I Copy Talents | Chapter 39 | Three Hospitals | Part 2

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 39 Chapter 39: Three hospitals, 2

"Next is Bai Jun from An Yue College vs. Huang Qian from Sky Blue College."

Bai Jun and Huang Qian are also junior reserve fighters.

The two began to fight.

Bai Jun and Huang Qian's strengths were similar, the two were inextricably fought, but in the end Bai Jun won.

"Bai Jun from An Yue Academy wins!"

Next, Yang Feng came onto the court and knocked down his opponent instantly.

Mu Hai and Jin Cheng of Sky Blue Academy are the same.

Both Muhai and Jincheng became senior reserve fighters.

Ye Chen is naturally able to understand that they have become senior reserve fighters, after all, they are all medium cultivation talents.

When it was time for him to shoot, he, like them, instantly defeated the students who were fighting against him.

The second round begins!

There are still 20 students left, and 10 students will be eliminated.

All the warriors on the judges' bench were all talking.

"If I'm not mistaken, there are five senior reserve martial artists among the twenty students. It seems that the quality this time is very high." One martial artist said with a smile.

"I know all four of them, and the other..."

A warrior thought about it, and then he was pretty sure that he didn't know Ye Chen.

Five senior reserve warriors among the twenty students:

Ye Chen, Liu Qianqian, Muhai, Yang Feng, Jincheng.

"His name is Ye Chen." Liu Xinghe said suddenly. After finishing speaking, he looked at the people on the left and right. "Perhaps he will win first place this time."

Yang Feng's father, Yang Kun, smiled coldly, and said to Liu Xinghe: "Brother Xinghe, not all clowns can win first place."

Liu Xinghe did not answer, but continued to look at the trial platform.

After the start of the second round, five senior reserve fighters from the three major academies will surely win. After the elimination of ten junior reserve fighters, there are still five senior reserve fighters and five intermediate reserve fighters.

The next step is to compete for ranking!

There is no doubt that these five intermediate reserve fighters cannot beat the senior reserve fighters.

Won 6-10 respectively.

They shook their heads and didn't get the top three awards, but fortunately, they at least got a place to go to the Baiyun Middle School Training Academy.

The top five is very important, everyone is a senior reserve warrior.

"The following is the competition for the top five of the three-house competition. As long as you win the top three, you can get the rewards of this competition!"

"Okay! Go! Hit!"

Thousands of spectators cheered again.

"Yang Feng from An Yue College, fight against Mu Hai from Sky Blue College!"

Mu Hai and Yang Feng are both senior reserve fighters.

They came to power because they had both pursued Liu Qianqian. They were like enemies, and they were extremely jealous when they met!

Suddenly, Yang Feng moved!

"it has started!"

An audience member exclaimed.

The two began to fight, which was extremely tragic.

"Brother Mu, Brother Yang, who do you think will win?" a warrior looked at Yang Kun and Mu Feng and said.

Mu Feng is Mu Hai's father. Although Mu Family is not the three major families in Dongji City, it should not be underestimated.

Neither of them responded, but looked at the two figures on the trial stage. Of course, they hoped that their son would win.

After all, Muhai's advanced bodybuilding technique was great, and it was much stronger than Yang Feng in various physical attributes, and it didn't take long for Yang Feng to support it.

Finally, Muhai won the battle to end the battle.

"Mu Haisheng from Sky Blue Academy!"

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