A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Novel Chapter 88

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 88. In Between Summer and Winter (2)

After dinner, they headed over to their party office.

Desir picked up the schedule from his desk and distributed it to the party members. Everyone read through the schedule that would dictate whether their semester would be heaven or hell. Their schedules seemed to differ a lot from the first semester. Pram was carefully looking at his schedule and his lips ended up forming a smile.

"We have three courses together, Desir!"

Pram shouted out in delight.

Desir was a magician.  Pram was a swordsman.  As they had different foundational  curriculum to follow, they barely had a chance to share the same class.

Starting this second semester, they had a couple of mandatory common classes.  As a result, Desir and Pram would be taking

quite a few classes together.

Romantica   narrowed   her   eyes   as   she   checked   out   her schedule.

"Look  at  this.  The  previous  sparring  class  professor  is  sick, and they hired a new professor for the class.  Their name is... Essenblanc Tistachia? It doesn't sound like he is from Hebrion. What do you think?"

"You can tell when you hear his accent."

"I don't care who that is, but I just hope he's better than the Magic Engineering professor."

The professor of the Magic Engineer class was Pugman.

The next day, the full schedule of Hebrion Academy academic curriculum began.

Botany Class lecture.

The  professor  of  Botany,  for  the  Alpha  Class,  was  Prof. Katweek. She was in her mid-50s. Her voice was slow and calm. Her  lecture  was  mainly  theoretical.   Romantica  was  already bored while sitting in this lecture.

"Perhaps, she's going to focus on Mandra Gondra. I don't even know  why  we  need  to  know  that  Mandra  Gondra's  scream  is closely related to abdominal pain and all of that."

Harrumphed Romantica.

"There will be times when you need to act based on all of your knowledge."

Desir responded.

History Class lecture.

The professor of this class was a young man, Prof. Kevin. He has  had  a  very  sharp  nose  and  wore  rectangular  glasses  with sharp angles on their edges.  He always assigned a tremendous

amount  of  homework  to  his  students  as  he  felt  that  History Class was the most important class of all.

"Professor Kevin thinks that we only have History Class in this school."

Romantica criticized as she dumped the history textbook in her locker.  So far, there was no class that she really liked and felt positive about.

"Plus, we have Rune class next. I don't know how I will be able to fix myself to a seat for those long dragging hours."

Romantica sighed deeply, as if trying to sink into the ground. Prof. Banquick had the longest lecture of them all.

Surprisingly though, the lecture wasn't boring at all.  It was fantastic.  Prof.  Banquick was an old man in his 60s with thick glasses.  His lecture today ended 10 minutes earlier than it was supposed to.  Students screamed, bursting out into the hallway when they found out the lecture was over.

"I can't believe that he ended his lecture early.  Why do you

think he did that?"

"Maybe he had something to celebrate?"

They tried to guess how this miracle occured.

"I think it's you, Desir."

Adjest pointed out.


"Yeah. It's because... um..."

"Because that professor is also a commoner like you."

A strange voice jumped into the conversation. It was a tall boy with   dark   eyebrows. He   was   wearing   a   blue   coat   that represented the Blue Moon Party. Grade 1, single ranker top 3. Donetta Hadune. His tone was pretty haughty.

"Commoners have a barbaric misconception that they will be successful  if others of their kind are successful.  They are like parasites living off of each other. Don't you think so?"

A frown crept onto Romantica face. Just as she was about to say something, Desir turned his head away.

"Not worth it. Ignore him."

What just happened was going to be nothing in comparison with what was instore for them in Magic Engineering class. As soon as Desir and his friends entered the lecture room, all of the attention spotted fell onto them.

It was anything but warm, welcoming attention. Most of the students in this lecture were Blue Moon Grade 1 and 2 single rankers   who   were   outright   hostile   to   Desir   and   his   party members.

After Adjest changed party from Blue Moon to Desir's, they were more sensitive and harsh towards Desir's party.

The director of Blue Moon Party was Professor Pugman.  He hates  hated  commoners.  He  disliked  Desir  in  particular  since during   the   promotion   period,   he   involved   himself   in   the problem  of  the  transfer  of  Adjest  from  Blue  Moon  to  Desir's party. He had even managed to somehow become meaner than he was in the last semester.  One day, during a practical  lesson on  building  a  First-Circle  magic  sequence  using  a  Class  Six magic   stone,   Desir   submitted   a   complete   sequence   before everybody  else.  However,  he  got  a  minus  mark  on  his  grade. Prof.  Pugman  said  that  Desir  didn't  check  his  work  carefully, but everyone knew it was just an excuse.

"That was a ridiculous nitpick."

Romantica said as she poured salt into her soup.

"You did build it perfectly. You didn't even have to review it."

"He just needed an excuse to deduct points."

Said  Adjest  as  she  shrugged  her  shoulders  as  if  it  were  no surprise.

Things  have  always  been  like  this.  It's  always  been  a  Blue Moon  Party  member  who  gets  the  top  score.   Desir's  party always had something less than them.

"What's next?"

"Magic Theory."

"Is it Prof. Bridget?"

After the lunch was over, Desir, Adjest, and Romantica headed over to the lecture room for Magic Theory class.

"It is a beautiful day to talk about magic theory!"

Prof.   Bridget  was  always  calm.   She  was  well-known  as  a Hollow Witch throughout the continent. She was a magnificent sorcerer, and her lecture was just so great and that nothing else could compare.

Unlike other lectures that emphasized theories and were filled up with rambling discussions and tangential tirades, her lecture

was  more  skewed  towards  practical   exercises  based  on  real situations. Therefore it was easy but contained so much useful information.

After   explaining   a   concept,   Prof. Bridget   spoke   to   the students.

"Okay, we are now going to practice alternating the magic we already  know.  Make  groups  of  three,  and  after  you  practice performing it, give feedback to each other. Today's lecture and practice will be applied to the final evaluation."

The students spread out to practice magic on their own.

Prof.  Bridget was busy walking around the lecture room and helping students cast magic correctly, giving feedback on how they  invoked  their  magic.  After  the  lecture  was  over,  Prof. Bridget walked up to Desir.

"Please follow me to my office, Desir."


He answered as he nodded. It was a surprise to Desir, but he tried not to show any awkwardness.

Her room was full of well-organized books and references, just like  a  library.  Among  them  there  were  unique  and  antique references.   Desir  had  been  to  this  office  a  couple  of  times already, but every time he came here, he couldn't help but be astonished at the scale of it.

Prof. Bridget brought out two cups of hot tea. She placed them on the table, then signalled Desir to come over with her hand. As soon as Desir had a seat, she started talking.

"Desir, do you remember when we first met?"

"Of course, I do."

Desir nodded quickly.

"The Royal Library that all citizens are allowed to visit freely. You were reading a book there. Even though you were so young

at  that  time,  you  were  so  thirsty  for  knowledge  and  eager  to read more."

"It was my only learning place and I was pretty desperate at that time."

Prof. Bridget made a bitter smile.

"I  felt  bad  for  you  because  I  knew  that  you  had  so  much passion   for   learning,   but   you   couldn't   due   to   the   limited environment you were in. That's why I gave you a recommendation for Hebrion Academy."

Desir nodded his head as the memory of his past was still  so vivid.

Without her help, it was impossible for Desir to enter Hebrion Academy to begin with. Desir already had excellent skills. With her help, he could create First-Circle spells and was accepted by Hebrion Academy with Bridget's recommendation.

Bridget was a savior to Desir.

"Desir, you were someone beyond what I could imagine. And honestly, I couldn't ever imagine you reaching where you are now."

Then, her face darkened.

"You again saved so many people in a foreign land. I am truly proud  of  you.  But...  I  wish  you  would  take  care  of  yourself more..."

Desir couldn't say anything to her.

"I know that you didn't have a choice, but I still think that this is way too dangerous To sacrifice yourself all of the time to save other's lives."

Bridget's voice betrayed her worry on this matter.

"You must be so sick of hearing this from other people. I want you  to  remember  that  there  are  so  many  people  who  think about you. Do you know what I mean?"

"... Yes, I do. Professor."

"Alright, you should go now."

When Bridget finally heard Desir's response, her face regained its smile.



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