I Copy Talents | Chapter 34 | Principal's Distress

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 34 Chapter 34: Principal's distress

Everyone in the square was shocked as much as they were shocked, as if they had seen a scene they would never see.

The double-headed centipede was killed in seconds!

The iron pig was killed in seconds!

You know, this is a Tier 1 fierce beast.

The principal Zhang Fenghe was in pain. It is a complicated process to extract the blood of the beast.

But now the double-headed centipede is blown up, and the iron pig is squashed. How can the blood of the beast be extracted?

Suddenly, the principal Zhang Fenghe couldn't help but regret it. He knew that Ye Chen was so terrifying, so he wouldn't agree to Ye Chen, but now that he has spoken, he has to bear it.

But thinking of the price of the beast...

Zhang Fenghe's face twitched slightly, just when Ye Chen and Lin Gensheng were about to go to the last iron cage, he finally stopped them.

"and many more!"

Ye Chen and Lin Gensheng stopped, and turned around and looked at Zhang Fenghe in a puzzled manner.

"Ye Chen, I think your combat experience is already very strong, you don't need to continue." Zhang Fenghe's old face was very calm, "Just keep this black shadow cat."

Ye Chen naturally didn't expect this Fenghe to say such a thing, but thinking that since the principal said this, then forget it.

The students of Sky Blue Academy and Gale Academy all left Anyue Academy. They felt that if they stayed here, they would have to find a hole to get in.

At this time, a group of students surrounded Ye Chen, all with a look of worship.

"Brother Ye, you are now not only the first genius of Anyue College, but also the first genius of the entire East Base City."

"It should be said that Brother Ye is the first genius among the students in East Base City. What are Muhai and Jincheng worth?"

Mu Hai was the first genius of Sky Blue Academy, and Jin Cheng was the first genius of Gale Academy, but he did not come to watch the fierce beast this time.

"It seems that in the three-school competition, Brother Ye will undoubtedly win the first place."

Using Huaxia's school, Ye Chen is now a third-year student and will soon be promoted to middle school. If he gets the first place, he will receive special attention.

The three universities selected students who went to the training college of Baiyun Middle School, and there were a total of ten places.

As for other students who have not been admitted to the Baiyun Middle School of Training, they will enter other colleges, but they are lower schools.

After all, East Base City is just a subsidiary base city of Baiyun Base City.


The distance between the three schools is getting closer, Ye Chen and Liu Qianqian have been cultivating, it is worth mentioning that Liu Qianqian has become a senior reserve warrior.

After Liu Qianqian became a senior reserve fighter, three days later Yang Feng also became a senior reserve fighter.

After all, they are all medium cultivation talents.

Ye Chen felt that he was about to enter a one-star warrior, as long as he reached a one-star warrior, it is said that a Yuanhai would appear in his body, and his vitality was much more than that of a reserve warrior.

In the last two weeks of the Big Three, Zhang Xiaoshi had his birthday.

Zhang Xiaoshi has a good relationship with Ye Chen and Liu Qianqian. If you invite them, they will naturally go.

Regardless of the various beasts and fierce beasts outside the base city, the base city is similar to the Chinese city, and even more prosperous.

Zhang Xiaoshi found a KTV named Diamond Giants, and when he heard the name, he knew that the trench was inhuman.

However, Zhang Xiaoshi's family is also quite rich.

Zhang Xiaoshi took the lead to the diamond giants and told them the name of the box was Crystal Palace.

Ye Chen, Liu Qianqian, Wang Hai, and Xiao Wei went to the diamond giant.

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