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 19 Chapter 19: Get rewards, blood of beasts

What the students in the square didn't expect was that no team came to the stage to receive the award.

"What's the matter? Could it be that the second place in the team doesn't even need the reward?"

"Who said no, maybe people look down on the reward of Qi and Blood Pill."

"It would be great if you gave me the Qi and Blood Pill."

The students began to talk.

The principal Zhang Fenghe sank his face, he had already said twice that the second place of this team was not yet on stage.

"Principal." Ye Chen looked at Zhang Fenghe, "In fact, there is no second place at all."

Zhang Fenghe and several teachers were stunned for a few seconds when they heard this, and they didn't understand what Ye Chen meant.

"Ye Chen, there are 30 teams participating in the field trial. How come there is no second place?" Zhang Fenghe asked doubtfully.


Ye Chen groaned for a few seconds, then looked at Zhang Fenghe and several teachers and said, "We have looted all their points tables."

what! ! !

When Zhang Fenghe and several teachers heard this, they were shocked. One team robbed all the teams' points tables?

This... is it possible?

Zhang Fenghe and several teachers said they couldn't believe it, but when the Liuye team took out the points table of all the teams, they had to believe it.

Although such a thing has not happened before, the school has not stipulated that it cannot grab the points table.

The principal Zhang Fenghe and several teachers gave a wry smile.

"Your Willow Leaf Team." Zhang Fenghe gave a thumbs up, "It's good."

With one team snatching the points table of all the teams, Zhang Fenghe had no better explanation than that they were good.

Then, the team's second place Qixue Pill and the third place hemostatic pill were all in the hands of Liuye team members.

The students in the square saw that the Liuye team had come up with so many points tables, they finally understood why the second place did not come to the stage to receive the reward.

It turned out that all the points table was snatched by Liuye team?

They started to be dumbfounded! ! !

Next, is the most important reward, the blood of the fierce beast.

The condition for the blood of the fierce beast is that the student who has participated in the field trial has the highest score.

This person is undoubtedly Ye Chen.

When the principal Zhang Fenghe handed a small bottle of beast blood to Ye Chen, all the students on the square looked envious.

This is fierce beast blood!

Yang Feng's face was gloomy, staring at Ye Chen on the stage, he gritted his teeth and said coldly:

"Ye Chen, you wait for me!"


Ye Chen rested in the dormitory for a day, and the next day he took the blood of the beast and headed towards the training room.

After arriving in the training room, the students saw that Ye Chen's eyes were no longer disdainful, but deeply worshipped.

High-level cultivation talent plus intermediate reserve martial artist, no matter it is, everyone will be envious.

If you let them know that Ye Chen not only has a high-level talent, but also a medium-strength talent, I don't know how they will be shocked.

Ye Chen ignored the students and opened a training room for a reserve warrior with his Yuanjing card. After entering the training room, he sat cross-legged.

"Just see what you excel." Ye Chen muttered as he looked at the fierce beast blood in his hand.

Later, Ye Chen opened the bottle cap and drank the blood of the beast inside.


Ye Chen only felt endless pain all over his body!

After the pain passed, it was like being burned by fire.

After a long time, this feeling finally disappeared, and Ye Chen opened his eyes and revealed a happy smile.

"At least three times the strength."

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