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 35 Chapter 35: Jin Cheng and Zhou Ting

The diamond giant KTV is in the center of East Base City, where the consumption is extremely high, but the people who come here are usually rich people, and warriors are not common.

The status of warriors is very good, although Ye Chen and the others are not really martial artists, they are also much higher than ordinary people.

Before coming from Anyue College, I was in a hurry. I forgot to change my clothes. Wearing the school uniform of Anyue College, I went to the diamond giant KTV.

When the KTV staff saw that they were students of Anyue College, they all couldn't help being a little respectful.

"Excuse me..."

Before a staff member could finish speaking, Ye Chen interrupted him.

"Crystal Palace." Ye Chen said to the staff member.

The Crystal Palace is a box of the diamond giants.

Immediately, this staff member led Ye Chen and his party towards the Crystal Palace.

Not long after, Ye Chen and his party arrived outside the Crystal Palace box.

After several people walked in, they found Zhang Xiaoshi sitting in it alone.

"Are you here?"

Zhang Xiaoshi quickly got up and said to several people.

"No, Xiaoshi, where is your girlfriend?" Xiao Wei asked suspiciously.

Zhang Xiaoshi's girlfriend is named Zhou Ting, not Anyue College, but a student of Kuangfeng College.

"She came right away and said she wanted to say something important to me, but her tone didn't seem very good."

Zhang Xiaoshi touched his head and said.

All five of them tried in the transit forest, members of the Willow Leaf Team.

"Don't think too much, she must want to say some love words to you." Wang Hai said with a smile.

Subsequently, several people began to sing.

Ye Chen naturally felt that this was boring, and he sat aside and slowly drank beer while holding a cup.

"Ye Chen, you sing a song too." Liu Qianqian looked at Ye Chen.

As soon as these words came out, Wang Hai, Zhang Xiaoshi and Xiao Wei seemed to be beaten with blood, and they insisted on Ye Chen to sing.

Kindness is hard to come by!

Ye Chen just received the microphone from Liu Qianqian, the door of the box opened, and a man and a woman came in.

The girl looks pretty, fifteen or sixteen years old, and dresses well.

This girl is not someone else, but Zhang Xiaoshi's girlfriend Zhou Ting.

As for this guy who looks good...

Ye Chen didn't know each other anyway, but they seemed to know each other.

"Jin Cheng?" Liu Qianqian looked at the boy suspiciously.

Jin Cheng, the first genius of Gale Academy.

Ye Chen had heard of Jin Cheng's name, but had never seen him before.

"Qianqian, you are here too." Jin Cheng smiled, then looked at Zhang Xiaoshi, "Zhang Xiaoshi, right? Zhou Ting doesn't like you anymore."

Several people were dumbfounded when they heard the words, a look of astonishment appeared on their faces.

"You, what did you say?" Zhang Xiaoshi looked at Jincheng in astonishment.

Jin Cheng looked at Zhou Ting, "You should tell him."

Zhou Ting hesitated when she heard that, and immediately looked at Zhang Xiaoshi and said, "I'm sorry, I don't like you anymore."

"Why, why?"

Zhang Xiaoshi's whole body was shocked, his pupils could not help but turn red.

"Because Jincheng is the first genius of the Gale Academy, and the family is the famous Jincheng in East Base City, and you are nothing, at best, you have some small money at home."

Zhou Ting's voice was not loud, but every word stuck into Zhang Xiaoshi's heart like a needle.

"So, so, you just..."

Before Zhang Xiaoshi finished speaking, Jin Cheng interrupted him.

"So she fell in love with me." Jin Cheng looked at Zhang Xiaoshi disdainfully, "I tell you, don't keep pestering Zhou Ting, or you and your family will disappear into this world."

Jin Cheng said.

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