A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special - Novel Chapter 99

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Novel

Chapter 99. Configuration Demolition (1)



Water droplets fell  onto Pram’s head.  He immediately shook his  head  to  rid  himself  of  the  water.  Looking  up,  the  water droplets that had accumulated on the ceiling due to condensation, were falling down at regular intervals.

Pram moved away and turned back towards his party.

“I felt it when I first came in, but I really don't like it here.”

It had almost passed the four hour mark since entering the dungeon. Two hours had passed since entering the second stage.

It  was  inevitable  for  hunger  to  start  setting  in.  It  was  now time to take a break and refresh.

“I agree. I don't like the food either.”

Romantica  said  while  frowning.   Desir’s  party,  which  was attacking  the  second  stage,  sat  down  for  a  while  and  started consuming their packed food. It wasn’t a luxurious meal since it had to be easy to carry. The water was in a bottle made out of iron, hence it tasted like iron too and the briskets were rather unpleasant.

‘It feels like I haven’t had a fine meal recently.’

Frankly,   this   was   still fine. She   could   still handle   an inconvenience of this level.

‘But most of all, what I can’t stand… ’

Romantica used her eyes to gesture ahead. At the point where she  was  gesturing  at,  Desir  and  Adjest  could  be  seen  sitting together. They were holding a conversation a little further away from where the party was eating together.

They were probably talking about this dungeon raid.

But even so…

“Desir seems to think of Adjest as a sub-leader to our party.”

Romantica responded nervously at Pram’s observation.

“Don't be silly, Pram.”

“But if it is Adjest, I think it fits her. It’s a bit vexing to admit though.”

Romantica couldn’t respond.

It was natural, if one thought about it.  Adjest was stronger than her. No one could disagree that she was the strongest one in the party, excluding Desir.

She had talent as a swordsman and a lot of experience, even if she was at the same Third-Circle of wizardry as Romantica. She also had experience participating in the conquering of Shadow Worlds before entering Hebrion Academy.

She was talented to a whole other level.

“Well, she is pretty too… ”

“She might also be the second most famous amongst the first years, right next to Desir.”

“And she was the leader of the freshmen when she was part of the Blue Moon party.”

She was already a different being to Romantica.

‘Can’t I catch up to her in any other way… ever…? ’


Romantica  chewed  her  briskets  angrily,  startling  Pram  and Freechel who were sitting right next to her.

While they discussed this, Desir and Adjest who had already finished eating, got to work disarming traps on the path that the party would need to pass through.

Desir unlocked traps whilst teaching Adjest.

“Adjest, there’s a trap in front of you. If you check the flow of mana, you can feel that it is different only around that area.”

“Oh, it sure is.”

“It’s easier to check the trap’s grade by the amount of mana it uses. And when it’s a lower level trap, it’s better to deal with it by just preparing a defense and triggering it.  But if you can’t figure out what the trap is, like I do, it’s better to just avoid it. Just in case, if you do have to trigger it, then do it like this… ”

Desir  put  his  hand  against  the  ground.  Mana  then  flowed down into the ground from it. The flow of mana that powered the trap was slightly distorted as a result. After that, Desir then stepped on the trap.

Something mechanical clicked but nothing happened.

“You  can  break  a  trap  with  just  a  little  change  to  its  mana flow. It should feel  like you’re changing the flow of water in a rippling  stream  by  putting  stones  down  to  disrupt  it.   I’m putting my mana on the flowing mana and changing the flow ever so slightly.  This can be applied to most of the trap spells that are driven by mana.”

It was not a technique that could be learnt, regardless of how much  you  paid  someone.  It  required  practice.  Adjest  tried  to familiarize herself with the technique, but she couldn’t help but be worried.

“Desir, you look very relaxed but I’m honestly worried.”


“Can we keep up with the parties ahead of us?”

Adjest checked the leaderboard on her communication pad.


1st: Blue Moon Party. Leader: Argeria G Roglan Nimbias

Progress Points 2300, Party Points 1700

2nd: Red Dragon Party. Leader: Radoria von Dorice

Progression Points 2100, Party Points 1560

3rd: Unknown Party. Leader: Desir Arman

Progression Points 1700, Party Points 1800


The  points  of  each  party  were  scored  in  real  time  by  the professors watching the party competition through the display panels and the results were shared via the communication pads.

“We are ahead with party points, but far behind other parties

in  progress.  That  means  we  are  that  much  slower  than  the others. ”

The  party  points  were  a  measure  of  how  well   the  party worked  together  to  effectively  clear  the  dungeon,  and  the progression points quantified how much of the dungeon they had completed.

“We lost a lot of time on the first stage giving our new party members experience. Thank you for teaching us but the purpose of  our  participation  in  this  party  competition  is  to  win.  I’m worried that we can’t achieve that goal.”

“You don’t have to worry. It’s not such a big problem to worry about.   Our   party   can   always   take   the   first   place   in   this competition.”

“Do you have a plan? Due to the structure of the dungeon, it will be very difficult to reverse the standings at this point.”

The second stage was a labyrinth consisting of a total  of five zones.  The  distinction  between  each  zone  was  demarcated  by the presence of halls leading one to enter the next zone.  The structure of the labyrinth varied from zone to zone and the goal

for  the  second  stage  was  to  proceed  to  the  fifth  zone  that contained the way forward to the third stage.

It was very difficult to reverse the standing since it required a minimum   amount   of   time   to   break   through   the   labyrinth varying from zone to zone.

“But there’s always a way.”

At the same time as Desir finished speaking, the Desir Party, which had since stopped resting, arrived at a huge hall marking the end of the first zone.

As soon as Adjest recognized the three paths in the hall of the second zone, she could hear the announcement in her ear.


- You’ve reached the Hall of the third zone in the second stage.

Before entering the third zone, a normal passage to the third zone as well  as two additional  options are given to parties that

reach this area.

-The passage of folly.

This is a passage filled with monsters and traps at the level found in the first stage. The difficulty will  drop but the length of the labyrinth will be much longer.

-Passage of suffering.

This is a direct route to the fifth zone which is guarded by Tyrant-Tula.

The passage is completely straight but Tyrant-Tula has nested here.

Tyrant-Tula targets invaders who pass through the passage in the dark.

The difficulty of this passage is much greater but the length of the zone is shorter.


The passage of folly is the choice of a party that has lost or lack sufficient power, and the passage of suffering is a choice that strong parties might opt to take.

Most  of  the  time,  the  majority  of  parties  chose  to  use  the normal passage way or the passage of folly. The difficulty level of  the  Tyrant-Tula,  which  was  described  as  appearing  in  the passage  of  suffering,  was  comparable  to  fourth  level  Shadow Worlds.

Reaching the third stage would be made much more difficult for most parties if they lost just one member, hence there were very  few  parties  willing  to  take  such  a  risk  or  make  such  a sacrifice just to quickly break through.

The risk was just too high in comparison to the benefits.

It was better to traverse the labyrinth at a suitable level  for the party, even if the path would be a little bit longer. In fact, almost every party would make such a decision.

“But we’re entering here.”

With what Pram was saying, Romantica could only sigh.

“Well… it is not the first time.”

“Do you mean to take a gamble?”

Adjest enquired and Desir shook his head.

“Of course, I’m not suggesting it out of desperation. I have a clear  plan.  I  promise  you  that  we’ll  not  drop  out  due  to  this choice.”

Des1r spoke with confidence while choosing a passage.

“We’ll be reversing the rankings and snatching first place.”

Chapter 100. Configuration Demolition (2)

But these weren’t fatal wounds. The wounds themselves were not that deep.


There were several  bodies on the floor.  They were from the Alpha Class parties of the Hebrion Academy. The Clothes Lines that boast such strong defense were torn and blood leaked from lacerations that covered their entire bodies.

- You’ve entered the passage of suffering.



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