I Copy Talents | Chapter 21 | Let's Go Out For A Fight

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 21 Chapter 21: Let's go out for a fight

"What's the matter with Yang Feng looking for Ye Chen?" Liu Qianqian asked.

Shi Lei plucked up his courage and said coldly, "Big Brother Yang Feng has invited his cousin Wu Yun to fight Ye Chen outside the school."

After speaking, Shi Lei looked at Ye Chen, and then said: "I don't know if Ye Chen dared to fight!"

However, Shi Lei discovered that Ye Chen was still cutting his nails, as if he still hadn't heard him.

For a while, Shi Lei didn't know what to do to get better.

In An Yue Academy, apart from the trial field, other places were still fighting and fighting, but Shi Lei felt that Ye Chen was about to beat him.

Cold sweat... came out of his head.

Quiet, very quiet.

Shi Lei seemed to only hear the sound of the nail clippers in Ye Chen's hands, his heart touched his throat, and the cold sweat had wetted his whole body.

Ye Chen finally finished his nails. He put the nail clippers on the desk, looked at Shi Lei faintly, and said:

"sorry to keep you waiting."

When Shi Lei heard Ye Chen's words, his soul flew away.

Fortunately, Ye Chen did not hit him, but walked towards the classroom.

Liu Qianqian and the students also followed!

Shi Lei let out a sigh of relief, he slumped to the ground, and finally understood why Bai Jun was reluctant to come.


Ye Chen and the students arrived in the square, and they saw Yang Feng and others from a distance.

The students in the square who were practising elementary and intermediate fitness techniques all cast their sights.

Ye Chen and his party stopped ten steps away from Yang Feng and his party.

All the students in the square watched this scene, and they were all a little bit enthusiastic. Are they preparing for a group fight?

"Cousin, he is Ye Chen!" Yang Feng said to his cousin Wu Yun.

Wu Yun looked at Ye Chen up and down, and then a sarcastic smile appeared on his face.

"I heard you are crazy?" Wu Yun said to Ye Chen disdainfully.

"Name: Wu Yun."

"Cultivation talent: medium."

"Second power talent: awakened."

"Realm: Senior Reserve Warrior."

Wu Yun is a student of Baiyun Middle School of Training, and the middle school can give people a awakening attribute talent. Cultivation talent is born, while attribute talent is awakened by the day after tomorrow.

Even though it is only a secondary power talent, it can bring great effects. A senior reserve fighter with attribute talent and senior reserve fighter without attribute talent are simply not comparable.

"Ye Chen, aren't you arrogant in Transit Forest? Now that my cousin is here, you continue to be arrogant!"

Yang Feng's face was extremely proud, he was not good at letting the elders in the family take action, because in this way, Liu Qianqian's family would naturally not stand idly by.

Yang Feng's little brothers also began to feel complacent, looking at Ye Chen with disdain.

Liu Qianqian looked angry, she looked at Ye Chen, and when she was about to speak, Ye Chen spoke first.

Ye Chen looked at Wu Yun and said lightly:

"Let's go, go out for a fight."

Wu Yun was startled, he didn't expect Ye Chen to dare to say such a thing.

"Are you sure you are not kneeling down and begging for mercy, but want to fight with me?" Wu Yun looked at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen smiled, "With you, are you worthy to make Ye Chen kneel and beg for mercy?"

hiss! ! !

Yang Feng and his little brothers were stunned, how did they think that Ye Chen could be so arrogant when facing Wu Yun.

"Okay! Then we will go out to fight!" Wu Yun shouted.

Immediately, not only Ye Chen and Yang Feng's party, but also all the students on the square walked out. Of course, they would not let go of such a good show.

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