I Copy Talents | Chapter 27 | Copy Low Speed Talent

I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

 27 Chapter 27: Copy low speed talent

The students of Sky Blue Academy and Gale Academy were taken to the designated area by the leading teacher.

Next, wait for the arrival of the beast!

Before long, three iron cage cars came in the school gate, each with a fierce beast. The three iron cages were escorted by a group of mercenaries.

"I have seen these three fierce beasts in the book of fierce beasts, the black shadow cat, the iron pig; the two-headed centipede." said a student.

The black shadow cat, the iron pig, and the two-headed centipede are all Tier 1 beasts.

At this moment, the three fierce beasts roared fiercely in the iron cage, and they slapped the iron cage. Their eyes were red and looked terrifying.

All the students in the square looked at each other a little, only to feel that these three fierce beasts were really terrifying, and they shuddered at a distance.

More than a dozen mercenaries brought three cage wagons in front of the students.

"Classmates, these three fierce beasts all have their existence in the college books, I believe you are all familiar with them."

"The black shadow cat, the iron pig, and the two-headed centipede are all Tier 1 fierce beasts. This time, I want you to observe the real fierce beasts. I want you to know the horror of the fierce beasts."

After all, the principal Zhang Fenghe threw a large piece of pork into the black shadow cat's cage.

The black shadow cat tore the pork to pieces in an instant.


Seeing this, all the students in the square took a breath.

Both the detection talent and the duplication talent need to be within ten meters. Ye Chen's location is beyond ten meters, and he can't detect the information of these three beasts.

Then he walked forward.

Finally, he stayed ten meters away from the three cage cars.

The students on the square were all a little stunned. They didn't understand why Ye Chen had to stand in the front. Could it be that they wanted to take a good look at these three fierce beasts?

Together with the geniuses of Sky Blue Academy and Gale Academy, they were all puzzled.

"Ye Chen, why are you standing so prominently?" Lin Gensheng asked quickly.

If only the students of Anyue College were the only ones, there were still geniuses in Sky Blue College and Gale College.

Ye Chen ignored Lin Gensheng, but looked at a cage truck.

"Two-headed centipede: fierce beast."

"Level: Level One."

"Talent: None."

Ye Chen continued to look at the second cage wagon.

"Iron Pig: Fierce Beast."

"Level: Level One."

"Talent: None."

Seeing this, Ye Chen couldn't help but cursed inwardly, thinking that none of the three fierce beasts would be talented, he continued to look at the last iron cage.

"Black Shadow Cat: Fierce Beast."

"Level: Level One."

"Talent: low speed talent."

Ye Chen took a sigh of relief, and finally he had the existence of attribute talent. It is too difficult to replicate the attribute talents in this place in East Base City.

"Do you want to copy?"

Four words appeared on Ye Chen's retina.


"The copy was successful."


"Congratulations to the host for obtaining the yellow-level advanced skill Shadow Step."

The system prompt sounded in Ye Chen's mind.

Ye Chen smiled secretly, thinking that he not only copied his talent, but also gained skills.

"Ye Chen, what are you doing?"

Lin Gensheng walked to Ye Chen and said to Ye Chen angrily.

Ye Chen smiled faintly, "Dry chicken feathers."

Dry chicken feathers?

Lin Gensheng was startled, he didn't understand what it meant to dry chicken feathers.

"Ye Chen, go back to the team, people from Sky Blue Academy and Gale Academy are watching you." Lin Gensheng said again quickly.

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