A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Novel Chapter 89

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 89. In between Summer and Winter (3)

All  of the Grade 1 and Grade 2 single rankers participated in the sparring class.  Most of the single rankers were part of the Blue Moon party.

Donetta Hadune was talking to his party members excitedly.

"He probably begged Zod with something like 'Can you please tell people that I beat this?' "

"Saying  that  he  is  the  only  hope  for  the  Hebrion  Academy commoners."

People   giggled.   When   Desir   and   his   party   arrived,   they deliberately raised their voices and shared hostile jokes with the intent to embarrass the party.

Adjest  and  Romantica  stared  at  them  but  would  not  react unless Desir did so first. The crowd was mainly targeting Desir, so there was nothing that they could do.

Adjest spoke in an annoyed tone.

"One day... I'll beat them up until they die."

"I'll join you."

Donetta finally shut up when the professor arrived.

"Nice to meet you all. I'm professor Essenblanc Tistachia. I'll be facilitating the sparring lecture today."

Essenblanc  had  a  huge  scar  on  his  face  and  his  hair  was elegantly brushed back. He was in his mid 30s. He also had thick scars on his arms that made him look strong.

"I  was  once  a  soldier,  captain  rank,  for  the  Golden  Hawk Knights of the Hebrion Empire.  I used to train and raise little kids like you into a state of combat readiness."

One of the students seemed upset by his words.  Essenblanc raised his voice even louder.

"I   believe   that   your   true   ability   only   comes   with   real experience.  But you are still  inexperienced and immature.  You are  just  like  plants  grown  in  a  greenhouse.   Through  these sparring  courses  you  will  experience  something  very  close  to real battles and grow to your maximum power and strength."

"I have a feeling that this professor is super strict..."

Romantica muttered.

"From  what  I  have  heard...  there  are  a  lot  of  interesting students here who are single rankers. First..."

He  scanned  through  the  single  ranker  section  and  his  eyes stopped on Desir.

"So... Are you the number one single ranker, Desir Arman?"

"Yes, I am."

The corner of the professor's lips curled up into a smirk.

"Desir, please come down."

When Desir came down to the podium, Essenblanc squeezed Desir's shoulder.

"When I said 'inexperienced and immature', that doesn't apply to  this  young  man.  This  student  has  realized  his  full  combat potential. You know that, don't you?"

"Thanks for your kind words."

"Rumors say that even before the opening ceremony, you have achieved  great  things.  You  have  killed  elite  Outsiders  and  an ancient demon with Zod Exarion, the world's greatest wizard. You are also a technical  advisor for the Mage Tower? What a great list of achievements at such a young age."

As  Essenblanc  continued,  Donetta's  face  contorted  with  a frown even greater than before.

"I   know   that   all   of   the   nobles   at   Hebrion   Academy   are haughty.   You  have  proven  that  they  are  no  different  than anyone else. You should be proud as a commoner."

"... Professor?"

"But Desir, look around yourself within the school.  Look at how all of the noble's attention now falls upon you. This is the treatment you get as the hero who saved thousands of people."

"Because it is a lie."

Donetta couldn't stay quiet for a moment longer.

"There is no one who witnessed him killing the demon.  Zod probably   saw   him   and   sympathised   with   this   commoner, sharing some part of his achievement with Desir."

"Oh... Is that what you think? You are... Donetta Hadune? Is that your opinion?"

"Most  of  us  think  so.   We  know  that  commoners  are  not

capable of doing such things."

"Please stand up, Donetta."

Essenblanc walked away from Desir and strode towards the Blue Moon party section. Each step he made seemed to resonate, creating a subtle change in the atmosphere of the room. Before anyone realised, the room felt very cold and threatening. It also felt like he would unsheathe his sword and attack someone at any moment.

Surprisingly though, Essenblanc agreed with Donetta.

"Well, you are right, Donetta. Unlike nobles, commoners are inferior  in  many  respects.   For  the  most  part,  they  are  not capable, or just can't do various things that are easy for nobles. You  can  simply  see  this  from  the  test  results.  You  can  easily compare  the  ability  of  the  students  of  Hebrion  Academy  via these   tests.   The   noble   students   are   way   better   than   the commoners."

With Essenblanc's words Donetta's face brightened. Essenblanc continued.

"Some people think that it is a waste of time and money to even accept them into Hebrion Academy.  Maybe Desir himself spread this rumor to build the reputation of the commoners."

"That's right! That's what I wanted to say!"

Donetta clapped his hands in excitement from finally finding someone to connect with.

Essenblanc smiled.

"Then, why don't you come down here and spar with him?"

"Wh... at?"

"If you can't believe it because you didn't see Desir fighting against the demon, then you can come up right now and fight with him. Win and prove that he is a liar."

Desir thought it was ridiculous how Essenblanc brought about this whole situation without asking what he thought about it, but he decided to go with the flow since it didn't seem too bad.

"Well... That's..."

Donetta couldn't finish his sentence. His mouth flapped open and shut, as if trying to say something, but no voice came out.

"If you are not going to come down, just find your seat."

Donetta  hesitated  a  few  seconds.   He  looked  at  Desir  and plopped himself down into his seat. Romantica snickered.

"I love that professor. What do you think?"

Romantica proclaimed.

She nudged Adjest and realized that her face looked serious. Adjest was looking at the professor very unpleasantly.

"...  He is discriminating against commoners.  This only feeds the  nobles'  superiority  complex.  This  makes  it  all  the  more uncomfortable."

"Why? It's true though."


She swallowed her words but definitely felt this situation was slightly suspicious.

"Raise your hand if you think you can beat Desir."

Essenblanc announced.

Nobody raised their hand.

"You  guys  claimed  that  commoners  are  inferior  and  less worthy  than  nobles.  Is  this  all  you  can  do?  Mock  and  tease others  with  just  words.  Are  you  one  of  those  pathetic  people who can take pride in yourself without proving your ability?"

He taunted the Blue Moon party.

"So... I guess there is no noble that can beat this commoner?"

One  student  raised  their  hand  and  Essenblanc  smiled  in response.

"Great. Come on down."

One man walked down. He was tall with hair that stopped at ear  length.  The  students  who  saw  him  were  appalled.  Desir knew who he was.

"What's your name?"

"Kelt Pasil Niplica."

He was the younger brother of Professor Pugman.

"Wow... A big shot."

Essenblanc laughed. He seemed to be enjoying this moment.

The wind felt chilly. It was now fall.

Desir and Kelt walked up onto the cold and empty stage. The stage was located in the center of the field and was surrounded by stone and granite boulders.

Kelt started talking.

"I want to apologize on behalf of Donetta.  He never stopped gossiping, even though I told him to stop several times."

Desir questioned.

"Why are you apologizing? You have nothing to do with it."

"We are the Blue Moon party."

Desir   thought   that   he   would   also   hate   commoners.   He thought that it was mistaken to believe that he'd be different as he was the brother of Professor Pugman.

"I just want to make it clear that I didn't challenge you just because you're a commoner.  I did it because I wanted to see if you are as good as the rumours say you are."


Desir carefully scanned him.

'Unlike other noble men, he doesn't appear to be discriminatory against commoners. Is he Fourth-Circle...'

Fourth-Circle is the level where one can be considered strong. He  must  be  one  of  the  best  in  Grade  2.  Most  of  the  crowd predicted that it was easily going to be Kelt's win. Kelt was well known and confirmed to be an experienced sorcerer.

Kelt offered his hand towards Desir.

"Let me introduce myself again. Kelt Niplica."

Desir liked this guy. He had a good first impression of him. He was strong, but humble and well  mannered. Before all  of that, he wasn't biased by social class.

'... I'll let you have this one by making it close.'

Desir accepted the handshake.

"Desir Arman."

After   the   handshake,   they   separated   and   maintained   a distance between each other. Both of them wore Clothes Lines. As  they  were  wizards,  they  didn't  have  any  weapons  in  their hands.

"If you're ready, let's start the duel."

Essenblanc announced the beginning of the duel. Simultaneously, magical spells starting arranging themselves in front of both wizards.



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