I Copy Talents | Chapter 23 | Strong Leaf Dust

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 23 Chapter 23: Strong leaf dust


Ye Chen smiled coldly.

Suddenly, he kicked Wu Yun's body, and Wu Yun flew upside down. After landing on the ground, Wu Yun only felt that his internal organs were about to shift.

Oh my God! ! !

All the students in Xiaoshu couldn't help exclaiming. They previously thought this was a battle without suspense, because Wu Yun was not only a senior reserve warrior, but also had a talent for attributes.

Yang Feng was even more frightened, frozen in place like petrification, unable to recover for a long time.

"Impossible, absolutely impossible!"

Wu Yun who fell on the ground still couldn't believe that he was defeated so easily by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at Wu Yun faintly, "Your strength is indeed good, but never compare strength with me."

Looking at Ye Chen's slightly thin back, Liu Qianqian couldn't help but remember what Ye Chen didn't finish saying to her just now.

"Qianqian, you don't need to worry, in fact I am not..."

She finally understood the meaning of this sentence, in fact, I am not an intermediate reserve fighter, but an advanced reserve fighter.

To be able to do this, at least one must be a senior reserve warrior, or even a higher realm.

But Liu Qianqian still doesn't understand, even if Ye Chen is a senior reserve fighter, Wu Yun is also a senior reserve fighter.

She suddenly felt that Ye Chen had become extremely mysterious.

What used to be waste materials now seems to fly into the sky.

Ye Chen looked at Yang Feng, who was frozen like petrified, and said lightly: "Do you still think I need to kneel now?"

All the students in the grove looked at Yang Feng, but they found that Yang Feng's face was already startled in horror.

"No, no need." Yang Feng replied in horror.

"Come here." Ye Chen hooked his finger.

Yang Feng's expression changed, "What are you doing?"

At this moment, Ye Chen's classmates were all agitated, thinking that they were quite triumphant just now, why not continue to be triumphant now?

"Let you come over here!" Liu Qianqian's eyebrows were raised, and he stared at Yang Feng and shouted.

Yang Feng swallowed his saliva and had to walk in front of Ye Chen.

He originally thought that Ye Chen's end would be miserable, but now he found that he was not only wrong, but also to the point where he was wrong.


Before Yang Feng could speak, a powerful slap came to him. Before he could react, he received a heavy blow on his face.

"The first slap is because you provoke me."

Yang Feng covered his face and looked at Ye Chen in astonishment. He has been Zhongxing Pengyue since his birth, and this is the first time he has been beaten.

"Ye Chen, how dare you..."

Before Yang Feng had finished speaking, his face was hit hard for the second time, and gold stars appeared in his eyes.

"The second slap in the face is to hit you!"

All the students in the grove looked at each other. They couldn't even dream of such a scene.


Another slap in the face came into the ears of the students.

"The third slap, there is no other reason, but I want to hit you."

Yang Feng was almost crying, how could he have been so insulted?

But Ye Chen's face didn't fluctuate at all. He faintly looked at Yang Feng, whose eyes were already moist, and slowly spoke:

"Slap you three times, can you convince?"

Domineering, too domineering!

The students in the small forest only felt that Ye Chen was too domineering, and there was a look of worship in all their eyes.

"I..." Yang Feng looked at Ye Chen in amazement, "I take it."

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