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Chapter 44 - The Mean Shadow - Part 3

They mobilized all the informants who infiltrated here and there, and spread rumors everywhere that the race cleared the hidden dungeon and got 'something special' as a reward.

Rumors spread quickly. And it provoked the greedy.

The guilds above the gold tier had great intelligence, so they didn't act knowing that it was a false or intentionally spread rumor, but the silver tier was different.

"Shouldn't we send the executive branch away?"

"I don't know what the 'reward' of the hidden dungeon is, but it could be the key that will elevate us to the gold tier."

The silver tier guilds began to look at each other.

Their intelligence department wasn't bad either, but it wasn't enough to determine the truth of the rumors cleverly spread by the beings behind them.

While looking at each other, the "Andersen" guild, which is notorious even in the silver tier, convened the executive branch before the others.

Late at night, three transport vehicles disguised as belonging to an armed security company entered Suwon.

Inside, about 30 Andersen Guild executive hunters were on board.

"The opponents we are going to engage with are the executives of a small guild, which are only bronze, and a small number of armed guards. We must win."

In the first car, Captain Seonbong was encouraging the crew.

"Once again, the goal is to 'capture everyone' and secure it. The top wants it."

"What should I do if capture becomes impossible?"

"Then kill them all in the most brutal way possible. We need to scare you over there."

At the words of the vanguard, the executive hunters nodded their heads.

But one didn't. He opened his mouth, raising his hand carefully with a look of complex emotions.

"I think some of the goals are 'children'… … Do they apply the same standard of lethality?"

Captain Seonbong did not immediately answer the cautious question. Instead, he walked up to him and kicked his shin.


"Since when did Andersen's guild executives talk so much?"

"Sorry, I'm sorry."

The executive hunter who asked the question bowed his head, and the vanguard opened his mouth, scattering sharp glances at the others inside the transport compartment.

"It will arrive soon. Everyone, please go."

All of them had their masks up to their noses and put their masks on them. Soon, the three transport vehicles stopped at once.

The rear door opened and about 30 executive hunters got off at once.

They took control of the surroundings in unison, and the vanguard unfolded the map.

"There is a target point to the north of here. If you move at full speed, you can get there in five minutes."

"Does the vanguard penetrate first?"

Someone asked a question. Captain Sunbong nodded and pointed to a spot on the map.

"Yes. If we infiltrate, first suppress the vigilante forces, and send a signal, the second group infiltrates and joins. And group 3 disperses and deploys around the target point to block the escape route."

"Captain 2, confirmed."

"Section 3, confirmed."

When the delivery was over, they moved quickly. Hiding in the dark, he quickly hurried his steps.

Like hunters, they ran faster than normal sprints while maintaining their stealth.

- The target has been confirmed.

The voice of the executive hunter, who arrived first in the vanguard group, came out through a walkie-talkie plugged into his ear.

Captain Sunbong nodded and brought the microphone to his lips.

"What are the border forces?"

- There are no gates and walls. It seems to have been placed inside, but it is difficult to confirm here.

"Infiltrate first."

-Okay. Vanguard infiltration begins.

In the vanguard group, five people crossed the fence first.

-clear. Complete suppression of three armed guards.

As soon as the report was heard, the leader of the vanguard sent a hand signal to the subordinates who were standing by and crossed the fence together.

In the yard, three armed guards in black were knocked down and bleeding, and five Andersen executive hunters were on the lookout.

"Most of it seems to be inside the building. Do you want to call the 2nd too?"

Executive Hunter reported. Captain Seonbong nodded slowly and opened his mouth.

"Call the 2nd. And go inside."


instructions have been delivered. Soon, the second group crossed the wall.

"All 2 groups joined."

"Go inside."

The vanguard and the 2nd group moved in unison. They marched forward as if besieging a mansion building, and some ran through the door like sharp spears.

"Reconfirm the plan. Kill everyone except the target."

It was the moment when the leading executive Hunter spoke into the microphone and reached out to pull the doorknob.


A fountain of blood gushed out as his right arm was cut off.


He backed away, barely suppressing the scream that was about to burst out.

"Hey, attack… … ?"


A B-class hunter's arm was blown away by a single blow.

He seemed to have seen a pale face in the darkness just before the blood rushed up, but he wasn't sure.

Because it disappeared in an instant.

"I don't feel any presence at all."

"Upper, location undetermined."

"I don't know at all. It disappeared as if there was nobody there from the beginning."

In the sudden attack, the spearhead group and group 2, a total of about 20 Andersen executive hunters, fell into chaos.



This time, two people were beaten.

"Ze, it's an instant death. It was a critical blow."

Upon hearing the report from his subordinates, the vanguard ran to inspect the body.

'It's like a ghost. There is no sign at all.'

He moved his trembling eyes to look around, but he was not caught by his senses as an A-class hunter.

'Did a fucking S-class hunter intervene?'

It was only possible for A-class or S-class to be able to hide their presence so thoroughly that they had been trained in assassination.

"Second Chapter."

Captain Seonbong called for Captain 2 in a trembling voice. Team 2, who was guarding the surroundings with a short sword, approached.


"Something seems to be wrong."

"Are you saying you fell into a trap?"

The 2nd commander asked. Captain Sunbong nodded his head.

"It looks like it was fucked very well."

As soon as he finished speaking, two more fell.

Both were skilled B-class executive hunters, but they could not even scream, let alone resist, and collapsed helplessly.

Slowly, fear began to rise in the hearts of others who saw it.

"Location cannot be confirmed!"

"It will be annihilated."

"My, let's go inside!"

Andersen's executive hunters all drew their weapons and started running towards the mansion building.

It looked more like running away to live rather than moving to kill someone.



The four people near the door spit blood with screams of pain.

Everyone stopped in bewilderment, and the darkness fell before them, and a man with a sword and a shield appeared. He slowly shook his head.

"Lee, the race guild leader Hyeonjun Kang?"

someone said Although we had in mind the situation of a fight with him, the appearance of this type of appearance was unexpected, and everyone was surprised.

"Abandon the thought of surviving."

Hyunjun said. At the same time, the sword and shield were raised.

- Withered Miller's valiant sword is with you. The sword will not be broken unless righteous courage is broken.

-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

- The will of Danzig resides. As long as you have someone to protect, you won't fall.

Three blessings appeared in succession. Auras dwelled in the sword and shield, and faint magical energy flowed from her body and danced.

"I order the executive!"

"The guild executive is waiting for the guild leader's instructions."

Raising a sword imbued with a vivid Auror blade and shouting, the windows and doors of the mansion opened, and race guild executive hunters in black suits poured out.

Armed forces appeared on the roof as well as beyond the wall.

"Hey, this… … !"

"Were you under siege from the beginning?"

The Vanguard and the 2nd Captains have now realized that the situation is more serious than they thought.

It was not a simple pit trap, but a cliff falling into an abyss with no end in sight.

"Um, crazy… … It looks like the Wraith bastards brought the entire executive branch."

One of Andersen's executive hunters said in a trembling voice.

Although the level of the executive level of the race was not on the high side, there were too many differences in numbers because dozens of armed guards came.

They were mentally exhausted because they had lost nearly 10 troops in a sudden surprise attack, and they were even more desperate and trembling in fear at the appearance of a large number of enemies.

"Don't let anyone run away!"

Hyunjoon exclaimed. Then Taemin and Jongseo appeared in the dark.

And the armed guards on the roof pulled the trigger all at once.

Bullets rained down on Andersen's troops along with a loud gunshot.



Hunters are said to be unable to deal with modern firearms easily because they have transcended the limits of humans, but C-class hunters cannot cope with the concentration of large-scale firepower of machine guns and automatic rifles like this.


Screams erupted from all sides. Most of the C-class hunters were defeated, leaving 4 B-class and A-class vanguard and 2 captains.

"It looks like Team 3 is being attacked too!"

The 2nd commander exclaimed.

While the fighting continued, Andersen's hunters continued to fall, but when the race's hunters fell, when the pure white light exploded, they recovered their injuries in an instant and stood up again.

"It seems that there is at least an A-level recovery hunter over there!"

"Shit! If this happens, even Kang Hyeon-jun will be killed!"

The Vanguard and 2nd Captains, and those who survived, moved in unison.

Their goal was guild leader Kang Hyeon-jun. Of course, I don't know now, but that was a very stupid choice.

"I will do it myself."

Hyeon-jun stopped Tae-min and Jong-seo from going forward and stepped forward. Andersen's two hunters rushed in first.

One quickly poked through the spear from the front, while the other raised a huge bayonet right behind him.

It was an anomalous and threatening attack, but Hyun-jun's face was full of leeway.

'I can see everything.'

Thanks to repeated real-world training in the 'Room of a Past Life' with excellent teachers such as Carthage, His Servant, and the Withered Miller, he has the skill and insight to kill as a murder weapon.


At the same time as swinging the shield to deflect the spear, he swung the sword with the Auror in it.


Red blood splattered as his neck was cracked, and the hunter with the spear fell helplessly. Hyeon-jun stepped on his back, leapt and landed behind the Hunter with a great sword.

"Hey, damn it!"

The hunter with a great sword turned around with swear words in his terrifying life.

"It's over."

Hyeonjun's sword had already been swung, and he cut his upper body deeply diagonally. Blood spurted and he collapsed helplessly.

Then, the vanguard and the 2nd team rushed in, but the result was no different.

The two A-class hunters could not hold out for three minutes in front of Hyun-jun's dazzling sword.



Captain Sunbong lost his right arm, and Captain 2 lost both legs.

Hyeon-jun, who raised his sword to cut their breath, immediately thought of something else and put the weapon in the subspace pocket.

Then he gestured to Taemin and called him.

"Executive chief."

"Say it. Guild Master."

"Send a message to Andersen. It would be enough to say that we have a few people there."

"The other side will deny it."

Taemin said. Then Hyunjun raised the corners of his lips.

"It doesn't matter either way. Sending a message is just a preliminary preparation for 'warning'."

The time has come to reveal the claws that have been hidden.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 44


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