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 30 Chapter 30: Shadow step

Mu Hai stared at Ye Chen, he had never been looked down upon like this.

There was a lazy look on Ye Chen's face, and he looked at Mu Hai lightly.

"Actually, if you fight with me, I am totally bullying you. Why not, as long as you can hit me, even if you win." Ye Chen thought about trying the speed of this shadow step.

what! ! !

Everyone in the trial stage was shocked.

Is this human?

Mu Hai jumped into thunder with anger, and shouted furiously at Ye Chen:

"you wanna die!"

When the sound fell, Mu Hai rushed towards Ye Chen.

Reserve warriors can't practice skills, they can only fight hand-to-hand, but their strength is great. When facing reserve warriors, ordinary people have no chance of winning.

The students at the trial stage originally thought Senior Ye Chen was just making a joke, but what they didn't expect was that Senior Ye Chen really didn't make a defensive trend.

Of course they knew Ye Chen was terrible, but as long as Mu Hai hits, it would count as a win, it seems that Ye Chen's chances of winning are not so high.

Everyone thinks so, but it's a pity that they missed one thing, that is the existence of low speed talent and shadow step.

But I saw: Muhai arrived in front of Ye Chen, and immediately hit Ye Chen's face with a punch. Intermediate reserve warriors could hit a huge force. If ordinary people suffered such a punch, the result could be imagined. know.

Just when Muhai thought that his fist was about to hit Ye Chen's face, Ye Chen would soon fly out.

His fist...failed!

Mu Hai was startled and quickly searched for Ye Chen's figure, only to find that Ye Chen was already several meters away from him.

"How is this possible?"

Mu Hai gritted his teeth and continued to rush towards Ye Chen.

But where could Muhai's fist hit Ye Chen's body, Ye Chen's speed was so fast that even a trace of afterimage appeared.

The eyes of the students on the trial stage opened wide, as if they had seen a scene that would never appear.

"This, is this the yellow-level advanced skill shadow step?"

Lin Gensheng swallowed and said.

"Yes, it is the shadow step." The principal Zhang Fenghe said slowly.

Zhang Fenghe remembered that Ye Chen said that his background was not simple. When he was fighting with Bai Jun on the trial stage, his fist wind roared and his strength skyrocketed. There was no doubt that he used skills.

Reserve warriors can't practice skills, but Zhang Fenghe knows that there are some descendants of the supreme power in this world who can practice skills.

Mu Hai hit at least 30 punches, not to mention hitting Ye Chen, even the corner of Ye Chen's clothes was not hit.

"There's no reason why you can't, no reason you can't!" Mu Hai shouted.

Liu Qianqian was also stunned, she felt that Ye Chen was becoming more and more mysterious, such a speed was simply terrifying.

Ye Chen halted his steps. The Shadow Step was a yellow-level advanced skill, and with his current power, he could not use it infinitely.

He looked at Muhai panting, and said lightly:

"You can't even hit me, and I want to fight Ye Chen. It's ridiculous."

Mu Hai stared at Ye Chen coldly, and shouted: "There is a kind of you don't hide!"

From Muhai's point of view, Ye Chen was only fast and his strength must not be very good, so he kept dodge.

"Are you going to tell the difference in strength with me?" Ye Chen looked at Mu Hai, "but my strength is terrifying."

The students of the Sky Blue Academy and the Gale Academy, the two leading teachers were extremely angry when they heard the words. You must know that Mu Hai has practiced advanced physical training to the extreme.

In terms of power, Sky Blue Academy and Kuangfeng Academy are the most terrifying power of Muhai, they really don't understand how Ye Chen dare to say that his power is terrifying.

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