A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Novel Chapter 93

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 93. So They Go On (3)

Desir's party had officially started training.

All  of the new party members were newbies who had never experienced a real battle. There was a huge amount of training that  they  required.  They  needed  everything  from  training  on basic formations to what their areas of weakness were.

Desir knew all of the basic movements of different swordsmanship  styles  since  he  spent  so  much  time  with  the knights  and  swordsmen  from  different  continents  in  his  past life. He settled     on     teaching     the Hebrion Emperor swordsmanship     to     Lan     and     the     aggressive     Northern swordsmanship to Takiran.

Freechel  was  a  water-based  mage  and  she  only  knew  a  few spells.   Therefore,   she   focused   on   learning   more   spells   to increase  her  repertoire.  This  was  the  first  task  given  to  her. Desir taught her a couple First-Circle water-based spells that she could practice on her.

After setting the newbies straight, Desir went to check on the old members' training. Pram was the one who had accomplished

the most amongst them.

"Great work, Pram!"

Desir   found   blue   flames   covering   the   tip   of   his   sword. However, these flames were neither bright nor clear, meaning it was  definitely  an  aura.  Pram  was  a  step  closer  to  the  Bishop level.

"Thank you, Desir.  You know that I practiced so hard to get this far."

"This is wonderful. Keep doing what you're doing. When you get  enough  of  the  aura  on  your  sword,  we  can  start  sparring together."


Desir then went over to Romantica.

In the Wind Magic field metal shot-puts were flung around at 200 kilometers per hour.  The shot-puts were fist-sized, but as

they burst into the far distance, they quickly became the size of small dots.

There, Romantica was holding her rifle, aiming somewhere in the sky. With a loud noise, the magic she invoked into the rifle was launched into the air.



A robotic voice sounded from a nearby machine.

Romantica's shot put was torn into pieces.

When Romantica was done reloading her rifle, Desir applauded.

"Wow, impressive growth. With your capacity, you can shoot someone so far away. You'll have fewer enemies who can detect your sniping. It's a great achievement!"

"Well. This is really easy."

Wordless invoking was Romantica's greatest trait.  Since her sniping can be done at great speed, it was challenging to defend against this magic. She once used this sniping magic during the battle with Crow Mask and even managed to break his mask.

"Try again."

Desir signalled Romantica with the sign to go one more time.

Romantica brought her riflescope to her eye.

"But you should know that your sniper training isn't complete yet.   Your  shot  is  effective  when  you  are  dealing  with  one person, but there's no guarantee that there will  always be only one enemy."

Desir pulled down on the lever and a shot-put burst into the sky.  Romantica  started  aiming  it  while  Desir  pulled  the  lever again before Romantica even had a chance to pull the trigger.

The second shot-put was streaking through the air. Romantica lost her composure and her aim was thrown off in panic.

"Wa... Wait!"

"Focus, Romantica."

Desir pulled another lever. Romantica tightly bit her lips and stared down the scope.

'Which one should I shoot first? Forget about the first one, it's so far away now. Then, the second one? No... the first one isn't too far away yet. It's not too late!'

The   second   of   agitation   had   tremendously   affected   her accuracy. After making up her mind she took her first shot, but it missed the target.




Terrible results.


Romantica lowered the rifle from her eye.

"That adds to the list of what I need to practice, right?"

Lastly, Desir headed over to Adjest.

"So, you feel that your rate of progress has slowed down?"


"That's why you practiced so much with the magic sword."

"... is there something wrong with that?"

Desir shook his head.

"No,  there's  nothing  wrong  with  that.  We  always  have  to practice the skills we have not mastered. But if the Bishop Class and the Fourth-Circle are your ultimate goal, then there's a little bit of a problem."

"What should I do then?"

"There are only a few people who can reach the Fourth-Circle. They're really talented.  Even though you have the talent, it is still hard to achieve the elusive Fourth-Circle."

Indeed,  Fourth-Circle  is  not  something  that  can  be  reached with just talent.

"It is because it is incredibly hard to have a solid heart."

Fundamentally, only magicians with a solid heart could cast higher tiered magic. Not only that, the more solid the heart is, the stronger the magic they can cast with greater precision and

robust structure.

"For  Fourth-Circle  in  particular,  you  need  to  have  not  only skill and casting ability, but more importantly a solid heart that can not be compared to others."

"... A solid heart."

"Yup. Training for a solid heart will help you not only achieve Fourth-Circle but also allow you to cast any kind of magic in the future."

It was homework assigned to Adjest. If she could build a solid heart, ultimately it would serve as her foundation and allow her to become a brilliant magician in the future.

Adjest was lost in her own thought.

Desir's party's training continued.

On   the   same   day,   Kelt   was   busy   working   on   a   pile   of

documents for the Blue Moon party. The Blue Moon party was so huge that they had a leader for each grade inorder to manage all of the students.

Kelt was the Grade 2 leader.  Not due to his brother being a professor  of  this  school,  but  due  to  his  own  hard-work  and ability. He also had a great reputation amongst his peers.

His feather pen suddenly stopped dancing across the documents. Before he was aware, his brother, Prof. Pugman had come and sat infront him.

"How is everything going?"

Pugman   Pasil   Niplica   was   a   dean   professor   of   Hebrion Academy  and  taught  magic  engineering.  He  was  a  big  man. There  were  hints  of  handsomeness  that  he  had  once  perhaps possessed, but they were all obscured by the weight he had since put on.

"I'm almost done with all of the paperwork for the new party members. I just need to finish the financial  management piece documents."

"Great. You're very useful. You know, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

Then, Pugman brought out an apple from his pocket.

"You want one?"

Kelt shook his head.

Pugman took an enormous bite from the apple and the juice popped sprayed everywhere, including onto the documents on the desk. Kelt smudged it off with his hand.

"But,  you  know,  Kelt.  I  heard  that  you  lost  your  duel  with Desir."


After Pugman's statement, Kelt had no idea where to look and what to say in response.

The word, lost, was not acceptable to the Niplica family.  It was way too strong. The Niplica family didn't accept any kind of failure. They had always been on the winning side. It was due to this that they could survive the revolution.

"Um... that..."

Kelt tried to remain calm.

"... Desir was stronger than I thought. You know... I thought it was a baseless rumor, but it wasn't. I thought all commoners were incompetent and useless. I was totally wrong."

"... Oh, Kelt."

Pugman's face quickly changed and Kelt realized that he had said  something  wrong  unacceptable.   Pugman  leered  at  Kelt once, then placed the apple onto the desk.

'Okay,  I  should  wrap  up  my  work  now.  I  don't  think  I  can continue.'

Kelt grimmaced. He then quickly cleaned up his desk and put all of the documents in a drawer underneath.

"Kelt,  based  on  what  you  just  said,  does  that  mean  you  are acknowledging  commoners?  You  should  never  be  fooled  by them."

Pugman calmly spoke, but the message he wanted to deliver wasn't very comfortable.

"Commoners are cruel.  I still  remember so clearly what they have  done.   The  commoners  killed  so  many  nobilities  who supported the empire.  Even our family, the Niplica, had to go through so much sacrifice to survive. Kelt, did you forget all of this?"

"Yes, I remember."

Every time Pugman repeated this story, Kelt told him that he still  remembered  it.  However,  Kelt  honestly  didn't  remember any of it. It was way too long ago.

"Commoners always take a chance presented to them to rise

up again. If they gain any power, even if it's little, they will start another revolution.  That chance should never be presented to them again, Kelt. Never."

Pugman picked up the apple on the desk and had another bite.

"But  these  days,  they  have  been  acting  up  more  flagrantly, forgetting  who  they  really  are.  They  think  that  they  are  at  a similar   level to   nobles,   which   is   ridiculous. They   even established some parties and now move in organizations."

He was describing Desir's party.

Pugman hated Des1r so much.

"They  are  practicing  for  the  Party  Competition.  Kelt,  you should teach them a lesson."

Kelt could only nod his head to this statement.



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