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 33 Chapter 33: Punch the two-headed centipede to death

The double-headed centipede is extremely toxic, let alone ordinary people, even if a junior reserve warrior is injured by the venom, it is also killed instantly.

"Teacher Lin, let's go in." Ye Chen said while looking at Lin Gensheng.

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in Gensheng nodded, and then he and Ye Chen entered the iron cage.

Everyone in the square opened their eyes wide. They didn't know if they could see these scenes in the future.

Just after Ye Chen and Lin Gensheng entered the iron cage, the two-headed centipede began to roar, and they would attack immediately when they looked at them.

"Ye Chen, you have to be careful." Lin Gensheng said to Ye Chen.

Lin Gensheng is a two-star warrior, this two-headed centipede is definitely not his opponent, he is also sure to save Ye Chen under any circumstances.

Seeing this two-headed centipede climbed up on the iron cage, it looked terrifying.

Ye Chen stared at the double-headed centipede in front of him. He is now an advanced reserve warrior, with a medium-strength talent, a low-speed talent, and more powerful cow magic fists and shadow steps.

He felt that he should be able to kill this two-headed centipede in one hit, after all, the first-order fierce beast was only a little stronger than the advanced reserve warrior.

Suddenly, the two-headed centipede moved quickly.

Everyone in the square looked at the iron cage, for fear of mistake every bit of wonderfulness.

Ye Chen urged Huang Tier's advanced skills to cover the shadow step and also moved towards the double-headed centipede, which was on the iron cage wall.

The distance between him and the double-headed centipede was not far away, and with the shadow step, he was in front of the double-headed centipede in an instant.

"Strong Bull Demon Fist!"

Ye Chen punched the double-headed centipede on the wall of the iron cage. The double-headed centipede hadn't reacted at all and was hit by a punch.

The mid-strength talent and the profound low-level skill of the powerful Niu Moquan directly blasted this double-headed centipede.

hiss! ! !

Everyone in the square was dumbfounded when they saw such a scene.

"This two-headed centipede was blown up like this?"

"Yes, right."

This group of mercenaries were also stunned. They originally thought Ye Chen was just a flower in the greenhouse, but now it seems that they were completely wrong.

The students of Sky Blue College and Gale College looked at Mu Hai in a daze, thinking that Mu Hai's ending was already very good.

After Liu Qianqian was shocked, she took a sigh of relief and felt that she could trust Ye Chen forever.

Ye Chen thought that he could kill this double-headed centipede with one strike, but his original strength seemed to be insufficient. In the battle with Muhai, he used too much.


Ye Chen remembered that he still had a Qi and Blood Pill. The Qi and Blood Pill was a reward for participating in the field trial. Without thinking, he took out the Qi and Blood Pill and swallowed it, and his vitality instantly recovered to its peak.

"Ms. Lin, let's go to the second cage."

Ye Chen looked at Lin Gensheng with a side face and said.

What he didn't expect was that Lin Gensheng was unmoved. He turned around and found that Lin Gensheng had froze like a clay sculpture and wood sculpture.

"Teacher Lin, what's wrong with you?" Ye Chen shook his hand in front of Lin Gensheng's eyes.

Lin Gensheng only came back to his senses, he was really shocked.

"Um, well, let's go to the second cage." Lin Gensheng said quickly.

Later, Ye Chen and Lin Gensheng went to the iron cage of the iron pig.

The Iron Pig's strength and defense are very strong, but Ye Chen's strength is stronger than him. After taking the Qi and Blood Pill, Ye Chen can continue to send out a powerful bull fist.

There is no doubt that the Iron Pig was killed by Ye Chen with a single blow.

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