I Copy Talents | Chapter 18 | Please Take The Second Place In The Team To Receive The Reward

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 18 Chapter 18: Please take the second place in the team to receive the reward

Ye Chen asked the students to leave first, and then released Yang Feng.

At this point, all the teams' points tables are in the hands of their Liuye team.

"Ye Chen, let's go out." Liu Qianqian said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded, and then several people walked out of the border crossing forest.


After the five members of the Liuye team walked out of the transit forest, they found that except for the two teams in their class, the other students looked at them angrily.

"Your Liuye team dare to grab all the students' points tables?" A teacher looked at the five members of the Liuye team coldly.

"Name: Wang Qiang."

"Cultivation talent: inferior."

"Realm: Two-Star Warrior."

The teacher's talent and realm information appeared on Ye Chen's retina.

Wang Qiang is Yang Feng's head teacher. In this field trial, two teachers brought ten third grade classes from Anyue College to the Transit Forest.

The two teachers are Wang Qiang and Lin Gensheng.

"Obviously Yang Feng did it first, we just used his own way to treat his body." Xiao Wei said.

As Ye Chen's head teacher, Lin Gensheng certainly helped Liuye team speak.

"Wang Qiang, your class is first in every field trial. Now my class is first. Are you jealous?"

Lin Gensheng's face was smug.

"I will be jealous of you?" Wang Qiang looked at Lin Gensheng firmly.

Lin Gensheng shrugged and did not continue to speak.


Lin Gensheng and Wang Qiang returned to Anyue College with all the students.

The top three teams in the field trials can all be rewarded.

Each person in the first place can get a copy of the advanced exercise technique.

Each person in the second place can get a Qi and Blood Pill.

The third place will each get one hemostatic pill.

The highest score among all students participating in the field trial will be rewarded with fierce beast blood.

At this moment, all the students in the school were standing in the square.

The principal Zhang Fenghe and several important teachers stood on the podium.


After Zhang Fenghe coughed twice, he began to speak:

"Dear students who participated in the field trials, you have worked hard. The purpose of the field trials is to improve your actual combat experience."

"Next, please come to the stage to receive the reward!"

Undoubtedly, the Liu Ye team came on stage, and each of them obtained an advanced bodybuilding exercise.

The first-year students of Anyue College will practice the basic exercises, and the second-year students will practice the intermediate exercises. If they want to practice the advanced exercises, they have to get the first place in the field trial.


"A high-level exercise technique is detected. Does the host practice?"

Ye Chen was startled, is this all right?



"Successful cultivation of advanced body exercises."

Body-building exercises can improve a great physical fitness, with significant improvements in strength, speed and defense.

Ye Chen copied the medium strength talent, and now the advanced body exercise technique has been successfully practiced again, he felt that his strength had reached a terrifying level.

"Next, please come to the stage to receive the reward!"

The students in the first and second grades previously guessed that the Willow Leaf team would win first place, and they would not be surprised when the Willow Leaf team came to the stage to receive the award.

They felt that the second place in the team was undoubtedly the violent team led by Yang Feng.

What the students didn't expect was that the Berserker Squad lags behind to get the reward.

The principal Zhang Fenghe and several teachers were also a little puzzled. After looking at them, they shouted:

"Please take the second place in the team to receive the reward."

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