I Copy Talents | Chapter 29 | Angry Sky Blue Academy's First Genius

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 29 Chapter 29: Angry Sky Blue Academy's first genius

The geniuses of Sky Blue Academy and Gale Academy listened to the words of the students, and they were a little stunned.

How did they think that Ye Chen was so famous in An Yue College.

Mu Hai's expression turned even greener. As the first genius of the Sky Blue Academy, when was he looked down upon like this?

"Since you are the first genius of An Yue Academy!" Mu Hai looked at Ye Chen with a sullen expression, "Well, I want to fight you!"

All the students onlookers laughed. They didn't understand where this person had the courage, so they dared to fight Senior Ye Chen.

Yang Feng also sighed, he certainly knew that Mu Hai would never be Ye Chen's opponent. Thinking of the scene in the small forest, he couldn't help but feel angry, and now he has become a laughing stock in An Yue Academy.

But his cousin Wu Yun said, wait for Ye Chen to go to the Baiyun Middle School Training Institute, then clean him up.

Muhai looked at the smiles on the faces of the students onlookers, and couldn't help but bump into the fire, shouting at Ye Chen:

"Dare you or not?"

Ye Chen smiled, "Why don't you dare?"

Mu Hai gritted his teeth when he heard this, and after turning around to obtain the consent of the leading teacher, he looked at Ye Chen, "This is your territory. Which battle do you think?"

The relationship between Sky Blue Academy and Gale Academy is very good, their faces are full of anger, they want Mu Hai to teach Ye Chen a good lesson.

"Just the trial field." Ye Chen spoke slowly, a boring look appeared on his face.

Immediately, all the students hurried to the trial field.

Some students even ran to inform their classmates that, for a while, almost the entire Anyue College students had arrived at the trial field.


Lin Gensheng ran into the principal's office.

"What's the matter?" Zhang Fenghe looked at Lin Gensheng.

"Ye Chen is going to fight with Muhai, the first day of the Sky Blue Academy, in the trial field, let's go see it soon." Lin Gensheng said quickly, for fear it would be over before going to the trial field.

When the principal Zhang Fenghe heard this, he naturally didn't want to let go of such a wonderful scene. He didn't go to the small forest last time and regretted it for a while.


Proving ground.

At this time, the proving ground was full of students.

All the students at Sky Blue College and Gale College were furious, and the two teachers who led the team were also a little angry. They didn't expect the students of An Yue College to look down on them so much.

The principals Zhang Fenghe and Lin Gensheng arrived at the trial field.

Ye Chen stepped onto a trial platform and looked at Muhai below the stage faintly, "Come on for a fight."

Mu Hai's whole body was shaken, he really couldn't stand Ye Chen's arrogance, and instantly rushed to the trial platform.

All the students of An Yue College knew that this would be a battle without suspense, but the geniuses of Sky Blue College and Gale College didn't know, they still looked at Ye Chen with an angry expression.

Ye Chen stood on the trial platform, he suddenly remembered something. When copying the black shadow cat's low speed talent, he obtained the yellow-level advanced skill Shadow Step, and he hadn't practiced yet.

"System, I want to practice the shadow step."

"Ding! The practice shadow step begins:"


"Successfully practiced in the shadow step."

Listening to the system's voice, Ye Chen became a little ambiguous, thinking that just to use Mu Hai to try his shadow step.

He is an advanced reserve warrior, and he is also highly talented, not to mention the existence of medium strength talent and low speed talent.

Muhai couldn't beat him anyway.

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