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 10 Chapter 10: Tier 1 Fierce Beast, Crimson Ant

"Sister Qianqian, there is something!"

Xiao Wei called out.

The five members of the Willow Leaf team quickly followed the sound and saw a large python flying towards them.

The boa constrictor is more than one foot long, and it makes the scalp numb.

Ye Chen looked at the big python that struck, thinking that the speed of such a big python was so fast that it was incomparable to the big python on earth.

"Boa Constrictor: Beast."

"Talent: None."

"Level: Level 7."

The boa constrictor's information appeared in Ye Chen's retina.

"Sister Qianqian, what should I do?" Xiao Wei asked with some horror. She has never seen such a big python in the wild in the future.

The same goes for Wang Hai and Zhang Xiaoshi. They have also been in the wild in the future, and they are all a little frightened at this time.

Before Liu Qianqian spoke, a member of the Liuye team rushed out towards the large python that was more than ten feet long.

This person is Ye Chen!

Several people opened their eyes and saw Ye Chen hit the big python with a heavy punch.

After the boa constrictor uttered a few screams, he died on the spot, and the whole process went smoothly, too fast.


Liu Qianqian, Wang Hai, Zhang Xiaoshi, and Xiao Wei froze like clay and wood sculptures.

"Level 7 beast only." Ye Chen showed a side face, "Do you need to talk so much nonsense? Just one punch to death."

The 7th level beast is equivalent to the forged 7th level, but the 7th level of the beast is generally a little stronger than the human forged 7th level.

After the boa constrictor died, the score table on Ye Chen's wrist gained 70 points.

"Brother Ye is really amazing." Zhang Xiaoshi couldn't help saying.

Wang Hai and Xiao Wei are also worshipped.

"Ye Chen, how many points did you get?" Liu Qianqian asked.

"70 o'clock." Ye Chen said.

Wang Hai, Zhang Xiaoshi and Xiao Wei were pleasantly surprised.

"By the way, open the random backpack and take a look." Liu Qianqian said.

Each student in the field trial will get a random backpack.

The five members of the Willow Team opened the random backpack:

"Ye Chen: Eightfold telescope."

"Liu Qianqian: Alloy long knife."

"Zhang Xiaoshi: An axe."

"Wang Hai: A Nepalese saber."

"Xiao Wei: Compressed biscuits and compressed water for three days."

Ye Chen played with the eight-fold telescope in his hand, thinking that it would be better to use it to find the figure of the beast.

The whole body attributes of the warrior are much stronger than ordinary people, and the eyesight is naturally the same, plus the eight-fold telescope, it is even more visible.

"There are ants, many ants!"

All the four members of the Willow Leaf Team Ye Chen looked in the direction of the finger.

"Let's go over." Ye Chen said slowly.

Immediately, the Willow Leaf team walked quickly in one direction.

At this time, dozens of meters away from the Willow Team, there was an ant nest the size of a small hill. The fist-sized ants looked really shocking.

"Ant: Beast."

"Level: Level 2."

"Talent: None."

Although the ants are only level 2 beasts, they win because they are huge in number, enough to gather together enough to move mountains and fill the sea.

"Brother Ye, sister Qianqian, how is it?" Wang Hai became a little frightened.

Zhang Xiaoshi and Xiao Wei also had a tingling scalp.

"Ye Chen, there may be thousands of ants here, let's go, otherwise it will be life-threatening." Liu Qianqian said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen just wanted to nod. Although he didn't want to leave, he couldn't make fun of other people's lives.

At this time, an ant the size of a human appeared in front of the five members of the Willow Team.

The whole body of this ant is red, which is really scary.

"First-order fierce beast, Crimson Ant!" Xiao Wei exclaimed.

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