A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Novel Chapter 98

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 98. Dungeon Attack (4)

“The  Blue  Moon  party  is  rather  impressive.  They  are  very skillful.”

“The  Red  Dragon  party  is  in  first  place.  They’re  indeed  an honor party.”

The audience made various comments on the performance of the parties.

On the other side of the room, professors busily scored the performance of the parties. As it had always been, they paid no attention to the low-level parties. They were only interested in the students that occupied the top ranks.

“The third rank is Desir’s party.”

“Oh, you mean the party that doesn’t have an official  name yet? The new one?”

“I had some hope for them, but they are a Beta Class party

after all. They did a great job reaching third place though.”

The professors continued to converse with each other.

“Nice to see you, Prof. Bridgette.”

A husky voice squeezed out a greeting. His attitude immediately  showed  that  he  habitually  treated  others  with disrespect. He then sat next to Bridgette. It was Pugman Niplica.

“Nice to see you, Prof. Pugman.”

It was a rare occasion for Pugman to start a conversation with Bridgette. Bridgette was uncomfortable talking to Pugman as a result.  After  a  short  exchange  of  greetings,  she  returned  her focus back onto the display panels.

“You don’t seem well.”

“It’s none of your business.”

“Of course. You probably don’t feel  like talking. I can tell  by the situation.”

Pugman  deeply  breathed  in,  staring  at  Bridgette’s  face  as  if enjoying it. For some reason, he looked oddly determined.

“It’s over, Bridgette.”

In a moment, there was a loud scream amongst the professors. The Blue Moon party cleared a high-level obstacle in Stage Two and claimed the rank one position.

Bridgette turned to look at Pugman.

“You’ll never know until it’s really over, Professor.”

“If it makes you feel any better.”

Pugman replied with a slight smirk.

“Desir… maybe this is his limit.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Bridgette enquired.

“I admit that he is competent, but he is a commoner. He came all  the way up to this point by pure luck, but there is a glass ceiling as a commoner.”

“Well, there was a person who lost to a commoner.”

She was referring to Kelt.

“… That was a careless mistake.”

“If that makes you feel any better.”

It felt like cold air was billowing between the two. Eventually they focused on the display panels again.

“It won’t be as easy as it was before.”

“Is there a reason that you are so confident?”

“Hmph. It is a party competition after all.”

Pugman replied as he continued staring at the display panels.

“Even   the   honor   parties   attempted   this   with   their   best members. But this one… is made up of Beta Class members. All of them! Aren’t they too full of themselves?”


Maybe they were. For this competition, the top magicians had gathered.  This  was  what  Desir  was  trying  to  do  —  compete against them with commoners who were regarded as incompetent.


It didn’t phase Bridgette at all though. She shook her head.

“I’ll admit, Pugman. Your bravado is incredible.”

This time fire seemed to spark between the two as they stared at each other.

However, on the display panels that displayed the Beta Class parties, nobody noticed that there was something going on in the corner of a panel. A spot that no one paid attention to.

* * * *

“They went ahead to the next stage!”

Back in Stage One of the dungeon, a place where many parties struggled and tried their best to clear, there was a party moving forward effortlessly.

“Any traps or monsters?”

“Nope, they completely cleared them out.”

“Great.   They   don’t   leave   any   debris   behind   them   as   I expected.”

O’Quinn   smiled   after   the   report   from   their   scout.   His prediction  was  correct.  It  was  a  great  choice  to  select  Desir’s party. He turned towards his party members.

“Good news everyone! It’s time to resume our journey!”

The party, Arachne, was a Beta Class party. They had neither decent gear nor skills.  Surprisingly, all  six members were still alive. As a Beta Class party, it was certainly a miracle that all of their  members  had  survived  with  the  entrance  to  Stage  Two right around the corner.

O’Quinn, the leader of Arachne, was smart enough to know that his party was not competent enough to finish Stage One on their own merit.

‘Then, I can literally follow in the footsteps of a good party?’

When a party clears traps and monsters, just follow quietly behind them. This was their strategy. People would say that it was sly, unfair, and sneaky, but O’Quinn thought that it was foolish to go head to head when he could go around.

The  downside  to  this  strategy  was  that  if  the  leading  party found out, the whole competition would be over for O’Quinn’s party.  Not  only  that,  dire  consequences  would  swiftly  follow after the tournament.

Therefore,   they   tried   to   select   a   party   that   would   be magnanimous  about  this  matter  even  if  they  were  caught: Desir’s party.

“They wouldn’t harm us, even after finding out that we were chasing right behind them.”

O’Quinn smirked.

“They even took our ace, Freechel, away from us. At the very least, they should let us follow them.”

The   Arachne   party   members   responded   with   somewhat vacant gazes.

“S… Sure.”

“We were so nice to Freechel.”

O’Quinn shrugged his shoulders.

“You’re right. She was the one who couldn’t take our ‘prank.’ It was just a little prank, and it was so awkward that she just ran out like that.”

He then glared at the members who hadn’t said anything yet.

“Somebody has to be a toy for the Alphas, right, Aljay?”

Aljay looked away.  Her eyes wandered around the area.  She responded emotionlessly,

“… Right.”

O’Quinn had a close relationship with Alpha Class parties and was subcontracted with them as a result.  The party members had to be careful with O’Quinn. Otherwise, they could be made the new target.

The  Arachne  party  walked  down  the  hallway  of  Stage  One. Originally, traps and monsters would have blocked them.  No, there  were  actually  some  traps  set  up  there,  but  they  were already all  dismantled and destroyed.  They continued to walk through patches of dead monsters and destroyed traps. It was a non-stop collage of post-battle scenes.

There was a path leading down stairs just behind the piles of gargoyle rubble. The Arachne party went down the stairs.

[Arachne party has entered Stage Two.]


They  were  probably  the  top  rank  amongst  the  Beta  Class parties  now.  Even  though  they  didn’t  fight  against  a  single monster or dismantle a single trap, by entering Stage Two they

had gained so much credit already.

‘This  is  so  easy.  We  can  probably  enter  Stage  Three  if  we continue moving forward like this.’

O’Quinn announced to his party members,

“Alright, time to look for Desir’s tracks again.”

“On it.”

There were so many tracks on the ground.  The debris from the battlefield was incomparable to the ones in Stage One.

“This way.”

The Arachne party continued following the tracks that lead from  battle  to  battle.  After  about  10  minutes,  they  suddenly came to a stop.


A  heavy  noise  could  be  heard,  swiftly  followed  by  a  large vibration.

“What is that?”

*Thud* *Thud*

And it wasn’t a one time event. The noise became louder and louder. Soon, a red dot appeared in the dark.


One  of  the  magicians  cast  light  magic  and  illuminated  the surroundings. From one of many paths in front of them, there was something walking towards them. It had a huge body and it made the ground shake as it stepped forward with its gigantic feet, one step at a time. The magician who cast the light magic noticed what it was and screamed.

“A golem!?”

Golems  were  mythical   figures  that  guard  dungeons.   They were   one   of   the   highest   leveled   monsters   that   dungeon invaders, like themselves, could face.  It was nearly impossible for them to defeat this monster.  Even if they did, they would sustain so much damage from the battle that they wouldn’t be able to carry on.

‘Is it just strolling around?’

Unlike  the  monsters  in  Stage  One,  golems  in  Stage  Two steadily roamed in search of invaders.

While  the  Arachne  party  tried  to  collect  themselves,  the golem had approached them. A red light scanned them once.


The  golem  recognized  the  figures  in-front  of  it  as  invaders. The massive body of rock was already so close to them.

O’Quinn ordered his party.

“Back off!”

It  was  suicidal  for  them  to  try  and  defeat  a  golem.  They needed  magic  of  at  least  the  Third-Circle  or  a  Knight-Level swordsman in order to break the outer layer and damage the inside of its body.

The highest power in their party was Second-Circle. Retreating was the right decision.

The Arachne party started to run away from the golem, but the golem chasing them was surprisingly fast.

‘Way too fast.’

It seemed like it would catch up to them in just a moment. O’Quinn had to make a decision.

“Aljay, sorry.”

O’Quinn cast magic. He turned around and cast [Seize] magic at Aljay.


Aljay’s feet were caught and stuck to the ground. Due to her momentum and the abrupt stop, she immediately fell  down to her knees. O’Quinn shouted at her.

“You need to be the bait for us.”


Aljay  looked  up  at  O’Quinn  and  the  other  members,  but nobody came to help her. They continued escaping.

‘We can find the tracks later.  We just need to get rid of this thing first.’

Because  Stage  Two  had  a  more  complicated  map  somewhat reminiscent   of   spider   webs,   in   comparison   to   Stage   One, O’Quinn believed that he could remove this tail.

‘Next time, I should chase Des1r’s party much closer.’

Unfortunately,  he  couldn’t  change  the  past  to  make  this happen.   O’Quinn’s   party  suddenly   stopped  in   their   tracks. O’Quinn’s could see a red light glowing in the dark in front of them. It was another golem.

“We’ll   turn  around  and  take  the  side  path  that  we  just passed!”


It was a heavy sound from behind them. The first golem had caught up.

‘Wait, it’s here already? Aljay, you useless piece of shit.’

Two golems, on either side of the party, slowly closed in on them  blocking  any  path  out  of  this  predicament.  They  were completely trapped.

“We’re done.”

All of the members heard what O’Quinn muttered and gave up on escaping their fate.

‘Well, we made it to Stage Two. We did pretty well.’

“Arachne party, we surrender.”

As   the   party   leader   claimed   their   surrender,   all party members’  bodies  faded  as  they  were  transported  to  the  place where they first started the competition. At least, that was what was meant to happen. It didn’t happen this time though.

“…Why aren’t we being transported?”

Nothing  had  happened  to  their  bodies.  In  a  moment,  the golem in the back swung its gigantic arm.



An ear piercing scream resounded.

It  was  the  party  member  in  the  rear.  His  armor  and  shield were  crushed  and  a  terrible  amount  of  blood  squirted  out through  the  holes  that  had  appeared  in  it.  It  was  a  serious injury.  His bones were smashed into pieces and his body was thrown to the ground.

[Anin Pailmint failed.]

There was an announcement about the party member failing the  mission,  but  the  body  that  was  supposed  to  fade  and disappear  was  still  there.  In  a  short  moment,  the  rest  of  the party  realized  what  had  just  happened.  Rather,  what  hadn’t happened.

“He’s dead for real!?”

The golems surrounding them came much closer.

Their faces were plastered with misery at their inevitable fate.



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