I Copy Talents | Chapter 31 | I Said My Power Is Terrifying

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 31 Chapter 31: I said, my power is terrifying

An Yue Academy, the trial field.

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Countless students stood under one of the trial stages, and the expressions on their faces were all wonderful.

n the first day of the Sky Blue Academy, Muhai swiped 30 punches without hitting Ye Chen. Under the anger, Ye Chen had a kind of hiding, and wanted to have a power confrontation with Ye Chen.

When Ye Chen said that his power was terrifying, Mu Hai couldn't help but sneered.

"Ye Chen, since you said your power is terrifying, then I will let you see what is real power!" Mu Hai shouted.

At the sound of the sound, Mu Hai rushed towards Ye Chen again, hitting Ye Chen heavily. He firmly believed that as long as Ye Chen didn't hide, he would definitely be beaten with a bruise and swollen face.

The students of Sky Blue Academy and Gale Academy think so, only because Mu Hai's advanced bodybuilding technique has reached the point of proficiency.

Seeing the fist that hit, Ye Chen smiled coldly.

A duel in power?

In an instant, Muhai arrived in front of Ye Chen and slammed his fist towards Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen also raised his fists and struck Muhai with a punch, just as they were about to hit with their fists.

Everyone present opened their eyes wide, for fear of missing a good show.

What the students of Sky Blue College and Gale College could not think of was that at the moment when Mu Hai's fist and Ye Chen's fist collided, Mu Hai flew upside down.

Mu Hai fell heavily to the ground, only feeling unprecedented pain, and he even felt that his hands had been lost.

That kind of power... is really terrifying!

"How is this possible?"

The two leading teachers and all the students of Sky Blue Academy and Gale Academy were all dumbfounded.

They previously thought that as long as Ye Chen didn't hide, and Muhai used strength to decide the outcome, Ye Chen had no chance of winning.

"Ye Chen is a great senior, Ye Chen is a great student!"

"Senior Ye Chen is so handsome, I want to be the girlfriend of Senior Ye Chen, no one will stop me Zhang Xiaohua!"

Suddenly, all the students of Anyue College cheered.

Ye Chen faintly looked at Muhai who fell on the ground, and slowly said: "I said my power is terrifying, why don't you believe it?"

Yin Luo, Ye Chen glanced at the students of Sky Blue Academy and Kuangfeng students, and then said:

"Who else wants to come up and fight me?"

The geniuses of Sky Blue Academy and An Yue Academy, take a look, let me see you all looked at each other, where would you dare to take the stage for a fight.

"No, I didn't expect An Yue Academy to have such a genius. It really made me look ashamed." The leading teacher of Sky Blue Academy smiled awkwardly.

As Ye Chen's class teacher, Lin Gensheng was pleased to hear the words, and said slightly: "It's okay, we have always had many geniuses in Anyue College."

Just when the students thought they were going to leave, they even dreamed that Ye Chen would say such words to the principal.

I saw Ye Chen looking at the principal Zhang Fenghe and said:

"Principal, I want to enhance my combat experience."

Zhang Fenghe was startled, and only a few seconds later he said: "It is a good thing to increase combat experience, but how do you increase combat experience now?"

Ye Chen did not speak, but looked at the square.

The students hurriedly followed Ye Chen's gaze. It didn't matter if they didn't look at them, they were shocked to lose their color.

It's just because there are three iron cage wagons carrying fierce beasts on the square.

Everyone present was shocked, and they suddenly thought of an extremely astonishing possibility...

That is Ye Chen wanted to kill the three fierce beasts!

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