A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Novel Chapter 92

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 92. So They Go On (2)

Desir's   party   had   seven   members   now.   He   had   to   place another  couch  in  the  office  to  accomodate  all   of  the  party members.

Freechel first thought the office was big on her first visit, but she had since changed her mind.  The room felt cramped with seven people stuffed into this tiny space.

She didn't mind though. It was nothing compared to what she had to endure at her previous office.  At least this place didn't smell  like garbage.  The desks here had all  four legs intact and the wall wasn't covered in mold. The floor was polished so clean it shone like a mirror.

'Who did the cleaning? They did such a good job. This is like heaven compared to her Beta Class office, but...'

Freechel  tried  so  hard  not  to  show  her  nervousness  as  she looked around the room.  The office was already crowded with party members. Desir had called in everyone.

'I hope everyone here is nice...'

Freechel tried to say something to the other newbies, and for her own sake, but it wasn't easy.  Two brothers who were also from  Beta  class,  Len  and  Tarky,  were  here  too.  They  were swordsmen and had overwhelming physiques. They didn't look like the friendly type that you could start a casual conversation with.

Freechel  sighed  and  looked  away,  finding  Adjest  reading  a book  calmly.   Her  shiny  silver  hair  dangled  down  to  waist height.   Even  though  she  wasn't  smiling,  her  overwhelming beauty radiated out.

Freechel already felt an incredible distance between themselves, mentally that is.

'Oh, boy, I can't.'

Freechel  quickly gave up talking to Adjest.  Maybe part of it was that Freechel was too timid, but another part of it was that Adjest was too high-spec for anybody to casually talk with. She moved her sight to another person. A girl was helplessly sitting on a rocking chair with her hands, squeezing her head. It was a

cute girl with blue hair.


Freechel  screamed out of joy to find Romantica.  Romantica was   here   when   Freechel   came   to   join   the   party.   Freechel believed that it would be easy to talk to Romantica. She tried to move   next   to   where   Romantica   was   sitting.   But   soon   she realized that it wasn't going to work.

Romantica was grabbing her head. She seemed to be in deep contemplation, but actually, she was covering a bump on her forehead. She was wearing a fierce expression, so fierce in fact that she could be mistaken for an angry lion.

'She is not in a condition to talk with someone.'

There   was   no   one   in   the   office   to   hold   a   delightful conversation with. Her analysis complete, Freechel realised that she could only sit awkwardly until the end of this meeting.

'I can't do anything about this.'

'I'll give up. It's easy when I give up.'

Freechel  decided  to  keep  her  mouth  shut.  Then,  someone walked toward her.

"We meet again, Freechel."

It was Pram Schneider.  With a welcoming smile, he handed her a hot teacup with steam billowing out of it.

"Oh, hi. It's great to meet you again, Pram."

"Don't be nervous, Freechel. Romantica needs some time to be alone."

"Oh, sure?"

"Yes, she is really nice and sweet.  You will  get to know her very soon. May I sit next to you?"


"I'll stay next to you. If you have any questions, let me know. I understand  that  there  are  so  many  things  you  want  to  know since it's your first time."

"Oh, thank you."

"No problem. We are now a family."

'An angel. This person is an angel.'

Freechel declared.

At that moment, Desir entered the office.

"So everyone is here."

Desir looked around the office.

"The   reason   I   have   gathered   everyone   here   is... hey, Romantica, what happened to your forehead?"

Romantica   was   not   happy   that   Desir   asked   that   specific question.

"Don't ask."

Romantica huffed.


Desir  felt  that  it  was  not  a  good  time  and  place  to  enquire further. Otherwise, he was sure that he would hear something terrible. He looked away from Romantica and resumed talking.

"I don't know if you know this, but there will be a competition among parties in the second semester."

Everyone  nodded,  except  Freechel.  Pram  noticed  that  and explained it to her.

"The party competition is held by all of the existing parties in the Hebrion Academy."

"Is it like a promotional contest?"

"No,   it's   different.   The   promotional   contest   is   all   about assessing  individuals.  Parties  were  only  used  to  support  the students,  but  this  party  competition  is  more  about  assessing each party as a team, not as strong individuals. You can't play as a  single  player.  And  for  this  one,  unlike  in  the  promotional exam, all of the grades will participate together."

Students in the Alpha Class and Beta Class show a huge gap as they move up to higher grades.  It tends to become a stage for Alpha Class students since they are more dominant in skills.

"Of course, we will all compete, and naturally, we will achieve great results. I will not be satisfied with average results."

Desir calmly stated, as if this was not a big deal to him.

"And we will win this contest."

Freechel grasped. Her face turned a little pale, and she looked towards Pram.

"Did I hear that right?"

"... Yes, you did. Definitely."

"But... But winning this kind of contest means..."

"It means that we need to beat up all the parties, including the Blue Moon party. He wants to stand on the top of the Hebrion Academy."

"It's not easy, but he said it so easily."

"Oh, you'll get used to it. Desir is always like that, and..."

Pram's eyes stayed on Desir, and he solemnly declared.

"He has always achieved it."

"... !"

Freechel tightly shut her mouth. Unlike her, there were some party members who opposedthis declaration.

"Did you say that we will win the contest?"

Takiran stood up in agitation.

"Is there a problem?"

"Is it realistic? I know that your party is so amazing, and that's why  we  are  all   here.   But...   The  party  competition  is  quite different from the promotional contest."

Desir nodded.

"You're  right.  The  party  competition  is  different  from  the promotional contest. Especially since for the party competition

all   of   the   grades   participate   together   and   we   can   easily experience gaps in skill level first-hand. But let me tell you. It is truly possible."

"... What?"

Takiran thought Desir was a dreamer, and he was reaching out toward a dream that could never be achieved.

Adjest added her piece to the conversation.

"Desir, what does it mean when we are all  pressured by the result of the competition? Our party is already getting enough support  from  the  school,  and  what  we  need  right  now  is  not winning or becoming a top ranked party."

"Good question, Adjest."

Desir's party was getting so much support financially from the tower already. They lacked nothing financially, as a brief glance at their bank account would attest to.

"Like you said, we've got enough support from the tower. It's really enough.  We've been promoted to single rankers as Beta Class students. We also were made famous from the Deltaheim case."

The Mage Tower truly was the best sponsor and filled Desir's party's pockets full. The reputation of Desir's party was as great as Blue Moon's.

"You  need  to  know  that  the  reason  I  started  this  party  and aimed  to  become  a  single  ranker  wasn't  for  our  individual benefit."

Desir looked back and forth between Pram and Romantica. In response, they both nodded their heads.

To   prove   the   proficiency   of   individuals   and   change   the education system of the Hebrion Academy which neglected and ignored the potential of commoners, labelling them incompetent.  Desir's ultimate goal  was the beginning of all  of the  preparation  required  for  battle  with  the  Shadow  World. However,  Desir  did  not  need  to  disclose  that  here.  He  was looking way too far into the future.

"It is a simple reason that Hebrion Academy doesn't provide a decent education for Beta Classes. They think it's not worth it. They claim that we will  never produce as great of a result as nobles will."

The  commoner  professors  put  so  much  effort  into  teaching them.  On  the  other  hand,  the  noble  professors  didn't  even bother to teach them.  It was obvious from the beginning that the   Beta   Class   would   not   be   properly   educated,   since   the majority   of   the   professors   at   the   Hebrion   Academy   were aristocratic.

Len, Takiran, and Freechel bit their lips unconsciously. They were mad. It was frustrating to show what they were capable of to people who didn't want to see anything from them.

"All of our new members are from the Beta classes. What did you learn from your classes today? Freechel, can you share what you learned from your classes today?"

"... Well, it was a self-study session."

Freechel answered.

"Len and Takiran, how about you guys? Have you made some progress since you started attending this school? You can say something if you disagree with me."

Nobody  spoke  up.  Desir's  words  had  uncovered  the  reality that was so brutal to everyone present.

"It is true that your skills are not as competent as the students from the Alpha Classes, but it's not about what you are and who you are. It's not because you are untalented. It's not because you are commoners."

Des1r   voice   raised   a   little   as   he   delivered   his   speech passionately.

"Status doesn't mean anything. It shouldn't be a tool to judge you. You just couldn't learn because there was no opportunity to do so."

Everyone focused on his words.

"I am not just speaking nonsense. I wish everyone was treated equally.  When you stand on the top of the Hebrion Academy,

you  will  be  the  proof  that  we,  as  commoners,  can  do  as  well when given the same opportunity and the same education as the nobles do.  And when this change continues, nobility will  have to admit it.  At least, on the surface, the school  can no longer treat Beta Classes unfairly or unequally."



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