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 37 Chapter 37: Three Houses

Jin Cheng dared to continue speaking no matter where he heard this, although he didn't know Ye Chen, he intuitively told him that Ye Chen was very strong.

Then, Jin Cheng and Zhou Ting left here.

Several people from Liu Qianqian were comforted to Zhang Xiaoshi.

Ye Chen looked at Zhang Xiaoshi and couldn't help but sighed secretly, thinking that there are really 80,000 characters in the world, and only love characters are the most murderous.

After returning to An Yue Academy, Ye Chen continued to practice, and it didn't take long for the three academies to compete.


Two weeks later.

This day is a grand event for the entire East Base City.

An Yue College, Sky Blue College, and Gale College will compete in the trial field in East Base City.

The reason for this competition is naturally to choose places to go to the Baiyun Middle School Training Academy.

The three strongest players in East Base City, Liu Xinghe, Yang Kun, and Jin Yuan will all play.

The three-college competition does not mean all the students from the three academies, but the third-year students, and at least they must be reserve martial artists to participate.

Just because there are only ten places to go to Baiyun Base City, and there are at least dozens of reserve warriors in the three colleges.

The three academies were all led by the principal personally, and Zhang Fenghe, the principal of Anyue College, took Ye Chen and his party outside the trial field.

At this time, the principals of Sky Blue Academy and Gale Academy also took the students outside the trial field.

Because the relationship between Sky Blue Academy and Gale Academy has always been very good, the two houses started talking together as soon as they got outside the trial field.

"Muhai." A junior reserve warrior student touched Peng Muhai's arm, "Ye Chen is there."

Muhai, the first genius of the Sky Blue Academy, followed the student's gaze and found that Ye Chen was not far away from him.

Since returning from An Yue Academy, Mu Hai felt that he was suffering from Ye Chen's symptoms, as long as he heard Ye Chen's name, he would tremble uncontrollably.

"Muhai, what are you shaking?" Jin Cheng naturally saw Ye Chen, his face revealed a dark and cold color, "Muhai, do you know him?"

The students of Sky Blue Academy were all startled, they looked at Jin Cheng in amazement, "Brother Jin, don't you even know him?"

Jin Cheng was a little stunned when he heard the words, wondering if Ye Chen was very famous? Is he ignorant?

"Brother Jin, this is the strongest genius among all the students in East Base City, Ye Chen." A student from Sky Blue College said to Jin Cheng.


Jin Cheng's pupils shrank fiercely. Of course he had heard Ye Chen's name. He didn't go to observe the fierce beasts in the Third Academy, but I don't know how terrible Ye Chen had heard of An Yue Academy.

What Muhai hit 30 punches and didn't hit Ye Chen, but was beaten by Ye Chen.

What Ye Chen could kill a Tier 1 fierce beast with one punch.

He naturally did not believe it at the time, and he would not have thought that he would meet Ye Chen in the Crystal Palace, the first genius of An Yue Academy.

"Jincheng, wait if you fight him." Muhai looked at Jincheng, "take the initiative to give in."

Jin Cheng smiled coldly. Although he was surprised, he was afraid that he would not meet Ye Chen. He had a powerful pill brought from the family. After eating it, he could double his strength for ten minutes.

As for the beast with a punch? It seemed to him to be completely bragging.

Next, the students of the three colleges were led by the principals of their respective colleges and entered the venue one after another.

In the trial field, there are already many spectators. These spectators include martial artists and ordinary people, all of whom come to watch by buying tickets.

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