A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Novel Chapter 90

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 90. In Between Summer and Winter (4)

[Sea Blast]

Desir  was  a  lot  faster  and  used  more  intricate  formations when casting his spells. Nobody could mimic how he cast spells.

[Water Strike]

However,  Kelt  was  a  Fourth-Circle  magician.  Even  though Desir had created Third-Circle magic by using the power of an artifact,  Kelt's  magic  was  a  lot  stronger  than  Desir's.   They traded magic attacks, like a game of tennis the spells went back and  forth  between  the  two.  Both  wizards  swapped  between attack and defence. As their spells collided with each other, the stage cracked and tiles flew off of it.

'I guess the gossip about him was exaggerated.'

Kelt heard that Desir defeated the ancient demon and was on high  alert  regarding  his  strength,  but  a  few  minutes  into  the

fight,  he  realized  that  the  power  of  Desir's  magic  was  not  as great as his speed and intricate casting.

'... I heard that he had some skill with inverting magic.'

Desir hadn't inverted Kelt's magic yet. Kelt thought that Desir was still just dipping his toe in the water, holding back against him.  He  decided  to  attack  him  with  something  stronger  and unexpected.

Desir's magic flew directly at Kelt's face. Kelt cast a spell of a higher level to defend with.


Kelt's   body   transformed   into   water,   and   Desir's   magic penetrated through Kelt's body without causing any damages. After a few attacks from Desir's and Kelt's defensive magic, the stage was flooded with water. It was hard to locate where Kelt, who was entirely made up of water, was hiding on the stage. Desir looked around.

[Fire Bolt]

Desir  shot  fire  magic  toward  the  water,  but  it  only  left  an empty stage behind as the water evaporated in just that spot. Kelt  wasn't  there.  Kelt  silently  observed  Desir's  reaction  and thought it was funny.

'Come on. There is now only one thing that you can do. Use wide-area magic.'

Wide-area magic typically required a long time to cast. There should be a gap when casting this type of magic.  That's what Kelt aimed for.  He wanted to attack Desir when he was busy casting a wide-area magic.

Desir  started  casting  magic.  It  seemed  like  he  was  casting wide-area magic, just as Kelt expected. Kelt waited continued to wait though, as he didn't want to show his body while he wasn't absolutely  sure  what  Desir  was  doing.  Instead,  he  cast  magic that didn't require a physical body.

The water still  left on the stage transformed into blades and surrounded  Desir.  Just  as  all  of  the  blades  were  about  to  fly towards Desir...

"When you cast Splash magic, you can choose the timing of when to attack..."

Desir spoke out loud, to no-one in particular.


Desir's  magic  stopped  all  of  a  sudden.  No...  it  was  already complete.

"... and you can't defend in that condition."

"Wait... it wasn't wide-area magic?"

It was Desir just pretending all along. By the time Kelt realized that he was outsmarted, Desir's magic poured down upon Kelt.

[Summon Lightning]

Countless spears with great sparks on their tips flew at where Kelt was hiding.  Kelt, who was in a state of shock for a short

moment,  still  somehow  managed  to  swiftly  cancel  his  splash magic, removing the blades around Desir and then cast a magic that he could defend himself with.

[Create  Water]  was  a  spell   that  created  pure  water.   The curtains  of  pure  water  formed  a  screen  in  front  of  Kelt.  The pure  water  redirected  the  electrical  current  into  the  ground. When the lightning stabbed into the water curtain, it exploded like a balloon.

The explosion pushed Kelt back a few steps. If he was pushed back just three more steps, he would fall off of the stage and lose the battle.

"You seem to know how to handle electric magic well enough. When you boldly cast Splash magic, I thought you had no idea."

Desir remarked.

The flood on the stage started making sparks and crackling noise soon reverberated throughout the field.

"... Sure. Now I learnt so much about you."

Kelt strongly clenched his fists.

"The warm-up has ended."

Kelt underestimated Desir because he was at a lower circle as a wizard  and  the  magic  he  cast  was  not  all   that  strong.   He recognised that he had been careless.

He stretched his hand out in front of himself.  He started to cast a vast number of spells. The scale of the magic showed that Kelt  had  changed  his  attitude  and  was  putting  his  best  effort into it now.

[Create Water]

[Create Water]

[Create Water]

[Create Water]

The level  of water on the stage rapidly increased and finally stopped at their ankles.

With  a  minor  motion  of  Kelt's  finger,  the  water  became  a tsunami and rushed towards Desir.

Desir's  eyes  moved  quickly  to  read  the  path  of  the  water waves.


[Gravity Reverse]

Magic that flipped the effects of gravity.

The currents could no longer reach where Desir was standing as the opposing gravity pulled it down.

Desir could simply walk out of the path of the raging current. Still, it wasn't the solution for this situation as the water was

overflowing  the  entire  stage  and  could  attack  Desir  from  any angle at any time.

'It's impossible to evaporate all of the water using fire magic.'

The   amount   of   water   was   so   great   that   even   if   Desir evaporated some of it, Kelt would just make more water in a heartbeat.

Then, Desir just had to evaporate all of the water at once, not little by little. However, it was impossible for Desir as he wasn't a Fourth-Circle magician. He didn't have equal  power to strike Kelt's magic.


"I can tell you can't beat this one."

The water was in the exact position that Kelt carefully desired it  to  be.   It  made  currents  and  waves  to  apply  continuous pressure on Desir.

Desir decided to focus on blocking Kelt's attacks. Although he couldn't come up with a solution to the water magic, he wasn't getting outright trounced either.  He continued to think about how he could react to this as he kept casting.

'Then... OUCH!'

Desir  was  lifted  by  a  huge  wave.  Luckily,  he  regained  his balance before he was pushed off of the stage. The damage from the water pressure was great enough that it was actually painful to be on the receiving end of.

'I guess I was too close to him.'

Desir bit his lips.

It   was   an   attack   from   the   left   side.   Desir   couldn't   pay attention   to   maintaining   a   distance   from   Kelt   due   to   the distraction of currents attacking from every angle.

'I need to figure this out.'

Ever  since  Desir  lost  eyesight  in  his  left  eye,  estimating distances  had  become  very  difficult  for  him.  For  the  battles where  every  movement  and  every  magic  counted,  his  new impediment was now his greatest weakness.

Kelt   didn't   know   about   that   of   course.   However,   as   he observed Desir only attacking him in certain ways, he noticed that Desir's sense of direction and distance was terribly weak.

It  was  questionable.  Now  that  Kelt  had  battled  with  Desir, Desir  truly  was  a  strong  magician.   Not  as  much  as  people described him as, but Desir still had a great level of skill. Above all, he was experienced in real  battles.  Desir sharply cut off or blocked the attacks aimed at him from all directions except his left. Kelt wondered, for some reason, Desir was peculiarly slow to react to all the attacks aimed at his left.

Well, it was a chance for Kelt. Kelt didn't hesitate and poured magic out at Desir.

[Aqua Tornado]

Third-Circle magic.

Since the area was full of water it could actually do damage at level of Fourth-Circle.


All of the water started to gather as it twisted into and formed a  pillar  of  water.   The  number  of  water  tornados  increased extremely fast. They started to sweep everywhere on the field. The stage was made of stone and it began to crack under this merciless assault.

Desir didn't sit down and just watch this happen though.

[Liquid Oxygen]

A liquid that created spooky smoke that spread out like dense fog. As this liquid spread out from where Desir was standing, all of the water that it touched instantly froze...

'Oh, boy!'

All of the water on the stage gradually froze and broke out of

Kelt's control.  The liquid that Desir created also stiffened the frightening water tornado pillars into uselessness.

Desir looked at Kelt.

"So, you can't cast that kind of magic anymore."


Kelt didn't immediately reply.  He was busy chuckling in his mind.

"This is all you could think of?"

Kelt pointed at his surroundings.

"Look around you. Now your magic has been spread out over the entire stage to freeze the water. Even at your feet, too."

The    liquid    had    indeed    spread    everywhere    as    it    froze everything that it touched. The only area that the liquid hadn't

covered was the tiny space where Desir was standing.

"That said, you can't escape from my magic anymore."

"But you can't cast any more magic."

"You'll see."

Kelt  pointed  at  the  sky.  The  sky  started  to  darken  in  all directions.

Mana moved in a colossal torrent. It was mana on the scale of the Fourth-Circle.

As Desir looked up at the sky,it started to rain on the stage. Desir realized what it was right away.

'It's   narrow   in   scope   and   only   temporary   in   terms   of controlling the climate, but this is definitely...'

"It's weather control magic."

Kelt replied, as if reading Desir's mind.

[Weather control]

It  interrupts  the  climate  and  forcibly  changes  the  weather instantly. Initially, this was one of the highest spells that belong to the Fifth-Circle level of wide-area magic, but Kelt minimized the scale and cast it at the Fourth-Circle.

Pitter Patter

It started with just one or two drops of rain and soon became a downpour.

Kelt arranged another spell  in front of himself.  Immediately the downpour intensified as raindrops fell like bullets.

Cling Cling

Desir  took  his  Clothes  Line  jacket  off  and  covered  his  head

with  it.  The  coat  ceaselessly  made  sounds  indicating  that  its defensive  function  was  activating.  However,  it  wouldn't  last much longer than a couple more seconds.

"You   had   better   surrender   before   the   Clothes   Line   is destroyed."

Kelt said triumphantly.

"You're great for your age."

Desir said as he took the Clothes Line jacket off his head.



Desir suddenly clapped. And what happened next was entirely unexpected. The stage just exploded all of a sudden.


There was a gasp. White smoke started to rise into the sky.

Kelt's body bounced off of the stage. Kelt couldn't do anything as everything happened in an instant.

Kelt  had  a  Clothes  Line  on  too  and  it  protected  Kelt  from injury. He slowly got up and made a face that revealed that even he had no idea what had just happened to him.

"What happened?"

Kelt enquired.

"What  I  invoked  is  magic  that  spreads  out  liquid  oxygen. When  the  liquid  oxygen  froze  the  water,  it  expanded  and eventually created an explosion. With that amount of water and liquid oxygen it would simply blow you off the stage."

Kelt looked at the stage that did not even exist anymore.

"I clearly lost."

Kelt laughed bitterly.

"I couldn't even see your strongest asset, inversion."


Desir couldn't say that he didn't try his best just because he wanted to see how strong Kelt was. He wanted to observe Kelt's movement.

"Fine. I admit that I lost."

Kelt nodded and made a genuine smile.



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