I Copy Talents | Chapter 3 | Who Saw Me Hit Him

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Chapter 3: Who Saw Me Hit Him

Step aside?

Bai Gang and the students were all startled, how could they have thought that Ye Chen would say these two words.

"Ye Chen, did you know that Liu Qianqian is not by your side?" Bai Gang looked at Ye Chen coldly.

The students thought that yes, Senior Sister Liu was not by your side, so you dare to say such words to Bai Gang, where is the confidence.

"An Yue Academy prohibits fighting, can you still bite me or not?" Ye Chen looked at Bai Gang with disdain.


The students were shocked, they couldn't understand how Ye Chen suddenly became so arrogant.

"Ye Chen, you!"

Bai Gang looked at Ye Chen firmly, thinking that Big Brother Yang Feng had ordered that as long as Liu Qianqian was not with Ye Chen, he would taunt him hard when meeting him.

Ye Chen didn't pay attention to them before, but now...

Thinking of this, Bai Gang's face couldn't help but gloomy.

"Ye Chen, An Yue Academy really can't fight, but no one can see if I hit you now."

The students in the practice room were startled, thinking that Bai Gang was ready to attack Ye Chen.

The students shook their heads and sighed at Ye Chen one after another. As soon as Bai hit Ye Chen, they naturally wouldn't say it, Ye Chen is not one of them.

Maybe this is called self-inflicted crime, you can't live it.

Ye Chen was taken aback when he heard the words, thinking that Bai Gang had reminded him.

"Bai Gang, since you want to hit me, what are you waiting for?"

Ye Chen put his hands in his trouser pockets and looked at Bai Gang indifferently. He thought to himself that Lao Tzu is now at the tenth level of forging body, and he is afraid that you, the sixth level of forging body, will not be a waste?

Seeing the indifferent expression on Ye Chen's face, Bai Gang became very angry.

"court death!"

After speaking, Bai Gang punched Ye Chen fiercely.

The eyes of the students in the practice room opened wide, and they naturally knew how miserable Ye Chen would end up.

What the students didn't expect was that Ye Chen didn't want to dodge or resist at all. Could it be that he was frightened? But the expression on his face doesn't look like it.

In an instant, Bai Gang's fist almost reached Ye Chen's face.

Bai Gang sneered secretly, thinking about making you arrogant as trash!

But what Bai Gang did not expect was that when his punch was only a line away from Ye Chen's body, Ye Chen flashed away, and his punch fell through.

how is this possible! !!

All the students in the training room exclaimed.

Just when Bai Gang wanted to throw a second punch, he found that it was too late, just because Ye Chen's fist had already hit him.

This punch is in the middle of the eyebrows!

Bai Gang flew upside down in an instant, hit the ground heavily, and fainted unexpectedly.

hiss! !!

The students all took a breath, and they were dumbfounded as if they had seen a scene that would never happen.

Ye Chen...Isn't it a waste material with the double forging body?

The students looked at each other, but suddenly they thought of an amazing possibility, that is...

Play pig eat tiger!

Ye Chen had been hiding his talent and strength, knocking out the six-fold Bai Gang with a punch, what a terrifying strength this was.

"Who saw me hitting white?"

Ye Chen scanned the students and said lightly.

All the students were shocked when they heard this, you look at me, I see you are a little bit confused about how to answer.

Bai Gang is Yang Feng's younger brother, and Ye Chen has a very good relationship with Liu Qianqian. According to legend, Ye Chen also saved Liu Qianqian's life.

Ye Chen is not only pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, but Liu Qianqian is also helping. They have nothing but hair.

After weighing the pros and cons for a while, the students shook their heads and said in unison:

"No, we didn't see it."

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