I Copy Talents | Chapter 25 | The Strongest In East Base City Liu Xinghe

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 25 Chapter 25: The strongest in East Base City, Liu Xinghe

Ye Chen was secretly surprised, nine-star warrior?

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A nine-star warrior placed in the East Base City is definitely a super top powerhouse. Such a powerhouse is actually very respectful to Qianqian, enough to show his loyalty to the Liu family.

Ye Chen, let's go in and see my dad." Liu Qianqian said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded, and the two walked into the Liu's hall.

Entering the Liu Family Hall, Ye Chen instantly felt a strong breath rushing toward his face, he fixed his eyes and found that there was a person standing in the hall.

This man is stalwart, facing them with his back, from the back, he is about the same age as Uncle Hu.

Ye Chen could think of it even with his toes. This person is Liu Qianqian's father, Liu Xingyun, the strongest in East Base City.


Liu Qianqian yelled at this stalwart figure.

"Name: Liu Xinghe."

"Cultivation talent: medium."

"Attribute talent: mid-strength talent."

"Realm: One-Star Grand Master."

Seeing Liu Xinghe's information, Ye Chen couldn't help but startled a little secretly. He was actually a one-star master, and just like him, he had a medium-strength talent.

"You are here." Liu Xinghe said, then turned around.

Although the relationship between Ye Chen and Liu Qianqian is not vulgar, he has never seen Liu Xinghe. After Liu Xinghe turned around, Ye Chen looked at his appearance.

He found that Liu Xinghe was about forty years old, his face was not angry and pretentious, with eight-character sharp eyebrows and a pair of big leopard eyes. A stare like this was enough to scare others to death.

At the same time, there was a dazzling gold star on Liu Xinghe's clothes, which was the mark of the One-Star Grand Master.

After the warrior, he is the master!

Liu Xinghe waved his hand to let Ye Chen sit down and asked the housekeeper to pour the tea. Then he continued to speak:

"Are you Ye Chen?"

"Yes, uncle."

Ye Chen answered truthfully.

"Well, it really is a young hero." Liu Xinghe admired.

Ye Chen's appearance is not ordinary, on the contrary, it is very rich and godlike. In addition, the various deeds of Ye Chen in An Yue Academy have been learned by Liu Xinghe, and it is natural to appreciate Ye Chen, otherwise he will not see him.

"Ye Chen, three months later, the three schools in East Base City will compete. Do you have any confidence in choosing students to go to the Baiyun Middle School Training Academy?" Liu Xinghe said to Ye Chen.

"Yes." Ye Chen only said this one word, but this one word is better than a thousand words.

In this world, low-level colleges have two options for entering middle-level colleges. One is to spend a huge tuition to enter, and the other is to win places.

For example, East Base City has ten places.

"Ye Chen, can you tell me, what is your background?" Liu Xinghe suddenly asked.

As the honorary principal of Anyue College, he was also deeply surprised by Ye Chen's sudden rise. He now has a ten-page report of Ye Chen in his hands, all of which are how Zhang Fenghe, president of Anyue College, boasted about Ye Chen and said Ye Chen's background is not simple.

Liu Qianqian also looked at Ye Chen, and she naturally wanted to know what Ye Chen's background was.

A waste material whose talent was ridiculed for being weak, suddenly became the most terrifying genius in the school. Such a speed is absolutely impossible. There is only one explanation, that is, Ye Chen has been hiding himself.

Seeing Liu Xinghe and Liu Qianqian's eyes, Ye Chen shook his head and said:

"I have no background."

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