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 22 Chapter 22: Power talent showdown

"Principal, the other party is from Baiyun Middle School of Training, we really..."

Before Lin Gensheng had finished speaking, he was interrupted by the principal Zhang Fenghe.

"Let them make a fuss." Zhang Fenghe waved his hand and walked into the principal's office immediately.


An Yue College, a small forest behind.

At this time, countless students of Anyue College were standing in the small woods, their faces were all very wonderful, just because they knew they would see a big battle soon.

"Ye Chen, you still don't know who he is?" Yang Feng said as he looked at Ye Chen disdainfully.

"He is a student of Baiyun Middle School of Training, my cousin Wu Yun, senior reserve warrior, medium talent, second-class strength talent!"

Yang Feng continued.

All the students were stunned as soon as he said this.

Medium talent is already a super genius in Anyue Academy, and there is a second-class power talent?

You must know that the second-class power talent is attribute talent!

As long as it is a student who is found to be gifted with attributes, he will immediately be trained by the college.

Liu Qianqian heard that there was a thick worry on her white face, although Ye Chen was stronger than her, but the opposite was after all a senior reserve warrior, and she also had a talent for inferior power.

"Qianqian, you don't need to worry at all, in fact I am not..."

Ye Chen didn't finish speaking, and Yang Feng's yelling voice once again spread to everyone's ears.

"Ye Chen, although you are a high-level talent, you are only a mid-level reserve warrior. Kneel down and beg for mercy. Maybe my cousin can spare your life."

At this moment, Yang Feng's face is as proud as it is.

Wu Yun was very proud of his face when he heard this. Obviously, he enjoyed Yang Feng's bragging about him.

All the students in the small forest looked at each other, all looked at Ye Chen, wondering how Ye Chen would answer.

"You..." Ye Chen looked at Wu Yun, "What are you waiting for?"

Wu Yun's pupils shrank abruptly when he heard this, but in any case he did not expect that Yang Feng would tell his identity, and Ye Chen could still be so calm.

"Since you insist on looking for death, you can't blame me!"

At the sound of falling, Wu Yun raised his fist and struck Ye Chen with a punch, with a trace of wind on his fist.

Reserve warriors can't practice skills, they can only practice some physical exercises, of course, Ye Chen is an exception.

Forging a heavy body can hit 80 catties!

The forged body double can emit 120 kilograms of force!


The junior reserve fighters can hit seven hundred jins of force.

Intermediate reserve fighters can play a thousand catties.

Advanced reserve fighters are able to hit 1,200 jin of force.

Coupled with inferior strength talent, Wu Yun can play at least 1,500 jin.

All the students opened their eyes wide, and Wu Yun's punch was about to hit Ye Chen.


Ye Chen smiled coldly, now he is a senior reserve warrior, with a medium-strength talent!

He can play at least 2,000 pounds!

If you add the profound skills of the powerful bull demon fist, the degree of terror is even more obvious.

Just when Wu Yun was about to get close to Ye Chen, Ye Chen punched him out!


Ye Chen's fist and Wu Yun's fist collided hard.

Yang Feng naturally knew how miserable Ye Chen would end up, but when he saw the painful expression on Wu Yun's face, he was stunned.

All the students saw the painful expression on Wu Yun's face.

"Impossible! Absolutely impossible!"

Wu Yun gritted his teeth and forcibly endured the pain, looked at Ye Chen and said.

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