I Copy Talents | Chapter 12 | Yang Feng United 26 Teams

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 12 Chapter 12: Yang Feng united 26 teams

Ye Chen held a long alloy knife in his hand, spinning at high speed, like a top spinning at high speed.

These ants pounced on the long alloy knife and were instantly chopped into several segments.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Xiaoshi and Wang Hai followed Ye Chen's example, holding a steel axe and a Nepalese saber and began to spin.

Liu Qianqian and Xiao Wei also began to attack the ants. Liu Qianqian and Ye Chen were intermediate reserve fighters. Zhang Xiaoshi, Wang Hai, and Xiao Wei were all ten-weight forging.

I don't know how many ants have been killed, and the score meter in the hands of the five members of the Willow Team keeps making a "Didi" sound.

In the end, the ant scrambled with his head.

"Hahaha, happy!" Wang Hai wiped the sweat from his face and laughed.

"My points table has 200 points." Xiao Wei said in surprise.

The five quickly looked at the points table on their wrists and found that they totaled 1,500 points.

"Unexpectedly, I had so many points." Liu Qianqian's white face showed a happy smile.

The five members of the Willow Leaf team took a break, and their consumption just now was too great.

Xiao Wei handed the compressed biscuits and compressed water in the backpack to a few people, and they started eating and drinking.

"Brother Ye, with you and Sister Qianqian this time, our Liuye team must be the first in this trial." Wang Hai said with a smile.

After eating and drinking, several people are ready to set out again to look for the beast.

"Huh?" Wang Hai looked through an eight-fold telescope, "Isn't that Li Qiang and the others?"

Li Qiang is one of the three teams in their class.

The five walked up to Li Qiang and the five.

Li Qiang's realm is forging the seventh level, and the other four players are also in the sixth level of forging.

"Li Qiang, how many points did you get?" Wang Hai asked.

Li Qiang looked at everyone in front of him, his eyes could not help but turn red.

"Brother Ye, Sister Qianqian, oh oh..." Li Qiang cried a few times, and then said, "I finally found you."

"What's the matter?" Liu Qianqian asked quickly.

Li Qiang became angry when he heard this, "Except for the three teams in our class, all the other small teams were united by Yang Feng and grabbed our points table."

Upon hearing Yang Feng's words, the Willow Leaf team instantly became angry.

"Despicable!" Liu Qianqian shouted coldly.

However, Ye Chen's face did not change much, he could also imagine with his toes, Yang Feng's purpose of uniting all the teams was to target him.

"This kind of thing has never happened before in the field trials, Yang Feng is really disgusting!" Xiao Wei also got up.

"Brother Ye, you have to be more careful." Li Qiang looked at Ye Chen, "After Yang Feng grabbed our King Kong team's points table, he let out cruel words, said, said..."

Li Qiang paused for a few seconds before continuing: "Yang Feng said not only to grab the points table of the Liuye team, but also to crippled Brother Ye."

what! ! !

The members of the Liuye team became furious upon hearing this.

"Brother Ye, Sister Qianqian, all 27 teams are looking for you now. Be careful yourself, we are leaving."

After speaking, Li Qiang left here with the King Kong team.

"Ye Chen, what do you think?" Liu Qianqian looked at Ye Chen.

Zhang Xiaoshi, Wang Hai and Xiao Wei also looked at Ye Chen, and they all wanted to know how Ye Chen would answer.

Ye Chen groaned for a few seconds, and then said: "The reason Yang Feng united all the teams is nothing but me. Since they want to grab our points table, why don't we treat them in the same way?"

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