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 26 Chapter 26: Observe the beast

Liu Xinghe shook his head and smiled, "Since you don't say anything, then forget it."

Ye Chen was stunned, thinking that I had already said it, there was no background, and no one believed the truth?

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e looked at Liu Qianqian and found that Liu Qianqian's face was also full of disbelief.

"You go back to school and practice, and prepare for the big competition in three months." Liu Xinghe said to Ye Chen and Liu Qianqian.

Ye Chen and Liu Qianqian nodded, and then returned to An Yue College from Liu's house.


These days, Ye Chen has been practicing in the training room.

He can now replicate his talent again.

After he came out of the training room, he found that the faces of the students on the square were more or less excited.

Could it be that something good is not possible?

Ye Chen was about to ask a student, a student passing by him was stopped by him.

"Why are you so happy?" Ye Chen asked.

The student's face changed immediately, and he said quickly, "Ye, senior Ye Chen, I am not happy."

"No, I'm asking you why you are so happy." Ye Chen shook his head and smiled.

The student let out a sigh of relief. He thought it was Senior Ye Chen who couldn't understand his smile and was about to beat him up.

"You don't know, Ye Chen, senior, the school will get a few fierce beasts for us to observe tomorrow, and also invite geniuses from the other two hospitals to come and watch it together."

Hearing this, Ye Chen understood.

Most of the schools in Anyue College have never seen a fierce beast. This time they heard that they could see a fierce beast.


Ye Chen's face became ambiguous, and it would take a month after the copy talent to continue copying, he was just able to copy the talent now.

In this place of East Base City, it is too difficult to replicate good talents. He thought that tomorrow might be his chance.

As for the geniuses of Sky Blue Academy and Gale Academy, he still didn't take it seriously.

I went to the classroom and took a theory class. After the get out of class, Liu Qianqian came to Ye Chen's side.

"Ye Chen, do you know about tomorrow?" Liu Qianqian looked at Ye Chen.

When Liu Qianqian heard the words, there was a touch of sadness on her white face.

"What's wrong?" Ye Chen was a little puzzled.

Suddenly, Ye Chen thought of something.

Liu Qianqian is not only the proud daughter of Anyue College, but also Liu Xinghe's daughter. There are naturally many suitors.

Among them, two suitors are the most dazzling, one is Yang Feng, the other is Muhai.

Muhai is the first genius of Sky Blue Academy, and his family is also very good in Dongji City.

This time, Anyue College invited geniuses from the other two colleges to observe the fierce beasts, and there is no doubt that Muhai will also come.

"It's okay." Ye Chen looked at Liu Qianqian, "Everything has me."

Liu Qianqian was startled, she looked at Ye Chen's pupils, and she found that Ye Chen's pupils were really too beautiful.

It was as quiet as the night, and as deep as the sea.

Everything has me!

The four words deeply touched Liu Qianqian's heartstrings.


The next day, all the students gathered in the square. Most of them had never seen a beast, and their faces were all wonderful.

At this time, two teams of students came in from outside the school gate, each led by a teacher, and their school uniforms had the words Sky Blue Academy and Gale Academy.

"It's the geniuses of Sky Blue Academy and Gale Academy!"

The students on the square quickly looked at the sky blue college and the wild wind college in the East Base City and An Yue College are equally famous.

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