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 15 Chapter 15: Hand in your points table

Shi Lei looked at Ye Chen hard after hearing this.

"Ye Chen, what did you say?" Shi Lei said coldly.

Ye Chen didn't want to talk nonsense with them, and said coldly: "I'll say it again, hand over the score sheet!"

The fifty students looked at each other, they felt that Ye Chen had done everything.

"I pay, I pay."

Bai Jun was already frightened, and when he was in the trial field, he had a deep fear of Ye Chen, let alone now that Ye Chen was using an alloy long knife against his neck.

After speaking, Bai Jun quickly handed over the score sheet to Ye Chen.

Bai Jun and Shi Lei were two big warriors under Yang Feng. They were controlled by Ye Chen and Liu Qianqian at this time, and fifty students did not dare to step forward.

"I don't know how to hand it in!" Shi Lei gritted his teeth and said.

When the sound fell, Shi Lei put his head aside, and made a look like he was not afraid of being shattered and wanted to stay innocent in the world.

"Really?" Liu Qianqian smiled coldly.

Immediately, the steel axe in Liu Qianqian's hand came closer to Shi Lei's neck.

"you you!"

Seeing this, Shi Lei's pupils shrank rapidly, and he finally became scared.

"Don't you pay now?" Liu Qianqian looked at Shi Lei.

Seeing that Shi Lei was still hesitating, Bai Jun quickly shouted at Shi Lei, "What are you waiting for, hand it in!"

He will never forget the punch that Ye Chen gave him on the trial ground. Now he only feels that seeing Ye Chen is like seeing an evil spirit killing him.

Shi Lei took off the score sheet on his wrist and handed it to Liu Qianqian.

"We have handed over the points table to you, can you let us go?" Shi Lei stared at Ye Chen and said.

Ye Chen glanced at the fifty students who surrounded them, and said, "There are still none of them."

This time Bai Jun and Shi Lei led the team and brought ten teams to form a long snake formation to look for their Liuye team. If they did not control Bai Jun and Shi Lei, I wonder if they would be merciful.

The answer is of course no, so Ye Chen would naturally not show mercy to these students.

When the fifty students heard Ye Chen's words, they all couldn't help being stunned.

"Ye Chen, are you crazy? You actually want all of us to give you the points table!"

"Even if you are an intermediate reserve warrior, we have fifty people. Do you really think you are a god?"

"Yes, we won't pay it!"

After the fifty students recovered, they all shouted angrily at Ye Chen. In their opinion, Ye Chen is too arrogant, even if he is covered in iron, he can stick a few nails.

Ye Chen did not look at the angry expressions on the faces of the students. He looked at Bai Jun and said lightly:

"They are not willing to submit the score sheet, what do you say?"

Bai Jun swallowed his mouth when he heard the words. He didn't know why. He felt that he was afraid of Ye Chen's smile. This smile was like...

It's like the devil's grinning smile! ! !

"Hurry up and hand in the score sheet, otherwise I have an accident, and Brother Yang Feng will not let you go." Bai Jun said to the students quickly.

Shi Lei was about to explode, he really didn't understand how much Bai Jun was afraid of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at Shi Lei's facial expression, "You seem to be unconvinced?"

Shi Lei is just a junior reserve warrior, he doesn't understand it at this moment, Shi Lei still dare not accept it?

"I just refuse!" Shi Lei stared at Ye Chen.

"Okay." Ye Chen looked at Liu Qianqian, "Qianqian, you put Shi Lei."

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