I Copy Talents | Chapter 17 | Found Yang Feng's Whereabouts

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 17 Chapter 17: Found Yang Feng's whereabouts

The Willow Leaf team continued to search for Yang Feng's whereabouts.

The field trial lasted for three days, and on the last day they finally discovered the whereabouts of Yang Feng.

At this time, Yang Feng took the other ten teams and two of the violent team.

The violent team is Yang Feng's team, Bai Jun and Shi Lei are out, now there are only three people left.

Fifty-three students searched them vigorously.

"Brother Ye, what do you say?" Wang Hai looked at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at Yang Feng not far away, and said: "You disperse and lead others away. When they chase you, I will stop Yang Feng!"

Yang Feng is their backbone, as long as Yang Feng is restrained by Ye Chen, their long snake formation will naturally collapse.

"Go ahead." Ye Chen whispered.

When the sound fell, Liu Qianqian, Zhang Xiaoshi, Wang Hai, and Xiao Wei walked out from behind a big tree.

"Are you looking for Team Willow Leaf?"

Zhang Xiaoshi yelled at the crowd.

The students were startled, and then followed their voices and looked over.

"It's the Willow Leaf Team!"

Yang Feng naturally heard what Zhang Xiaoshi said, and hurriedly shouted: "Catch them!"

At the sound of the sound, more than fifty students headed for the four Liuye team.

Yang Feng stood under an ancient tree, he smiled coldly, thinking about Ye Chen, Ye Chen, who offended me Yang Feng, I will let you know what it means to be disabled.

Suddenly, Yang Feng only felt a chill in his neck. He looked intently, and his soul frightened.

"What's going on!" Yang Feng said in horror.

It's just because there is an extra long alloy knife in front of his neck.

Yang Feng swallowed his saliva, turned around in horror, and found that it was not Ye Chen who appeared behind him.

"Let your people stop." Ye Chen spoke slowly.

Yang Feng looked at Ye Chen's eyes, and he found that Ye Chen's eyes were like beasts, plus the alloy long knife in front of his neck, it really made him crack.

"Stop it, you guys stop it!"

The students from the ten teams had just arrived at the position of the Willow Leaf Team, and when the Willow Leaf Team had just run ten steps away, Yang Feng shouted.

The students turned around after hearing this, they didn't understand why Yang Feng asked them to stop.

"how is this possible!"

All the students were shocked. They would never expect such a scene even if they dreamed.

Seeing that Ye Chen successfully contained Yang Feng, the Liu Ye team showed a happy smile on their faces. Originally thought they would run away for a while, but they didn't expect Ye Chen to contain Yang Feng so quickly. .

"Ye Chen, when did you appear behind me?" Yang Feng's voice trembled.

"Is this important?" Ye Chen said lightly, "Let them hand over all the points table."

After speaking, the alloy long knife in Ye Chen's hand was a little closer to Yang Feng's neck.

Yang Feng looked at the alloy long knife around his neck in horror. The alloy long knife was too cold.

"Quick! Hand in all the points table!" Yang Feng yelled to the students.

Yang Feng was really scared, Ye Chen's look like a beast made him feel that Ye Chen dared to do anything.

The students hesitated a little, but they still handed over the points table to the Liu Ye team. After all, Yang Feng's background was not comparable to them. If something happens to Yang Feng, their end will be miserable.

After that, the Willow team collected points tables for more than fifty students.

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