A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Novel Chapter 87

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 87. In Between Summer and Winter (1)

The temperature in the air had been steamy hot, but as soon as   October   arrived   it   immediately   cooled   down   catching everyone unaware.

In  the  garden  of  Hebrion  Academy,  the  flowers  and  plants bloomed in such vivid shades of red and green that one could easily mistake these plants as being painted.

With the conclusion of summer break, it was naturally time for the fall semester to start.

"It's second semester already. Time sure flies!"

With the commencement of the semester, all  of the students who had left for the break had now returned.  As a result, the mood in Hebrion Academy was one of youthful excitement.

No matter where you went in the campus there were students walking in groups of three or four.  Amongst one such group,

there  was  one  boy  with  dark  hair  that  stood  out  amidst  his peers. He was wearing a Clothes Line that showed his status as a single ranker.

Naturally, it was Desir Arman.

He had returned to school for the new semester and felt all of the   attention   directed   at   him   from   the   crowd.   Students whispered as he walked by.  Some snarled at him while others simply  gossiped  about  him.  It  was  so  much  attention...  too much really.

Of course, not all  of the attention was positive.  However, it clearly proved that Desir was now really famous. Some students would even come up and ask for his autograph. This unbridled curiosity continued until the opening ceremony was over.

It   was   evening   by   the   time   the   assembly   concluded.   At Hebrion Academy, whenever there was an event like this, all of the students gathered at the main hall and had dinner together.

Desir could only see with one eye.  And due to that fact, he could no longer gauge the distance to objects infront of him very well. He was currently walking down a flight of stairs, heavily

relying on the rail. Before making it very far he ended up losing his balance. He almost fell, but at that time, someone happened to be nearby to offer their assistance.

"Be careful, Desir."

It was Pram Schneider.  He looked up at Desir and smiled at him.

"Thanks, Pram."

"I'll help you walk."

Desir felt he didn't need such help. Pram approached him, but he politely refused.

"No, thanks."

"You might fall!"

Pram wasn't one to easily give up on such things.

"If you fall and get hurt while I stand right next to you, I'd be living in a nightmare of a guilt-trip from not being able to save you..."

"Relax! Relax, Pram!"

Desir   hurried   to   comfort   Pram   before   he   could   become depressed and out of sorts.

"Then, does that mean I can help you?"

"... Fine. Then if you would, please Pram."

"Excuse me."

Desir realized that Pram had tricked him as he saw Pram with a smile so radiant it was as if he had never been sad. However, it was already too late.

Pram linked arms with Desir.

"Now you can lean on me."

Pram was a thin person, but he was a very steady support for Desir.   He  also  constantly  checked  on  Desir's  wellbeing  and comfort.

Pram  already  knew  about  Desir's  condition.  After  Zod  left, Desir explained his condition to the party.

After walking down the stairs and outting both feet back onto flat ground, Desir turned to Pram.

"Thank you."

"No problem. Allow me to assist you when you walk back up."

They hurried over to the banquet hall. For dinner there was: corn  salad,  rye  bread,  and  vegetable  sandwiches.   This  was unusual as they were all used to eating from the luxurious menu on normal  school  days.  Of course this caused some complaints from students and quite a few of them immediately left the hall.

Desir  and  Pram  didn't  care.  They  nonchalantly  picked  up some salad and rye bread before moving on.

"You're here."

Desir  and  Pram  found  Romantica  and  Adjest  were  already settled, so they sat down next to them. After a short exhange of greetings they started eating.

Romantica  wasn't  happy  about  the  food  here  either  and muttered.

"I don't know why I need to put this low quality food in my mouth. Is this the result of some kind of conspiracy?"


This was the highest educational  institution of the Hebrion Empire. The empire's very own noble heirs attended this school. It   would   not   have   been   possible   for   corruption   of   that magnitude to occur here.

"To be honest, this is probably not the result of a reduction in quality, but more about a change in diet."

Meat was thoroughly excluded from this new diet.

Romantica shook her head.

"There  must  be  something  else  at  play.  Is  today  somehow special?"

"I  don't  think  it  is  anything  to  do  with  the  first  day  of  the semester."

It was then.

"All of you are here!"

It  was  Ladoria  Doriche.  She  is  a  sophomore  single  ranker making  her  one  of  the  best  of  the  best.  She  seemed  rather excited. She took out a pen and paper from her inner pocket and headed over to Desir.

"A friend of mine is a big fan of you. Can I get an autograph? I mean from all of you."

All  of  them  were  surprised.  They  looked  at  each  other  and soon nodded in agreement.

"Of course."

It wasn't a big deal, so they easily accepted her request.

As she waited for all of the autographs, Ladoria gaze settled on Romantica's plate that had so much leftover food.

"You didn't like it, did you?"

"Ahh, yeah. This isn't really..."

Ladoria nodded her head as if she understood what Romnatica attempted to explain.

"Actually, my friends were not satisfied with today's banquet either. But then again, what can we do? They said it was done in remembrance of people who had died from Western Kingdom Union terrorist attack."

Desir and his party finally understood why the menu was the way it was.

"Don't worry about it. The menu will return to normal after a while.  Alright, guys! Keep up the good work! I'll  always cheer for you!"

Ladoria left on those words.

Pram couldn't believe what he had heard.

"Ladoria, from the Red Dragon Party, asked for our autographs... The Ladoria..."

"Wow, now I'm sure that we really are famous."

Romantica said delightfully in delight.

They  were  all  Beta  students  before  this  summer  break  had started.  It was true that they feel  some kind of pressure from the other students, but nobody really expressed that feeling that they sensed.

"Well, there are a few annoying disadvantages though."

Adjest wasn't really happy with their newfound reputation. Unlike   Romantica,   she   didn't   like   to   be   in   the   center   of attention.

"I  see  it  as  a  good  thing.  This  is  a  chance  to  advertise  our party."

Becoming famous meant that you can spread your name to the world. Desir had decided to use this fame.

Desir established a party for the talented people who couldn't utilize   their   full   potential   in   the   future.   There   were   no requirements to enter this party.  Even if they didn't have any discernible skill, Desir still  wanted to help them if they had a strong will.

Romantica added on to this.

"It will be a good advertisement, but the important fact is that nobody wanted to join our party."

"... I know."

But so far, there was nobody that took up their offer, with the exception of Adjest.

Honestly, it was puzzling.

"It's so strange.  Let's say they didn't know about us before. However,  now  that  we  are  pretty  famous,  I  can't  understand why there is still no one... no one applying to join us."

"Well,  don't  you  think  it's  about  the  rumor  of  our  tough spartan training regime?"

"... Maybe it is."

Yes, Desir's training method was definitely harsh.

As   trainees,   they   might   hate   it. Even   Romantica   had complained  about  the  heavy  training  in  the  beginning.  She always complained and never seemed happy about it.

However, as hard as his training was, it produced results and everyone didn't complain since they knew it as well.

"Desir's  training  really  works!  I  feel  like  a  totally  different person in comparison to the beginning of the semester!"

Pram insisted strongly.

Adjest, who had been silently listening, added her piece too.

"The training that enstated highlighted and helped the areas that we needed to improve. It was more effective than what any professor could do for us."

Desir smiled.

"Really? I'm going to prepare the training for tonight.  All  of you should come prepared!"

"Yes, sir!"

"Got it."


There was only one person who remained silent. Desir stared at her.


"Okay, okay! I got it!"

Romantica  has  been  diligently  participating  Desir's  training lately.

There  had  been  several   occasions  in  the  past  where  she skipped  out  on  them,  but  since  "the  incident",  Romantica's attitude had changed completely.  She faithfully undertook the training offered by Desir.

While they were chatting about these things, all of a sudden, there was a loud noise.

A  woman  stepped  up  on  the  stage  in  front  of  the  hall.  She appeared to be somewhat familiar.

She  was  professor  Bridget,  the  one  who  had  taught  them study of magic.

She wiped off the sweat on her face twice, then turned on the magic microphone. Her voice echoed deeply in the hall.

"It is great to see you again, Hebrion students. I am professor Bridget, the study of magic teacher.  I want to explain some of the changes we will be implementing this semester that couldn't be explained at the opening ceremony."

Immediately, the entire hall was silent.

"I  assume  that  you  all   have  heard  what  happened  in  the Western  Kingdom  Union.  The  Outsiders  invaded  and  caused serious damage to the Western Kingdom Union. Therefore we, Hebrion Academy, have decided to take measures and prepare against  such  a  serious  threat.  As  a  result,  a  patrol  squad  of graduates  now  reside  at  Hebrion  Academy  and  some  security regulations will now be enforced to keep you all safe."

Security regulations.

"These are the measures regarding external activities. In order to leave the Hebrion Academy grounds, you will now need to get approval   from  your  grade  professors.  Your  grade  professors must be informed of where your party will  be going.  Also, in order to enter the dormitory after 10PM, you will  now need to submit a reasonable excuse for the late entrance."

Romantica sighed. She left Hebrion Academy pretty often and thought  it  was  going  to  be  an  extra  hassle  for  her.  Professor Briggette continued listing the additional regulations.

"We  will  now  also  start  imposing  a  curfew  from  6PM.  We encourage   all   students   to   follow   the   instructions   from   all

members of the faculty. I have personally increased the security magic  around  our  school.  If  you  are  not  higher  than  Fifth-Circle, don't even think about sneaking out."

She  continued  on  for  a  couple  more  minutes  after  this.  To summarize it all, school  life was about to get a lot more strict and tiring.

After finishing her words, Professor Bridget announced that all  of the information regarding the new regulations would be sent to the communication pads.  She then left the stage.  The hall soon returned to a normal level of noise again, as students discussed the implications of these regulations.

"Oh my, so she is saying that we have nowhere but here to go."

"I can't even date."

"I need to shop for chips and snacks."

Many  students  including  Romantica  were  not  happy  about this, but Desir thought differently.

"Think  about  what  would  happen  if  the  Western  Kingdom Union tragedy was repeated here. It'd be horrible."


Romantica involuntarily recalled what happened and ceased complaining.

"Yeah,   you're   right.   I   can't   imagine   the   result   of   them unleashing such havoc here."

She ripped a piece off of the rye bread in her hand and shoved it into her mouth, as if trying to block that thought.



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