank the beer in front of him.

"We're going to move even more destructively to imprint fear of us on everyone. It will be incomparable to what we have done so far. And at the same time..."

The  gaze  of  Pierrot  Mask  turned  back  towards  the  King  of Divide.

"We are going to dig deeper and more secretly into the heart of the enemy to destroy them from the inside."



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