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 13 Chapter 13: Wait for the rabbit

The members of the Liuye team were a little stunned.

"Ye Chen, that's 27 teams."

Ye Chen smiled coldly, "If the 27 teams are united together, we will naturally be unable to fight, but Li Qiang said just now that they are all looking for the whereabouts of our Willow Leaf team, which means they are scattered."

Hearing this, a light flashed in the eyes of several people.

"Then why don't we have a guerrilla war?" Ye Chen's mouth raised slightly, and a wicked smile appeared on his face.

Immediately, Wang Hai began to use the eight-fold mirror to find other teams.

The 27 teams scattered to look for their whereabouts, this Ye Chen would not be surprised, because the periphery of the transit forest is too big, if they are together, they may not be found until the trial is over.

"Brother Ye, discovered the whereabouts of a small team!" Wang Hai said in surprise.


"Where is the Willow Leaf Team?" a student with a five-tiered body said displeased.

Bai Gang sneered, "When we find the whereabouts of Willow Leaf Team, Brother Yang Feng will reward us, so be patient."

Yang Feng is not only the super talent of Anyue Academy, but his family's power in the East Base City is also amazing. Although Yang Feng did not promise specific rewards for the 26 teams, it would not be bad to come.

"But even if we found the Liuye team, we couldn't beat them?" said a bodybuilding five-fold student.

Bai Gang smiled, "Don't worry, every team has a communication phone given by Yang Feng. As long as you find the Liuye team, you will immediately call Yang Feng with the communication phone."

The communication mobile phone is the communication tool of this world, similar to the mobile phone on the earth, but it can only communicate.

"I don't think you have the opportunity to use the communication phone."

A slightly lazy voice entered the ears of the five members of Bai Gang's team.

The five were shocked, and quickly followed the voice to look at them, and found that the Willow Leaf Team was slowly walking towards them.

"You, you..."

Bai Gang was shocked, and he quickly stepped back.

Even if he wanted to break his head, he would not have thought that the Willow Team would suddenly appear.

Team Willow stopped a few steps away from Team Bai Gang.

Ye Chen looked at Bai Gang faintly, "You didn't expect that we would give you a wait and see?"

When the five members of the Bai Gang team heard this, they couldn't help being terrified. It turned out that they were not only looking for the Liuye team, but the Liuye team was also looking for them.

"Quick! Use your mobile phone to call Big Brother Yang Feng, Liu Ye team is in Luoshi Valley!" Bai Gang shouted.

A student with a body-building five-fold hurriedly took out the communication phone, but before he could call it out, Ye Chen punched him in the stomach.

With this punch, Ye Chen only used one layer of strength!

The five-fold student only felt that his internal organs had been displaced, and fell to the ground and howled in pain.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Bai Gang yelled when he saw this. He was too scared. He used to insult Ye Chen unreservedly when he saw Ye Chen. Now he meets him in Transit Forest...

"Wait, don't hand over all your points tables!" Liu Qianqian shouted coldly.

The members of Bai Gang's team quickly handed over the points table to Liu Qianqian, and their faces were as horrified as they were.

Ye Chen walked over to Xiang Baigang step by step.

Seeing this, Bai Gang was frightened and slumped like an evil spirit.

"Ye Chen, I have handed over the points table to you, please don't beat me."

After speaking, a warm current flowed out between Bai Gang's legs.

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