A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Novel Chapter 94

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 94. So They Go On (4)

Freechel  felt more at home as she worked through her first week's training schedule.

The  training  was  tough,  but  it  was  also  very  refreshing  for Freechel as she finally felt that she was learning something new. It finally felt like she was now attending the great school known as the Hebrion Academy.

Desir's party taught her so many things and it all became fuel to  further  drive  her  studies.   For  example,  she  successfully completed casting [Watering], the so-called hardest First-Circle water magic to cast.

'What's in store for me tomorrow? What will I learn?'

Freechel's  confidence  had  increased.  To  the  shock  of  other people that knew her, she now greeted everyone with delight. They asked her things like:

"Is this really Freechel?"

"... ?"

Freechel  walked past a hallway and saw a crowd murmuring about something. Her feet naturally led her to the epicentre of the trouble.

It was where the lockers were located.  Once there she saw a familiar face. She pushed herself through the crowd and as soon as  she  saw  the  face  of  the  person  sitting  in  the  center  of  the crowd, she couldn't help screaming.


Erje was Freechel's former party member. She was a pleasant person   that   was   always   surrounded   by   friends.   Of   course, Freechel  was one of her friends.  Erje was staring at her locker with a pale face.

Freechel   was  speechless  when  she  saw  the  condition  the locker was in. There was an unbearable scent wafting out from inside it.  The intestines of some kind of animal  were thrown into  the  locker  and  blood  had  splattered  everywhere,  even dripping down onto the floor.

"Oh, this..."

Freechel was familiar with the scene in front of her. It was all too familiar to her.

"Erje! Are you okay? Are you hurt?"

"Freechel... ?"

Erje turned her head and found Freechel  in the crowd.  Her eyes changed as if she had suddenly found herself face to face with a mortal enemy.

"Wh... What's wrong, Erje?"

Erje wiped her tears with her sleeve before speaking.

"You're such a hypocrite. You're disgusting."

Freechel didn't expect to hear this. Freechel and Erje were not best friends, but they were still relatively close. Freechel found herself without any clues as to why the Erje standing in front of her  was  consumed  by  hatred.   Freechel's  face  betrayed  her bewilderment at this change of heart.

Erje manically grinned.

"If you didn't leave, this wouldn't have happened to me."

Her words tore Freechel's heart into pieces.

"Who do you think I'm doing all of this for?"

All of this.


This was something that Freechel  had been on the receiving end of up until  she left the party.  After she moved to Desir's party, the bullying stopped.

She thought it had stopped.

No, it hadn't. The target of it had just changed.

"It's all because of you. Because you ran away."


The new target of the bullying was Erje. The charm that she usually displayed had completely disappeared.

"Get the fuck away. I don't need your pity."

Erje turned around and started cleaning up her locker.

Freechel's heart hurt so much. She was in this exact situation, getting bullied all the time up until recently, and nobody helped her.  She was all  alone.  Freechel  understood how Erje felt.  She must be sad, miserable, and resentful.

But that's all it was.

"Erje, I think you're missing something."

Erje stopped moving her hands.

"It's not me who you need to hate. I didn't do anything wrong to deserve your blame."

"... What? I became the new target all because you transferred to another party! What the heck are you talking about?"

Erje growled.

"Why do you think it's because of me? You are bullied because there are bullies out there! Stop trying to avoid reality."

"You became so ballsy, Freechel.  Does your new party teach you how to lecture someone?"


A girl in a school uniform walked down the hallway.

Llada Iddel.

She was a member of the party that used to give Freechel's previous party work and also happened to be the one that had bullied her.

"... I'm saying what needs to be said. I should have spoken up about this issue before."

Freechel stated with pure determination.

"Really? So what difference does talking about it now make? Whatever you say, it will only tickle me."

Llada said as she shook her hand as if shooing away a fly.

"I have no interest in you anymore. You better stay out of my way and watch from the sidelines. This has nothing to do with


"No, I can't do that."

"What? You..."

"Now, I can see it so clearly. You are just a coward who only picks on the weak."

Freechel's impassioned words had clearly upset Llada.

"Freechel, you seem to have misunderstood something."

Llada started casting magic.

"The fact that you are now in Desir's party doesn't mean that your blood has now changed."

It  was  a  violation  of  the  rules  to  cast  magic  in  the  school building, but Llada didn't care. Second-Circle magic was hurled at Freechel.


Freechel  cast defense magic, but she was only a First-Circle magician. Her magic couldn't block it.

[Water Shield]



It didn't do anything at all. Freechel's defense magic was torn as  if  it  was  a  thin  piece  of  paper.  A  wooden  fist  struck  her abdomen and she flew back into the lockers.


Llada  had  clearly  heard  Freechel  moaning  in  pain  but  she didn't care.  She walked towards Freechel  and stomped on her back.  It  didn't  look  like  anyone  would  step  up  to  stop  her

rampage.  She  walked  back  a  few  steps  and  then  cast  another Second-Circle spell.

[Root Binding]


From the magic web, tree branches spread out and wrapped Freechel's body. The pressure it exerted was overwhelming.

"Now, repeat after me. 'I as a worthless commoner, blamed a noble, and therefore deserve death.'"

"... You are the worst."

"Well, if you say so."

The  tree  branches  started  to  tighten  even  further  around Freechel's body. Her bones were at extreme risk of breaking into pieces, assuming she could withstand this pain for much longer.

However, Freechel  didn't let any sound of discomfort escape her lips.

"That's enough."


Some unknown force instantly destroyed Llada's magic.  The tree branches around Freechel disappeared.


"Get away from Freechel."

It was Desir. He slowly walked toward the girls and gestured with his hand. Llada felt embarrassed, but she knew how strong Desir was. She stepped backward.

Llada didn't notice Desir's casting.  His magic and capability were  so  overwhelmingly  strong  that  her  ability  was  nothing great in front of Desir.


Freechel got up as she coughed. Desir noticed some bruises on her skin. He also saw some red marks here and there too.

"I tried so hard not to yell at students."

Desir sighed as he continued walking.

Llada  felt  the  rage  emanating  from  Desir  and  instinctively walked backward in an attempt to escape. But she found herself backed into a wall. There was no where else to go.

"This is too much."


[Create Marsh]

Llada felt her back start to get wet. It then felt as if the wall

was  about  to  swallow  her  whole.  She  stirred  her  body  into action to get away from it, but as she moved her body sank into the wall faster.

"Wa... Wait! What are you doing?"

In the span of just a second, her body was half-buried in the wall. She could only twitch her fingers.

"Get me out!"

"I wouldn't bury you if I had to take you out so soon."

Llada tried to cast magic to escape, but Desir simply swung his hand and blocked her magic. Llada was truly helpless.

"Do you think you'll be okay after this? If any professor comes by, you're dead meat."

"Worry about yourself, kiddo. Your body is trapped in the wall under  my  Slate  magic.  I  can  rip  your  body  into  pieces  very easily."


Desir started casting magic again.

Llada  sensed  that  she  was  in  danger.  She  struggled  in  an attempt  to  free  herself,  however  it  was  all  in  vain.  After  her struggles she found herself in the exact same place in the exact same wall.

The magic was almost complete.

"And this is magnifying magic. I usually use this to enlarge the size of an object, but today, I can use it to fill  up the gaps and holes in the wall."

Desir's finger swung in a curved shape towards where Llada was buried in the wall.

"Imagine  if  you  were  the  hole  in  this  wall.   What  would happen to you if I just closed up this hole?"

She'd be suffocated.

"... !"

"I guarantee that it's pain on a whole other level to what you have experienced in your life so far."


Desir's smile gave everyone a chill.

"Stop!  This  is  enough!  I  understand  what  you're  trying  to teach me!"

"Did you stop torturing others when you were told to stop?"

The magic cast started to glow.


'Is he even going to stop?'

Tears   poured   out   of   Llada's   eyes. She   started   sobbing uncontrollably. She was well past the point of caring about how shameful she would look. She then screamed.

"Sorry! I'm so sorry! Please forgive me!"

Her  make-up  blended  with  her  tears  and  started  to  streak down her face. Her face became uglier as she cried and shouted. Desir didn't seem to care. He continued with his magic.

"I'm so sorry! Please... Please forgive me!"

The magic was invoked and left Desir's finger.  Llada closed her eyes tight and screamed.


Llada bounced out from the wall as if it had barfed her out.


Llada didn't feel any pain. It was strange. She carefully opened her  eyes,  and  she  saw  Desir  standing  in  front  of  her  looking down on her with a bleak face.

"That's how you say it."


Desir turned around and walked towards Freechel. He helped her to her feet.

"I'll bring you to the medical center."

"How did you know I was here?"

Freechel  inquired  with  a  look  of  curiosity  plastered  on  her face.

"I was walking by and sensed that someone cast magic. I just

came by to check it out. I didn't expect this."

If Freechel  was only abused physically, then Desir wouldn't have realised until it was too late.

"I'm  so  sorry,  Freechel.  I  know  you  tried  to  solve  this  by yourself, but I couldn't help myself from jumping in."

Freechel  was  beat  up  mercilessly.  Desir  couldn't  walk  away from what he saw.

Freechel smiled at Desir.

"No, thank you very much Desir. Thank you for helping me."

Desir saw an unmistakable trace of agony concealed behind her smile. It was a bitter grin.



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