I Copy Talents | Chapter 38 | Three Hospitals | Part 1

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 38 Chapter 38: Three hospitals, 1

The three powerhouses in East Base City and the other seven famous warriors all sat on the judges' bench.

The students from the three hospitals all went to the designated area.

Thousands of spectators all revealed wonderful looks on their faces, especially ordinary people. Life in the base city is too calm. Although the ticket prices are extremely expensive, they will naturally not miss such a good show.

At this moment, a warrior stood up from the judges' bench, scanned the students of the Third Academy, and shouted:

"The Three Academy Competition is to select students who go to the Baiyun Middle School of Training, and ten places will be selected from your 50 students."

"In addition, the top three will get rewards."

"The third place, bodybuilding pill!"

The body-building pill can be used not only at the realm of body-building, but also by reserve fighters. It has the same effect as the blood of the fierce beast, but the effect is much smaller.

"The second place is the diamond boxing technique for reserve fighters."

The audience was a little surprised when they heard this statement. Diamond Boxing is a special technique designated for reserve martial artists, but it is extremely precious. There will never be such a high reward in previous years. You must know that this is the second place.

The students of Anyue College, Sky Blue College, and Kuangfeng College also looked happy.

"The next number one..." The warrior on the judges' bench looked at everyone, "The student who is the first place will get a reserve warrior promotion potion that unconditionally improves a small realm."

hiss! ! !

Reserve warrior upgrade potion?

Thousands of spectators all started to feel a little stunned. If you want to know that the reserve martial artist upgrade potion, it is an extremely precious existence.

There are no side effects, but it can unconditionally promote the reserve martial artist to a small level. They have only heard of this kind of medicine, but they have never seen it.

Ye Chen smiled secretly, does the reserve warrior upgrade the potion?

"Next, the big competition begins!"

"Next, Zhang Tian from Gale Academy will fight Shi Lei from Anyue Academy."

Zhang Tian and Shi Lei began to take power, both of whom were junior reserve fighters. After more than a dozen rounds, Shi Lei failed to withstand Zhang Tian's attack after all, and was defeated.

"In the first battle, Zhang Tian won the Storm Academy."


The audience in the audience cheered, most of them are ordinary people, how can you see such a wonderful fight in ordinary times.

Next, there were a dozen more students on the field, but they were all just junior reserve fighters, and there was nothing to watch.

"Next, Liu Qianqian from Anyue College will fight Li Mo from Skyblue College!"

Ye Chen looked at Li Mo who was on stage, Li Mo's talent information and realm appeared on his retina.

"Name: Li Mo."

"Cultivation talent: inferior."

"Realm: Junior reserve warrior."

Ye Chen's face was a bit boring. Now Liu Qianqian is a senior reserve warrior. It would be easy to win against Li Mo.

Sure enough, Li Mo was knocked to the ground by Liu Qianqian in an instant.

"An Yue Academy Liu Qianqian wins!"

Thousands of spectators in the auditorium all cheered fiercely and defeated in an instant. This is too strong.

Liu Xinghe on the judges' bench showed a smile.

"Brother Xinghe, is that little girl your daughter?" a warrior asked.

"Yes." Liu Xinghe nodded.

"It seems that your daughter is the number one in this competition," the warrior continued.

The face of a middle-aged man on the judges' bench turned gloomy, thinking that his son had also become a senior reserve warrior. It is not certain who will die.

This middle-aged man is Yang Feng's father, Yang Kun.

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