A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Novel Chapter 91

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 91. So They Go On (1)

Kelt  Pasil  Niplica  was  one  of  the  top  students  within  the academy  who  had  earned  great  titles  like  being  the  Grade  2 leader of the Blue Moon party and also being a single ranker at the Fourth-Cirlce. He was also the younger brother of Professor Pugman. Every single person in Hebrion Academy knew who he was.

And Desir beat Kelt. In front of all of the Grade 1 and 2 single rankers. Desir knocked him off the stage clearly and fairly. This of course brought a significant change to Desir's school life.

"Did you see how he walked away? It was bizarre."

Romantica said.

They were sitting in Desir's party office. Romantica's laughter was loudly amplified in the small room. Just like Romantica had said,  after  the  big  battle,  they  had  confronted  Donetta  a  few more times during lectures. He had completely lost his morale. He  was  too  dispirited  to  spend  energy  blaming  and  finger pointing at Desir. Rather he was busy rushing out of his way to avoid Desir whenever he encountered him.

"You look happy, Romantica."

Desir voiced and Romantica nodded in response to.

"Of course! You knocked them down a few pegs so easily!"

This  unfortunately  hadn't  changed  how  people  looked  at Desir's party. It had however slightly reduced the bawling of the nobles  that  had  been  blatantly  expressing  their  unpleasant thoughts and emotions up until now. There were now far fewer people questioning Desir's ability to fight.

Desir's party members no longer needed to blush in anger and bottle up their anger at these people. It was a very peaceful and comfortable   school life   that   they   had   not   been   able   to experience previously.

Finally, there were more.

Knock knock

"Another one?"

Romantica got up from the couch and adjusted her sleeves. She dragged over a chair and set it up in front of Desir.

"I'll bring the tea."

Pram chirped as he went into the kitchen.

"Come in."

After  Desir's  greeting,  the  door  opened.  A  girl  with  short brown hair and huge dark-framed glasses walked into the room.

"How can we help you?"

Romantica kindly but impatiently asked the girl.

"Professor Vanquik told me that your party helps people train with no requirements to join... I would like to join the party."

Professor Vanquik.

He  taught  Rune  class  and  had  supported  Desir  since  the second semester started. He was a commoner like Desir.

"Well, please take a seat first."

When Desir sat down in front of the girl, Pram brought over some  snacks.   From  the  pile  of  papers,  Desir  pulled  out  an application form.

"So, what's your name?"

"Freechel. Freechel Kay."

Freechel   looked   nervous   and   uncomfortable.   She   looked around the room and carefully asked Desir.

"Is it really true that this party also accepts Beta students?"


"What made you think that we won't accept them?"

Freechel hesitated.

"Well,   your   party   is   so   powerful,   and   I'm   only   a   Beta student..."

"There are no limitations or restrictions for application. You don't have to worry about it, but Freechel, have you heard about our party?"

"Yes, I have. The training is really hard, and all of the nobles hate this party."

"Then, why do you want to join our party?"

Of  course,  there  were  parties  that  existed  among  the  Beta classes. However, their primary mission was a lot different from the  clearing  of  the  Shadow  Worlds.  For  some  of  the  lucky students, they could participate in Class Seven Shadow Worlds

to   receive   some   advantages   from   the   Alpha   Class   party. Unfortunately, some Beta class parties were only established to serve the Alpha class.  It was an ugly result of unfairness and injustice.

Desir  used  his  communication  pad  to  retrieve  information about  Freechel.  Her  old  party  was  called  Arach,  one  of  the subcontracted  parties  that  assisted  Alpha  class  by  looking  up information related to the Shadow World battles.

"... I couldn't stand it anymore."

Freechel  pulled out her communication pad from her inner pocket  and  showed  Desir  some  pictures  from  it.  There  were many pictures. The pictures of textbooks torn apart, desks with broken legs...

Desir frowned his face. Now he fully understood why Freechel had come to him.

"Did you get bullied?"


Freechel nodded and continued.

"But no one in my party could help me. Even the professor. He couldn't oppose the Alpha class by helping me out."

In  Hebrion  Academy,  all  of  the  bullying  and  hazing  by  the nobles was ignored and overlooked without exception.

Even though all  of the party members of Arach seemed like they had ignored the violence and cruelty, Freechel didn't seem to be bothered.  It wasn't that they didn't want to help, but it was more of a case that they couldn't help.

Desir pressed on his left eye with his fingers. It was not easy to help other people as doing so increases one's own exposure to dangerous situations. The people who needed to be blamed and punished were the people who bullied her.

"... if it's only because of this, you don't have to join our party. We can solve this problem for you."

Freechel shook her head.

"No, I don't think it's meaningful in that way. Sure, I want to pay them back. Doing so would make me feel better. That's why I came here. You train your members with no requirements."

"Ok. We will train you to the best of our ability."

So Freechel was accepted as a member of the party.

Desir  looked  at  the  list  of  the  party  members.  There  were three new members, including Freechel, on the list. Ever since Desir  won  the  sparring  fight  with  Kelt,  people  had  come  to Desir's party to join.

'The  Beta  class  students  who  were  bullied  by  nobles,  and couldn't do anything about it, have started coming to our party.'

It  was  a  good  sign.  Everything  that  Desir  had  deliberately shown to people had now started to show its effect.

'It's really disappointing how Beta Class training is designed.'

There were no big changes to the Beta classes.

'And there will be some talented people who will fall into Beta classes next year as well.'

These  students  couldn't  take  decent  classes,  simply  because they were commoners. Amongst them there would be talented students  that  had  a  decent  amount  of  potential  but  without professional training, would never realise it. They needed to be trained, not tamed by the Alpha Class.

The cause of all  of this was a deeply rooted prejudice against commoners by the nobles.

'It  all   came  from  the  revolution  that  the  Revolutionaries caused.'

This even happened twelve years ago, leaving an unavoidable scar on both the commoners and nobles, with lasting effects to this  very  day.  The  situation  just  wouldn't  change  unless  the hatred from both sides disappeared.

'We need to change this.'

Nobles and commoners needed to reconcile, so that commoners could be recognized.

'Gather all of the talented students. Then, provide them with an   environment   where   they   can   get   decent   training   and flourish.'

There were so many students from Beta Classes that would ace things with proper training.

'Like capturing a Shadow Labyrinth.'

Adjest was standing in the middle of the training facility. The dawn fog had not even disappeared yet.

She swung her sword nonstop as her shiny silver hair danced in the air.  She brought out her mana to the fullest extent and didn't stop practicing until reaching her limit. It was a practice to handle the sword more delicately and she had been repeating this since the second semester started.

Adjest bit her lip incredibly hard.

'I couldn't do a single thing.'

Adjest recalled how helpless she was in the Prillecha Empire.

Until  she had encountered the Crow Mask, she thought that she was on the same level as Desir. However, it was purely her own delusion of grandeur.

"Can you stop Pram and Romantica from leaving the ship?"

Desir   asked   Adjest   while   they   were   running   away   from Dadenewt.

Then,  Desir  sacrificed  himself.  Adjest  couldn't  take  it.  She couldn't take herself watching helplessly from the sidelines. She couldn't do anything at all.


She momentarily lost her attention.  The ice attached to her sword fell off. Adjest decided to stop practicing and sat down for a short rest.


Adjest's  ability  was  unimaginably  great  in  comparison  to others, but the wall of the Fourth-Circle Bishop class was not so easy to break through as a magic-swordsman.


Adjest felt someone approaching her and immediately turned to look in that direction.

"You're early today, Adjest."

Romantica was walking towards her.  She was wearing light training clothes. She clapped, and the dawn fog disappeared.

"Do you have any business with me?"

Romantica stopped in front of Adjest.

"Well, I'm at the training facility. What do you think I'm here for? I'm here to train, too."

Then Romantica cast a spell at Adjest without warning. It was a Second-Circle spell.

Adjest lifted her sword and blocked it.


A grand sound echoed across the training facility.

"What the heck was that?"

"A practical training session!"

A practical training session.

"You want to be stronger, don't you? I want to be stronger. And we can finally end the duel we started at the Yellow Ocean Competition."

The Yellow Ocean Competition.

Romantica  and  Adjest  had  a  chance  to  compete  with  each other,  but  they  were  interrupted  by  the  Outsider's  terrorist attack and lost that opportunity.

"I want to settle it. How about you?"

Adjest  assumed  that  Romantica  wasn't  simply  saying  it  to figure out what the result of that competition would have been. Romantica  had  always  kept  Adjest  in  check.  She  had  always been like that.

'But this is not a bad opportunity.'

Adjest decided that it wasn't a bad time to practice her magic sword, like in a real battle. Romantica had been trained by Desir

for more than a half year. She was a great magician.

Adjest had no reason to decline.  She lifted her sword as her answer.

"But it's no fun if we ONLY practice with nothing on the line."

Adjest responded with.


"The person who loses will  clean up the office until  we have another competition, and the result is flipped. If you accept this condition, then I'll practice with you."

She suggested.

Romantica was speechless.

'Cleaning...? That's nonsense!'

Romantica grew up as a noble girl.  She wasn't used to doing menial chores like cleaning. And it was a big problem that there was  no  specified  duration  to  this  ridiculous  outcome.  It  was possible that she might end up cleaning the office forever.

'I should win. If I win, I can watch Adjest clean up the office all the time.'

Romantica hesitated for a bit, but soon she nodded her head.

"Sure, I'll take that bet. Don't complain later."

"I like that."

Adjest smiled.

She raised her magic power, and calmly planned her strategy. She  had  a  feeling  that  for  the  first  time  in  a  long  while,  she would finally be able to fight at her peak strength.



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