I Copy Talents | Chapter 16 | Shi Lei's Perseverance

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 16 Chapter 16: Shi Lei's Perseverance

Liu Qianqian nodded, walked over to take the long alloy knife in Ye Chen's hand, and continued to press against Bai Jun's neck.

"If you can take my punch, I won't have all of your points table." Ye Chen looked at Bai Jun, and then said: "Not only that, I will also give you the Liuye team's points table."


As soon as he said this, not only the members of the Willow Leaf team, but also the fifty students were dumbfounded.

"Ye Chen, don't think you flew Bai Jun with a punch." Shi Lei looked at Ye Chen firmly, "You can punch me and fly!"

Although Shi Lei and Bai Jun are both junior reserve fighters, Shi Lei is much better than Bai Jun in terms of physical fitness.

Dozens of students all opened their eyes, as long as Bai Jun can receive Ye Chen's punch, they don't need to hand over the score sheet.

"Ye Chen, come on!" Shi Lei stared at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen smiled secretly, not to mention that he now has a mid-strength talent, even if he doesn't, he can also punch this Shi Lei with one punch. Is it really a joke for the profound level skill Powerful Bull Demon Fist?

Suddenly, Ye Chen attacked, raised his fist and hit Shi Lei with a punch. He did not use the Strong Bull Demon Fist. After copying the mid-strength talent, he had already increased his strength several times.

Shi Lei raised his fist when he saw this, and punched Ye Chen.

All the students watched this scene intently, for fear of missing a good show.

I saw that Ye Chen and Shi Lei's fists had already met!


As soon as Ye Chen and Shi Lei met their fists, the students heard the sound of a fracture, and then a scream came into their ears.


The scream was naturally made by Shi Lei, he fell on the ground and clutched his hand, howling in pain.

"Is this Ye Ge's confidence?" Wang Hai said looking at Ye Chen's back.

Just now, Ye Chen said that as long as Shi Lei could pick him up, he would give Shi Lei their points table. They were really surprised. Now it seems that such surprises are completely unnecessary.

Ye Chen...too awesome! ! !

The members of the Willow Team admired Ye Chen extremely.

The fifty students were all dumbfounded at this time, they would never have thought that Shi Lei would not be able to catch Ye Chen's punch.

"Now you..." Ye Chen looked at Shi Lei, "Can you be convinced?"

Shi Lei felt extremely regretful when he heard this, he finally understood that he was nothing in front of Ye Chen, he only hated why he refused to accept it!

"I, I, I'm convinced." Shi Lei endured the pain, and said to Ye Chen in amazement.

Bai Jun couldn't help but shook his head when he saw this, and sighed secretly, "Now you know why I am so afraid of Ye Chen."

"Hand in all the points table." Ye Chen scanned the students.

Fifty students look at me and I look at you, all swallowed.

They have to hand it in, otherwise if something happens to Bai Jun and Shi Lei, they won't be able to eat, after all, they can't afford to provoke Yang Feng.

Afterwards, all fifty students handed in their points tables.

In order to prevent fifty students from surrendering the score sheet to counterattack, Ye Chen asked them to leave for a long time before releasing Bai Jun and Shi Lei.

"Brother Ye, do you know how many points we have now?" Zhang Xiaoshi was overjoyed, "It's 5,000."

Liu Qianqian also laughed, "Bai Jun and Shi Lei's appearance is equivalent to plucking Yang Feng's liver. Now it's up to him to do!"

Thinking of what Li Qiang had said, she was very angry. Yang Feng wanted to grab the points table of the Willow Leaf team, and even planned to beat Ye Chen to be disabled.

Is it tolerable or unbearable!

After all, she... But she has liked Ye Chen for a long time.

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