I Copy Talents | Chapter 32 | Ready To Kill Three Beasts

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 32 Chapter 32: Ready to kill three beasts

As Ye Chen's class teacher, Lin Gensheng was stunned. He originally thought Ye Chen was just joking, but he didn't think it would be true.

Does this really want to kill the three fierce beasts?

But know that those are three fierce beasts! ! !

Not only Lin Gensheng, but everyone present was in shock.

"Boy, fierce beasts are different from competitions. They won't let you off just because you are a student."

A mercenary said to Ye Chen.

These three fierce beasts were all caught by them. They were just about to leave, but because of the excitement, they followed the students to the trial field.

The life of mercenaries is to lick blood on the tip of a knife, and they know the cruelty of beasts better than anyone.

"I know." Ye Chen said.

More than a dozen mercenaries were shocked when they heard the words. The purpose of these words was to let Ye Chen retreat, but he didn't expect that Ye Chen would have to make progress.

"The cruelty of the fierce beast is not what you can imagine. I advise you not to be competitive."

Said a mercenary.

The realm of this group of mercenaries is not high, even the captain is only a one-star warrior, but because they are in the wild all the year round, there is a trace of blood around their bodies.

Ye Chen did not continue to pay attention to the group of mercenaries, but looked at the principal Zhang Fenghe and said:

"Principal, what do you think?"

"Um..." Principal Zhang Fenghe hesitated, "This..."

Lin Gensheng saw that Ye Chen came for real, his eyes rolled up and down, and immediately looked at Zhang Fenghe and said:

"Principal, I just need to protect Ye Chen by the side. Anyway, the school bought those three fierce beasts."

Zhang Fenghe's eyes lit up when he heard this, thinking that the three fierce beasts will die sooner or later, so it's better to become Ye Chen.

This time, An Yue Academy purchased the fierce beast not only for the students to observe, but also the blood of the fierce beast. The last of the academy's blood was given to Ye Chen.

The blood of the fierce beast is not all the blood of the beast's body, but the blood of the beast. Generally speaking, the blood of a fierce beast of the first-order beast is too small, so it takes three beasts of the first-order to condense a small bottle of the beast blood.

"Ye Chen, I can agree to your request." Zhang Feng looked at Ye Chen, "but I have to let Teacher Lin protect you."

"Yes." Ye Chen nodded.

He can understand naturally, it is a fierce beast after all.

Seeing this, a dozen mercenaries all felt that Ye Chen was overwhelmed. In their opinion, although Ye Chen was a super genius of An Yue Academy, the horror of the fierce beast was definitely not what he could imagine.

The students of Sky Blue Academy and Gale Academy felt that Ye Chen was too arrogant and wanted to kill three Tier 1 fierce beasts?

But the students of Anyue College didn't think so. Ye Chen was already the idol of most of the students. When they heard that Ye Chen was going to attack the three fierce beasts, their faces became very exciting.

Immediately, Ye Chen headed to the three iron cage cars with ferocious beasts on the square.



Everyone looked at the slightly thin figure in front of them, and they knew that Ye Chen was about to enter the iron cage to fight the fierce beast.

"Ye Chen, which cage are you going to advance?" Lin Gensheng said to Ye Chen.

"Double-headed centipede." Ye Chen said leisurely.

Liu Qianqian stood behind Ye Chen. Although Lin Gensheng was protected, her palms were still squeezed with sweat.

The fierce beast is very big. Although it is a centipede, it is more than a meter long and has two heads. The densely packed feet really make the scalp numb.

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