I Copy Talents | Chapter 14 | A Long Snake Array

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 14 Chapter 14: A long snake array

Ye Chen looked at Bai Gang faintly, "You are just a fly, I am not interested in hitting you, go tell Yang Feng, I will let him know what is true fear."

As the sound fell, Ye Chen stepped heavily on the communication phone, which shattered instantly.

"Yes, yes!" Bai Gang heard the words and hurried away from the place with the team as he received an amnesty.

Liu Qianqian looked at the slightly emaciated figure in front of her, and a sweet smile appeared on her face involuntarily.

"Brother Ye is so handsome." Xiao Wei looked like a little fan.

"Let's change places, we can no longer stay here." Ye Chen said.

After a few members of the Willow Leaf team nodded, they all left here.


The time of the field trial was three days, and now is the first day.

The Liuye team has already grabbed the points table of the six teams. This is called treating the person's body by his own way!

The original 30 teams now have a total of 23 teams left. The other team in their class may also be out, so there are only 22 teams left. Excluding the Willow Leaf team, there are a total of 21 teams controlled by Yang Feng. support.

At this time, the Willow Team were all waiting for their prey on an ancient tree.

"Brother Ye, found the team, but..." Wang Hai didn't continue.

"What's the matter? Come on!" Zhang Xiaoshi said impatiently.

Wang Hai looked at a few people in horror, "They lined up in a line. I just counted ten teams."


Liu Qianqian, Zhang Xiaoshi, and Xiao Wei were all stunned. They would never think that they would do this.

This is a long snake array!

Ye Chen took the binoculars and looked at it, and found that a long snake formation composed of dozens of students from a few hundred meters away was coming here. This could echo from the beginning to the end. If something happened to a team, they could immediately support it.

He also saw Bai Jun and Shi Lei.

Both Bai Jun and Shi Lei were two generals under Yang Feng, and both were junior reserve fighters.

"Brother Ye, Yang Feng is too cunning!" Zhang Xiaoshi said angrily.

Ye Chen was silent for a few seconds, Yang Feng had Zhang Liangji, he had a wall ladder!

A long snake formation?

He knocked out the seven inches of this snake!

And Bai Jun and Shi Lei are the seven inches of this snake.

Ye Chen told the plan to several members of the Willow Leaf Team, and the members of the Willow Leaf Team were shining upon hearing this, and couldn't help admiring Ye Chen even more.

What should come will come after all!

The long snake formation team led by Bai Jun and Shi Lei went under the old tree where the Willow Team was located.

"Do it!"

At the sound of falling, all the five members of the Willow Team jumped from the tree.

Bai Jun and Shi Lei hadn't reacted at all, their necks were resisted by alloy long knives and steel axes.

Catch the thieves first is the old truth, and it is also the eternal truth.

"problem occurs!"

A student yelled, and in an instant, all fifty students ran over and surrounded the Liuye team.

"A long snake formation?" Ye Chen looked at Bai Jun sarcastically.

Bai Jun looked at Ye Chen in horror, "Ye Chen, you, what do you want to do?"

"Humph! If you want to kill, kill, if you want to cut, if I, Shi Lei..."

"Stop talking!"

Before Shi Lei finished speaking, Liu Qianqian interrupted him.

Bai Jun and Shi Lei are Yang Feng's two great warriors. Now they are both under control. For a while, these students really don't know what to do to get better.

"Hand in all your points tables." Ye Chen said lightly.

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