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Chapter 2: Copy medium talent

The students in the square looked at Liu Qianqian's leaving back, and couldn't help but look at each other.

"Why did Senior Sister Liu do this?"

"What do you know, I heard that Senior Ye Chen once saved Liu Qianqian's life."

As soon as this remark came out, the students couldn't help but be stunned again.

Ye Chen didn't pay attention to the shocked expressions of these students. He opened his attribute panel:

"Host: Ye Chen."

"Cultivation talent: medium."

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"Realm: Double forging body."

"Skills: None."

Ye Chen looked at his cultivation talent, his face became a little ambiguous.


"Because the host has copied the talent for the first time, it has been given a chance to upgrade the talent. Does the host use it?"

"Talent upgrade opportunity?" Ye Chen was secretly surprised, "Could it be possible to upgrade medium talent to high talent?"


After a few seconds, Ye Chen's medium talent became a high talent.

Looking at the high-level talent on the attribute panel, Ye Chen was shocked, he only felt that happiness was too sudden.

"By the way, there is a super treasure chest."

Ye Chen opened the super treasure chest:

"Get super forging experience pill x1."

"Obtained the profound skill, the Great Bull Demon Fist."

Super forging experience Dan? Powerful Bull Demon Fist?

Ye Chen's eyes lit up, these are all good things.

Without thinking about it, Ye Chen used the Super Body Building Experience Pill, and instantly Ye Chen only felt a strong impact from his internal organs.

"Triple body forging."

"Forged body quadruple."


"Ten body forging."

The strength in the body did not disappear until after ten times of forging.

This world warrior is clearly divided:

Forging body ten heavy, reserve warrior, ten-star warrior, as for the ten-star warrior, Ye Chen doesn't know.

He is now the tenth body forging, and among the students of Anyue College, he is already among the geniuses. Most of the students at Anyue College are only for bodybuilding from four to six.

Even more frightening is that there are no students with high talents in Anyue College.

The news that Ye Chen learned from the system was that it would take a month after the talent was copied to continue to copy the talent.

As for the profound level skill, the powerful Niu Moquan, it is even more important for junior reserve fighters to be able to practice.

"One month later, the third-grade students will have a field training, take advantage of this time to practice as a reserve warrior." Ye Chen muttered.

After speaking, Ye Chen walked towards the school's training room.

It didn't take long for Ye Chen to go to the training room of the school. This was the first time he came to the training room of the school.

The training room has a large training room and an independent training room. The large training room can practice together with dozens of people, and the independent training room is for one person, but it is necessary to pay for the original crystal.

There were many students in the training room at this time, and they looked at Ye Chen, and they were all startled in amazement.

"Why did he come to the training room."

"I think he might want to work hard."

"Efforts have a shit. Who doesn't know that he is a waste material with weak talents. The highest achievement in this life is also tenfold."

All the students in the training room sneered at Ye Chen.

"Oh, isn't this the great genius of our college?"

A harsh sound passed into Ye Chen's ears.

"It's Bai Gang." A student whispered.

Ye Chen looked at Bai Gang, and Bai Gang's message appeared on his retina.

"Name: Bai Gang."

"Cultivation talent: inferior."

"Realm: Six-fold forging body."

Ye Chen didn't know how much ridicules he had received in An Yue Academy, because Liu Qianqian, the proud girl of the school, always liked to be with him.

Everyone in Anyue College knows that Yang Feng likes Liu Qianqian. You know Yang Feng is one of the two great geniuses of An Yue Academy, and Bai Gang is one of Yang Feng's many doglegs.

Seeing Ye Chen in the training room this time, it was natural to ridicule him.

"Ye Chen, didn't you come to the training room to cultivate, right?" Bai Gang's face showed a touch of sarcasm.

"Step aside."

Ye Chen only uttered two words.

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