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 11 Chapter 11: Copy the Crimson Ant's attribute talent

The 30 teams from Anyue Academy were all on the periphery, and there have been no traces of beasts in the periphery for a long time.

In front of the five members of the Willow Leaf Team, a Tier 1 fierce beast, the Crimson Ant, appeared.

Since the fierce beasts and vitality came to this world, the beasts have been much bigger than before, and countless times more ferocious.

Except for Ye Chen, all the four members of Liu Qianqian's team were shocked. In any case, they never expected that a Tier 1 fierce beast would appear outside of the transit forest.

"Crimson Ant: Fierce Beast."

"Level: Level One."

"Talent: Medium strength talent."

Looking at Crimson Ant's medium strength talent, Ye Chen's face became a little exciting.

What he lacks now is this kind of attribute talent!

On his retina, four large characters appeared:

"Do you want to copy."

Ye Chen did not hesitate to copy the Crimson Ant's mid-strength talent, and instantly he felt that his strength had increased several times.

"Is this the charm of medium strength talent?" Ye Chen said to himself.

Tier 1 fierce beasts are comparable to advanced reserve warriors.

"Sister Qianqian, Brother Ye, what should I do?"

Wang Hai swallowed his saliva and looked at the crimson ant in front of him. The crimson ant was also staring at them viciously, and would pounce on them at any time.

Just as Liu Qianqian wanted to retreat, the scarlet ant rushed towards them.

After Ye Chen copied Crimson Ant's mid-strength talent, his strength at this time was amazing.

"Strong Bull Demon Fist!"

Where did the Crimson Ant think that Ye Chen would not only not run, but he would also have to punch him, but to talk about power...


Ye Chen's fist and Crimson Ant's antennae collided hard.

What everyone in the Willow Leaf team didn't expect was that this Tier 1 fierce beast Crimson Ant flew upside down, hitting a tree heavily, and the tree was smashed to the waist.

"My God!" Xiao Wei was dumbfounded.

Ye Chen's face was not too surprised. Although he was only an intermediate reserve warrior, he possessed the profound level skills, the Great Bull Demon Fist and the talent of medium strength.

The scarlet ant is a Tier 1 fierce beast, he became very angry, he sent a signal, ants tens of meters away rushed towards here.

"Brother Ye, the ant army is here!" Zhang Xiaoshi yelled.

Then, the first-order fierce beast Crimson Ant rushed to Ye Chen again!

"court death!"

Ye Chen couldn't take care of so much at this time, he just wanted to kill this Crimson Ant.

Ye Chen flashed, and the Crimson Ant rushed into the air. He hit the Crimson Ant's tail with a heavy punch, and the skyrocketing pain spread from the Crimson Ant's tail to the tentacles.

The crimson ant rolled violently for a few times, and there was no vitality.

The score meter on Ye Chen's wrist made a "didi" sound, which changed from 70 points to 180 points.

When the Crimson Ants died, thousands of fist-sized ants surrounded the Willow Team.

"So many ants."

Xiao Wei swallowed, looking at Ye Chen and Liu Qianqian, "What should we do?"

"Break through!" Ye Chen said two words, "Qianqian, give me the knife."

Upon hearing this, Liu Qianqian quickly gave Ye Chen the alloy long knife, which was an item in Liu Qianqian's random backpack.

Ye Chen was holding the alloy long knife, thinking that with his current strength, it would be enough to give these ants an autumn breeze to sweep the fallen leaves!

Suddenly, thousands of ants began to attack the Willow Team.

Ye Chen was holding the alloy long knife and began to spin quickly...getting up!

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